I know this must be already well explained, but if I could just get away asking this more bluntly:

I could get into the Vortex by completely ignoring any resistance (by saying to myself that feeling good is all that matters to me in this present moment), or I could go via another route and clear some resistance by molding vibration on specific topics that bother me right now and ease my way into alignment.

It sometimes seems like an effort to me to mold my issues, and I see it as a real possibility to just drop everything and FEEL GOOD NOW. I've done it before, so it's a matter of taking a leap and ignoring everything that bothers me for a few moments! Question is, how is my alignment affected by the fact that I have many unresolved resistant issues? Am I blocking things into my experience that I have a resistant stance on even though my attention is off them? Based on what I've learned, the answer appears to be "No", but is it really black and white? Do resistant issues truly not affect us when we're not focused on them, or are they blocking energy somewhere in the background of my mind? (is the latter implying that my attention is not truly off them?)

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One month of practical personal experience is easily worth more than a lifetime of questioning, analyzing & wondering.

The 30-Day Vortex Challenge


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Alright, alright! See you in the Vortex :)

(13 Oct '14, 15:18) einsof

@Stingray - Well said! :) And so true, so vital, I want everyone to know that. I wish you could put just exactly those words right across the top of the home page here. @einsof - Good for you! What a great attitude you have! :D

(13 Oct '14, 15:27) Grace

Yes, but the "keeping away" is by "staying on" positive topics. Attempting to avoid still keeps the negativity in focus. Attempting to resolve can be okay if you are able to come to a clear cut resolution, but until you do the negativity is still in focus. Smartest thing is to get into positivity of some sort and keep moving in that direction and all "resolutions" will come up.


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is it the topic that is positive or negative? or the person in division creating a resistance to suit is own per pace for is desire? who can add a single day to is life by worrying?

(15 Oct '14, 02:25) white tiger

to solve this is easy.

1:is it the topic that is resistant?

or is it the fact that you oppose certain topic? or do not know them? or are not aware about them? Or is it the fact that some people cause resistance because of the same thing or for their desire they do not want some stuff to get solved because they are afraid that it will affect them; that often fall in the x reason of resistance in topic. you see their is always a solution for each problem if because of other people you cannot solved and the topic or problem is not yours just drop it and let them deal with it. you do not need to get caught or trap in that darkness(ignorance, fear, self induce blindness and foolishness) solve it for your self clean the inside of the cup.


in this world many will honor you with their lips but their heart will be far from you, be merciful and do not fall and become blind like them. this is not new in this world(the world is not to blame since it is not the world that makes people blind and make them seek their own praise). Where people clean the outside of the cup but not the inside of the cup.in this world where they want to be praise by other and where they judge one and another and they do the same. where they cause other people downfall and shame to be praise and it show only how blind and low they are. Blessed is he that is not ashamed of me.

2:and why would a topic affect you if you know about it?

if you know how to solve a topic or know how to solve the issue or know that it cannot be solved for x reason; then you can go to something else more fast and easy then getting stuck on it. of course for everything new it always takes a little time to master it. Why stumble in the dark when you can walk in the light?

Let there be light be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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