In this particular answer, Stingray has said that people who come across reality creation ideas such as the ones on Inwardquest are "powerful focusers". Be it whether the person takes action on the ideas or not, they still believe it to some extent. Because I am sure most would agree that if you just throw out some of these ideas randomly to your friends or people around you, some of them would say that you are mad or crazy without even bothering to find out more about it first, but "powerful focusers", such as the people on IQ, would at least try to find out more about it.

If that is the case, then shouldn't astrologers, fengshui, masters, fortune tellers, psychics, etc also be "powerful focusers", and more powerful ones at that. After all, most experienced ones are able to read vibrations and energies around people, etc. Yet most of them do not seem to agree that a person can fully control or mold his own life or destiny. Sure, they may say one may have a few different options in life, but they would usually say that a lot of things cannot be changed too much and is fixed. e.g, a person may take 5 different paths to the same end point, but there are only just 5 paths for him, nothing more or nothing less. or that a person may only have chances to get into relationships with 5 different girls in his life, but when these 5 girls disappear from his life, there is no chance for him to get into a relationship anymore.

So, my question is, I feel that these group of people should be more "powerful focusers" than most people on this site. Yet why is it that they do not seem very open to reality-creation ideas/LOA and do not usually tell people that they can control their own life instead of depending on their birthdates/birthplaces?


Maybe I should also put it in another way:

In some religions like Chinese, there are people who act as "mediums". Basically, it means that the people would perform some rites or rituals, and a "God/Deity" would take over the person's body and you can ask the "God/Deity" any question.

To me, this seems basically just like the person channelling someone like Bashar/Abraham. But the ideas they give would be different, for instance they would not say that you have free will and able to control your own destiny as much as Bashar/Abraham.

Why is this the case if the channelled "God/Deity" should be coming from the same consciousness as Bashar/Abraham?

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Every perspective or belief that is held will create circumstances that correspond to the belief. If a person has accepted a certain belief system as the truth then he/she will experience corresponding conditions which will reinforce the belief. EVERYONE focuses powerfully but the question is whether they notice the correspondence between the focus and the circumstance, it's only the awareness of the cause-effect relationship that differs.

Even with all psychic readings, astrology and the like it is the strength of the belief that creates a corresponding reality. I know this because I have been "around the block" trying out many different approaches from organized religion (: literalism :), to NLP, to obtaining services of ritual workers / psychics / astrologers, engaged in ritual work of my own from multiple systems including Planetary based systems, meditation etc. and have come to the conclusion that there is only Self which is pure consciousness and whatever we are conscious of we will experience i.e. whatever we hold in focus via imagination or observation of the so-called "external" world will create corresponding conditions. I remember that before I began planetary based ritual work, my life didn't seem to conform to anything in the "stars", but once I bought into the system and started working with them I experienced obvious correspondences i.e. I used to have conflicts every Tuesday because I believed that was the day of "Mars", social interactions were markedly better on Fridays the day of "Venus", Saturday's would be a bit stuffy and negative etc. It took some time clear those views out and now I realize that all my days correspond to my vibration at any point and if I hold some of the old stuff in focus things correspond to that. But yeah, when you believe in a certain system you experience things that make you believe in it even more and then you become very attached to your truth. It all depends on what the individual is looking for.

It's all truth and it's all okay, if some are happy with following those systems (: I was happy for some time and must admit that it can be fun and have a certain "systematic" appeal :) then that's good too. Happiness and inner peace are what ultimately matter and so whatever works works in this regard.


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The belief that we are masters of our fate runs directly opposed to fortune telling.

To believe that outside forces control your destiny is the mysticism that needs to be eradicated from belief.

You can not believe you control your destiny if you also believe that the planets do, the dice do, the I-ching does, the lines in your hands, the bumps on your head do, the tarot cards do, etc...

How can the one that wants to know where he is going in the future feel that he is the one in charge and knows where he is going because he is the master of his destiny?

They are two opposite belief systems. One believes in predetermined destiny that can be read and navigated and the other believes there is no destiny but what he makes.

It is simply a matter of awareness of control, one says we have no control but of the choices we make along the way and that those choices are influenced by our destiny written in the stars. The other says I am the master of my fate, the captain of my ship, only I determined my future.

Many are someplace in between those two choices. That is a hard place to get away from unfortunately.


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The idea of a sign on a curve that shows that the maximum speed in the curve is 70kmh. Now this sign is put there by a bureaucrat that is just doing things by the way they have always done them . Think of these bureaucracts as the astrologers, channelers and fortune tellers. Now it is you that in reality that is behind the wheel and about to take the curve. Are you a skilled driver behind the wheel of good handling car? (A creator of your own destiny) Or do you lack the driving skills and drive a car that handles like a shopping cart? ( A person who has little control of their destiny). The sign is there for a reason. But if you are following your joy and know that that silly bureaucract is not you behind the wheel of your awesome sports car on a wonderful dry fall afternoon on the perfect road you won't even see the sign!


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perhaps they realize that those
without a correspondence
for determinism will

not be able to see
what it is they conceive


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