I'm not very good at visualizing for more than 5 minutes. Sometimes I pray for 30 minutes or longer and it helps. But I was wondering if lengthy ultra detailed requests for the same amount of time has the same effect as prayer or visualization for that same amount of time.

I'm also asking if you can make requests silently in your head. For example: I intend to have the best day ever or I command a parking spot. I would make these requests silently in my head and for long periods of time in great detail for at least 30 minutes.

I find it much easier to pray or to make requests than to visualize. I tried using the commands and intentions on my way home from work the whole ride home in detail and it felt really good. I was in traffic and I needed something to pass the time. I honestly never felt happier during rush hour. I was home before I knew it.

My point is that it feels good, but I would also like to know if it works the same way as persistent prayer and visualization. I find lengthy requests to be very handy.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

asked 09 Oct '14, 13:02

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Immutable fact: You are always "praying" non-stop because whatever you focus is "asking" or a "prayer".

You say it feels good and that is a critical factor. Anything that makes you feel good is good. As long you are in good feeling zone most of the time, then you automatically allow all things you desire to manifest in your experience. You actually do not need to do any visualization as such because visualization although a great tool is useful only to keep the focus on the desires that please us when our imagination tends to focus on the negative. The purpose of visualization is actually to feel good :) about the desire. So 5 minutes will do if that makes you feel good. Lengthy visualizations are not essential but do try to direct your imagination to things that feel good. The key again is to focus on things that are pleasant to us.


answered 10 Oct '14, 09:31

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A mentor once said to me, "Nikulas, instead of praying for 3 hours that you'll pass the test, why not spend that 3 hours studying for it?"


I would advise to quit the small insignificant desires to manifest a parking spot by thinking about it. Honestly, grow up. You actually have a car, park elsewhere and walk.

Do you know why people engage in these tiny, manifestational exercises? It is because of the innate belief that they are looking for reality to magically bend to their will, acting as some special sign from the universe/god/themselves that would suggest, "if you can manifest something that small then surely I can do something bigger."

In other words, they already feel disempowered because they are entrenched in the belief that they can simply will the world to change with feeling alone.

I am asking you out of all the things you could do in this world, you're focusing on getting a single parking spot?

Seriously. Change your flow of energy onto things you actually care about. Don't waste your life away any longer and begin action towards them. Take action today, start to build the momentum, and recieve the wins.


answered 12 Oct '14, 12:22

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both are petitions therefore
the same, perhaps the value
of request merits response
as to the petitioner


answered 15 Oct '14, 19:36

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