What is the true purpose of a focused thought in the reality creation process? Does the content of a focused thought matter or only the emotional shift that it causes matters? Do focused thoughts, other than helping us align, affect the physical experience itself once we've aligned? Does the content of the thought that is used for alignment reflect in the physical manifestion?

In this video, Abraham say that we create our own reality. They say that if we have the ability to focus on it and feel what we are doing with our vibration, the universe has the ability to yield it to us.

My understanding for some time has been that we only need to think deliberately in order to make ourselves feel better, and through that, we create our own reality. In actuality, it really doesn't matter to us what anything is, only how it feels; so this sports car will feel just as good as that sports car, or this good-feeling event will feel the same just like that completely different good-feeling event (Abraham video talking about identical choices from the vibratinional perspective). Simply speaking, the law of attraction matches up our high frequencies with everything else that also vibrates on those high frequencies.

And so, we use any method we can to make ourselves feel better, sustain that feeling for a few minutes, and then the magnetic quality of the law of attraction will create a momentum for us to enjoy the rest of our day. We are sort of "hacking" reality by raising our vibration first via any topic we can, then once there, we're just enjoying access to all those fast-vibrating thoughts; as if we're just picking them off our antennae (or however else you might describe inspiration). It's a beautiful concept in that once you feel better on any topic at all, your vibration is now higher and you end up with having access to everything else within the vicinity of this high frequency vibration (where the original topic(s) that got you there lives).

I think most of us getting into deliberate creation, begin to understand that it's not so much about thinking to deliberately manifest, but thinking deliberately to feel better. We are taught to get in the Vortex deliberately any way we can, then to follow the inspiration (employing various resistance-handling methods along the way). Once in the Vortex, the thoughts come to you, the inspiration comes to you; you're attracting everything that matches your high frequencies. But since it's all inspiration from then on, it's not exactly deliberate thinking is it?

And here where my question takes a twist (I can't seem to ask questions normally! Sorry!)

We have the ability to deliberately focus on thoughts to create our reality....

When you reach high-flying vibrations, do you get the power or sensation of power that you're deliberately molding your reality? Does this sensation of deliberate focus power not overlap with the sensations of being in the Vortex, inspired, flowing and going down the path of least resistance? Can inspiration to think feel like deliberate thinking at the same time? I think maybe this is what Abraham refer to as Step 4 (laying new pipes)?

I had several indicents when being on really fast vibrations, at least that's how fast they seemed at the time. In one instance, I avoided a thought (because it was resistant) and I had a weird sensation that whatever I avoided, now will not happen. I was living the day by the phrase "if it doesn't feel good, it's not what I want", and in the process of avoiding some resistant thoughts, I felt the course of my manifestation was changing; I could properly feel it. I don't know whether it was the conviction in the moment of avoiding a resistant thought. It wasn't an actual deliberate thought itself that changed reality, it was blocking a resistant thought that gave me the sensation of deliberate reality creation.

Another instance was more weird, on a different night.

I got really fed up dealing with my resistance and decided to put my faith to the test. I said to myself: "When I feel good, I attract only what I want" or "Nothing is more important than feeling good now" and focused my mind strongly on the present moment. It actually felt like I was drastically distracting myself from everything resistant, but at the same time, it forced me to focus intensely on what I was doing. I was keeping in mind just one thing: "feeling good = attracting what you want". My heart was racing; whatever I was focusing on at the time was being affected quite a lot, right in front of my eyes. I found it hard to focus on the specifics of what I was doing, I just did whatever I could without allowing my mind to think/analyse anything that felt even the slightest bit resistance.

I can't figure out if my thoughts about what I was doing were unconscious, and what I was consciously aware of was just a by-product of my vibration. Even though I deliberately focused on feeling good, it felt like I was deliberately creating what I wanted also. I reminded myself repeatedly was that "feeling good = attracts what you want". I knew based on how I felt what will happen. Those thoughts about knowing: are they a by-product of what's already created or are they the creating instruments themselves?

Are thoughts something you have access to within your vibrational range (excluding ones you can reproduce from memory); does the creation process happen, with or without your thoughts? It's as if the conscious mind perceives what it can, but it's on the unconscious level where most of the reality creation happens (I guess including the thoughts about your physical body's creation and inner-workings).

How can it feel as though you know what you're doing, what you're manifesting, but you're not thinking to manifest it, you're thinking "nothing is more important than feeling good now" and not allowing the conscious mind to think anything that slows you down?

How can it feel that there is deliberate creation involved but no actual deliberate thought?

Is reality creation in pure form a thoughtless process or is it actually purely a thought process (conscious or unconscious)?

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I'd happily delete the question if I could! Often when I write long questions, I lose the desire to post them at the end; the energy has been difused! It's because in the process of asking, you think a lot and answers come to you! But then I wonder before posting: will this benefit anyone else anyway? Can this benefit me in return at some point later? Anyway, silly question! The out-of-Vortex retardation abounds.

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When you are consistently vibrating up high, on the high flying disc as Abraham puts it now, or in the vortex as we still call it on IQ, you start to become very familiar with what's there. All the things that you have put there, all your desires feel very attainable, the next logical step, like they're already yours.

Momentum starts to occur in the directions that you want to go. So, for example, if you want to have a perfect physical body, you start seeing yourself as having the perfect physical body it becomes familiar to you, you just KNOW your body is perfect. Those thoughts come easily to you, they just sort of pop up in your head and it only takes 68 seconds of pure thought to get momentum going.

The more specific you can be about a thought, without any resistance to block it, the faster it manifests into your reality. The vortex does the work for you, because when you're up there in a high vibration - matching the vortex - you can see all that you have put there. It's automatic then, from that high flying place, and it occurs on every subject that's important to you, one after the other usually, but oftentimes all at once.


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@yes, great answer :)

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Content always produces emotion of some form. Yes, states of mind that generate emotions that one might place in the positive spectrum will ensure that only corresponding (: good feeling :) events and conditions are experienced. An emotion tells us the nature of the state of mind that we occupy or the nature of our "script", and also the essential nature of the events and conditions that will be part of our experience as long as we retain that script.


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as both opposites exist
not determined yet but
preordained to cycles is
there for each to see

as self-centeredness gets
replaced with love, the eyes
of the soul begin to see
more clearly its lifes purpose


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Does the content of a focused thought matter or only the emotional shift that it causes matters?

Hmmm, well it is the emotional shift that causes your vibration and allows you to manifest "like" or similar circumstances that match the way that you are feeling. But it is your thoughts that determine your emotions. In other words, the emotions that you are currently feeling, are actually your first manifestation according to the thoughts that you are thinking. So, your thoughts are the cause to everything vibrationally, and the only way to change your vibration is to work with your thoughts.

Is reality creation in pure form a thoughtless process or is it actually purely a thought process (conscious or unconscious)?

In most cases, it is unconscious, but you can make it conscious and create deliberately by paying attention to your thoughts and pick and choose which thoughts serve you and which do not. Researchers have said that the normal human being has about 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts come to us on a subconscious level. It is on a subconscious level, not because your thoughts are just running on auto pilot and you have no control over what you are thinking, but because your subconscious mind is matching thoughts to the way that you feel about certain situations because that is what you have trained it to do. As humans, we are not born with fear, or any negative emotion for that matter. Those emotions are formed and embedded into our subconscious mind from consistently reacting to certain situations in a negative way, which is where all of our limited beliefs come from.

For example, lets say that you have a fear of spiders. You were not born with this fear. This fear arose from you, consistently reacting negatively every time you came into contact with a spider. So, maybe the first time you saw a spider, you observed it and decided that you did not like it, it was creeping and yucky and you wanted nothing to do with it. The next time you see a spider, you have the same reaction but only a little bit stronger and so on... Every single time you see a spider and feel negative about it, your subconscious mind is there, watching. And after this happens enough times, your subconscious simply assumes that this is the way that you want to feel every time you see a spider. So, your obedient subconscious mind will make it easier for you. Now, every time you see a spider, your subconscious takes over because this is what you have trained it to do. It immediately gravitates you to your vibrational set point of spiders. FEAR. Your subconscious activates your sympathetic nervous system. You feel the emotion of overwhelming fear, your heart is racing, you begin to sweat, you feel that you are in danger and feel the urge to run. All of this now happens without even observing the spider, your subconscious thinks that it is making life easier for you and your reaction is now automatic.

This is the result you consistently reacting negatively to spiders. Luckily, this reaction can be changed but the only way to do it now is to reach the subconscious mind and convince it that you are no longer afraid of spiders and that this is no longer the reaction that you wish to have when you see a spider. How to do this? Every time you see a spider and your subconscious comes into play, change your thoughts. Notice the reaction and stop it. Come up with an affirmation for this situation. "There is no reason to be scared, I am perfect, and I am the creator of my perfect world where fear does not exist." After doing this again and again and again......your obedient subconscious mind will notice the trend and eventually it will generate a new set of positive emotions when you come into contact with a spider.

This was just an example, but of course it will work for anything. The way you feel about money, relationships, confidence ect... And eventually, you will correct your subconscious way of thinking along with all of your limiting beliefs and you will change your emotional set point of certain subjects from negative to positive. And this is all done by paying attention to and changing your thoughts; the cause of everything. By doing this you will have different effects and your outward world will reflect it.


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