So this may be really obvious for many and I may have even knew it at some level but last night I really understood this. I remember wondering and even reading some questions on here in why it seems easier to manifest what we don't want compared to what we want.

I believe it lies in that when we are living in a reality where everything is fine or better we no longer think about it. We are no longer broadcasting what we want because we perceive everything is OK so why think about anything.

I also believe it is easier to manifest what we don't want because we are constantly thinking I don't want this or that all the time.

In other words it is as if we are only broadcasting/attracting when things are not so well.

So we are leaving our antennas vulnerable when things feel a little better.

So we are using the LOA much more for what we perceive as negative because we are always trying to get rid of it.

That leads me to my question in that when we feel things are going better, should we leverage it and think about how good things are more frequently?

What else can we do to remember to keep it up?

Thanks! Hope it helps. I know it is obvious but it really stuck a chord in me so I thought why not share!

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Hi Back2Basics - I think Stingray's answer to this question, pretty much sums up what you're asking :)

(02 Oct '10, 00:36) Michaela

Sorry I forgot to include the link :(

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I hear what you are saying: there are periods when you will feel, that you are in that state of mind, and you therefore have to question, and reason with yourself to get some clarity on your perspectives. I call it the shift that lives on. But considering that everyday is not Christmas, we can still relive the memories of Christmas, by thinking about the good times.

But to answer your question: consider you are the Captain of the Ship; you navigate it from Port to Port until you get to your destination, and then you have to do the same thing all over again to return back to your Port. That’s Reality! And it is what I call the shift that lives on, both in a positive way and in a negative way. So, you will be wise not to take anything for granted, but to learn to appreciate the here and now, and let the tomorrows take care of it self. The LOA will manifest what you ask for, so use it to your best advantage.

Here is something that I think will interest you: How to be successful: The Seven Secrets. It is on You tube.


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