I've been barraging @Stingray with questions in the comments section on one of his answers here and this just carries on from there really...

Do you think that when your IB expands it results in the increasing of its vibrational frequency? If so, this would mean that for us to align, we would have to increase our frequency physically. Is there a limit?

Abraham refer to Source and Your Source (our individual IB). In Ask And It Is Given, Wayne Dyer writes in his foreword "Go to the tiniest of these quantum particles, and you discover that it emanated from a source that vibrates so fast that it defies the world of beginnings and endings.": this means to me that the Source is already at its maximum, expanded, vibrating as fast as possible. Is my Source not the same as the Source referred to by Wayne Dyer above? It seems to me that it is possible to consider that the IB is actually a definition of high frequencies (as far as we can physically reach), an emotional guide, a prompter to do what feels better, but not an entity that actually expands.

What do you think Abraham mean when they say that the contrast is eternal? Do they mean that the contrast is getting more refined/granular and this refinement will go on forever, or do they mean that we can sift through contrast on the same frequency which in its physical manifestations would be seem infinite?

According to The Present, there is just one truth and infinite wrong answers; that the truth doesn't change, that it remains constant. And according to Deepak Chopra, "The physical universe is nothing other than the Self curving back within Itself to experience Itself as spirit, mind, and physical matter". Meaning that our perspective of all-that-is is what's changing (you could say expanding, from a certain point of view). Think how a dog might be perceiving the same physical world as we do.

With that, is our IB really an expansive entity (within all-that-is) or does it stay the same as the unchanging Self (actual all-that-is, vibrating at the highest frequencies [un]imaginable), and we are perceiving more of it as our perspective grows and as our vibration rises? If it's the latter, does it mean that the IB (and the Vortex) is a concept we conjured, a fictitious idea, that helps us raise our vibrational frequencies? I have nothing against the idea as it's a good analog to serve in the Ask/Receive model. In the past, I used to think of everything as frequencies, but switching to a model that adds the Inner Being helped with the thinking, among things (think: loneliness, inspiration, being told by your IB what to do :P)

I guess an IB really is another entity within all-that-is that has its own expanding perspective of all-that-is.

Food4thought? Thank you.

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I think the best example to illustrate this is the Universe itself. Just think of how different our world was 10000 years ago, 1000 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 10 years ago and now. The change that took 1000 years before may only take like 10 years now, and the change that took 100 years before may only take a year now.

And the Universe around us is only constantly evolving and changing, only progressing and never regressing. Technology is improving and advancing everyday, new ideas are formed and energy is continuously poured and streamed into the environment around us compared to like maybe 50 years ago.

If we consider everything in this Universe to be made up of particles and are vibrations at the miniscule level, then it is not difficult to see why some would say Source is always constantly expanding and evolving.

Even if we put LOA and Abraham aside, people as individuals always desire more, never less and contented with what they have. When people are jobless, they want a job. When they have a job, they want an increase in their salary. When they got an increase in their salary, they want a promotion. When they got a promotion, they feel bored in their current job and seek for greener pastures. When people do not have a relationship, they want a girlfriend or boyfriend. When they get into a relationship, they want to spend more time with their partner which is why they get married. When they get married, some people feel that their other half is not good enough and seek for better partners, which is why divorces and cheating occurs. If they continue living with their partner, then they start to expect more from their partners, for females they would maybe expect the male to be able to support the whole family, while for males they would maybe expect the females to bear children for him. Then when their children are born, their wants and desires shift to wanting their children to do well in their life, etc. And the list goes on and on, and it just never seems to end.

What's more, even animals and insects are the same. Have you noticed that the pesticide nowadays seem to be a lot stronger than before? There was once I couldn't even kill a cockroach or mosquito with a strong pesticide. Why is that the case? Because the mosquitoes and cockroaches themselves constantly evolve and expand too, their DNA constantly changing to be able to better resist the pesticide that are being used on them.

Therefore, I would say that there is no limit to how much your inner being or you can expand! Source is also known as "a stream of infinite energy", and "infinite".. of course means that it's "infinite".


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