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This is a picture of a pretty happy woman as can be seen.

Maybe you see a man that doesn't seem too happy?

When things just don't seem to be working out, look at one of these. Do you see the positive, pretty or the negative ugly? It must be the first thing not something you have to look to find! What do you see at first glance?

When we look at these positive/negative imagine optical illusions, there seems a positive and negative picture to see. When we look and see one or the other first we have some feedback. Like a mirror reflecting back how we really see our world, the images show us what we are really looking for in the world.

I remember I posted a question or answer that had a link to a video that proved we totally miss what we are not looking for. The video had you count ball passes. In the meantime a man in an ape suit goes across the stage unnoticed!

It shows us how what we believe we experience outside is influenced by what we have inside. So as we look at these illusions it gives a glimpse of what we have inside. What we are looking for is what we see. Even when you know both are there, you have a harder time seeing one over the other. This one is easy to see but that one I have to work at seeing. Both are just as easy for different people, just as both are just as hard.

Here are some more...

alt text

alt text

How could we further use positive/negative image optical illusions to change our selves?

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Wade Casaldi

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It's a great question. Seeing the frowning man and having to work and try to see the woman definitely made me contemplate my current stance on life. It's definitely a process though working one's self out of a long cycle of negativity and unhappiness. This coupled with a natural ease between large swings in emotional stance can make for a very interesting experience balancing back out again.

Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(16 May '13, 07:51) Snow

Fun question @Wade. I saw the image of both the man & woman immediately & the 3rd pic was simple. I then closed my right eye & saw the old woman immediately. I closed my left eye & it took a bit longer for the image to change even tho I knew what I was looking for..

(17 May '13, 22:49) ele

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

A zillion thanks for posting this question @Wade. It helped me more than you'll ever know.

(17 May '13, 22:52) ele

@ele thanks for a while at first I was thinking posting it was a waste. But it took off after a few days. I am glad it is helping inspire new ideas or at lest giving something to think about. :-)

(17 May '13, 23:42) Wade Casaldi
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Yes, I think that these pictures are a good metaphor for life in general. Because life is all about perspective.

And it is not only that we feel better when we see things in a positive frame.

But also Law of Attraction puts us into positive circumstances in almost magical ways when we find the positive in seemingly negative things. (How to reframe things be more positive)

alt text


answered 16 May '13, 10:36

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hahaha, good one @releaser99, love the image:)

(16 May '13, 13:44) dreamersmiles

Yes perfect image to reflect exactly what I was talking about! :-)

(16 May '13, 15:37) Wade Casaldi

I love this question Wade; yes it seems to me that it reveals our mindset, that's my experience anyhow ... in the first drawing i could see the man and woman instantly, in the third picture i saw the angels first then the dark bat like figures. In the second pic all i could see for a long while was the pretty young woman, then after much reflection, pondering and analysis, the pic of the old woman jumped out of the screen at me which quite surprised me ... very enlightening considering i was the 7th of eight children and when i was a teenager i felt uncomfortable that my parents were a lot older than most of my friend's parents ... and to boot especially as a boy i was often afraid of my mother.

Here's another type of positive/negative optical illusion

alt text

keep staring at this picture for about 20 seconds and then look at a white surface (a wall or a large piece of paper :)


answered 16 May '13, 11:34

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ru bis

@ru bus, same for me, I could see both the lady and the man instantly in the first one, in the second i could see the young girl before i saw the old lady and the third one i had to focus for some time to see what it was and then i could see both the angel figures and bat figures at the same time, what does it mean?

(16 May '13, 13:43) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles it reveals how we think; it's to do with our mindset, that is, what our mind has been trained to notice. The right side of our brain remembers in images and lives in the "now" moment, outside of time and space, it cannot reason or be logical ... this is the half of the brain that we use in this exercise. So any beliefs installed in our brains at whatever age can still be active long after we have "outgrown" them ... only you can interpret your own subjective experiences.

(16 May '13, 14:30) ru bis

Excellent answer, and thanks for the Jesus picture. I have seen that before and the American flag one too. :-)

(16 May '13, 15:42) Wade Casaldi

Oldie but goodie -- for some reason staring at a blank wall & jai's answer reminded me of @The Travelers answer here:

(17 May '13, 22:49) ele
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I think you have latched onto something---

What? I don't really know for sure.

I disagree that seeing the negative image first means you are negative- I don't think so. I think it might be more a matter of which eye is your dominant eye, which side of the brain you are seeing with---That sort of thing.

For example, if you see with the right side of your brain-- the side that does art, and draws-- (for the most part, for most people, that is)---then you would grasp the picture as a whole, and might see either the old woman or the pretty girl-- then suddenly, your left brain says, "Wait a minute-what have we here??? Hmmm...let us tear this picture apart and really see what is there!" With that, the picture flips, and your eyes, obeying commands sent at nearly impossible speed, see one, then the other, then both at once, as each eye, each side does its own analysis!

Remember, when Mike and Archie Bunker went to the Art Museum, Mike saw a pretty red dot on a white field, and thought about all the meanings that dot could have, and Mike said, "Cool!"

Archie then walks over, takes one look and says, "It's a Jap Flag!"

Mike saw it with his right brain, and Archie (who perhaps had not his right brain in decades!) saw it with the left (analytical) which are you? Archie or Mike?

Right side or left side??? Do you see what I mean about the flips? Neat!

As I said--very astute thinking and ideas on your part- you have caught the tail of something Very Big Indeed!

Great Job!



alt text


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Love the explication @Jai, yes i reckon that Wade is touching something no less profound than what is often named negative/positive, yin/yang, etc ... the dynamic way in which we function and evolve :)

(17 May '13, 00:35) ru bis

@Snow Perhaps this one will be easier to see & not so scary @ru bis

alt text

Einstein or ?

alt text

Fur bearing or Feathered?

alt text

What do you "sea" in the bottle?

Do you see a couple in an intimate pose? If so, look again.

Interestingly, research has shown that young children cannot identify the intimate couple because they do not have prior memory associated with such a scenario.

What they WILL see, however, is the nine dolphins in the picture!

So, I guess we've already proven you're not a young innocent If it's hard for you to find the 9 dolphins within 6 seconds, your Mind is indeed corrupted and you probably need help.

alt text

Last but not least - my favorite - a healing mandala w/an optical illusion.

alt text

Credit goes to

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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