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What do people do when they are in the vortex?

There is a lot of discussions on Inward Quest about how to get into the vortex (which is great) but not much on what people do when they are in it.

For me, once I am in the vortex in the morning, I usually finish off my daily language study routine, read some old questions and answers here on Inward Quest, then go about doing whatever needs doing. In other words nothing particularly special.

What about you? Do you do anything special? Or do you do the same normal daily things but from a better-feeling place?

Another related question: Do you enjoy watching from the vortex the normal movies, TV etc. that you watch from outside the vortex? What about reading newspaper? I find I cannot enjoy the TV and movies any more and nor do I enjoy reading newspapers (I was already reading very little of it anyway).

What about interactions with other people? I have found that I am very relaxed and generally quite funny when I am in the vortex.... I appear to be quite fun to be with when I am in the vortex.

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Words do not teach at all. It is life experience that brings you your knowing. But when you hear words that are a vibrational match to the knowing that you have accumulated, then sometimes it's easier for you to sort it all out.


Excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on November 02, 1997

(26 Oct '14, 04:11) ursixx

hi @cod2 what exactly do "you" mean by vortex? ... for me a vortex can be general or specific depending upon what you wish, so what you do while in the vortex is dependant upon the original reason why you choose that particular vortex in other words a vortex acts like a general or specific filter or clearing ground

(04 Jul '15, 13:06) jaz

@cod2 - I've never watched news or read any kind of news after getting a handle on these Abraham teachings. That might sound unreasonable... "you didn't watch or read any news?" ... yes, that pretty much sums it up :) Even if I randomly find a TV showing news, or a friend has a news channel on, my mind kinda goes blank... the news doesn't seem to capture my attention anymore :) As for video entertainment...

(04 Jul '15, 22:24) WeRadiateBeauty

I've went from watching 2 - 3 movies a week down to nearly zilch. Same goes for TV shows (I usually only watch one episode a week) and YouTube videos (don't watch my favorite YouTube channels anymore). Since making vortex alignment habitual, I've become EXTREMELY picky about the entertainment I consume. I think this came as a result of my real physical life becoming really exciting, the desire to spend my extra time basking in visualizations or Abraham processes...

(04 Jul '15, 22:25) WeRadiateBeauty

and being very particular about the emotional effects of the entertainment (my EGS is very sharp, so I usually only watch comedies and some thrillers / action entertainment. Scary movies / tragedies have become a big no-no [I used to watch scary movies A LOT before]).

(04 Jul '15, 22:25) WeRadiateBeauty

that's interesting @WeRadiatebeauty what did you find so good about scary movies? ... is it not because in scary movies you experienced a whole range of emotions both "negative" and "positive" that all blend into an exciting story?

(04 Jul '15, 22:29) jaz

is it not exciting to be afraid? what pushed Wilfred Owen

to voluntarily return to the fighting front and risk his life yet again? It seems that the soldiers who really enjoy making war find it 10x more exhilarating than sex.

(05 Jul '15, 05:02) jaz

what did you find so good about scary movies?

Good question. Now that I think back to it, the reason I used to watch scary movies so much is because I wanted to prove to others my ability to "withstand" the scariness of the movies. When a group of us would be watching a scary movie, I'd be the "stable" person who wouldn't get scared during the movie, and I wouldn't get nightmares like all my friends did. I seeked scarier and scarier movies to feed my ego around all this...

(12 Jul '15, 04:29) WeRadiateBeauty

The difference between the now me and the past me is that I no longer have that same ego :) and I find that the emotional discomfort during the movie (which is exaggerated for me, due to my now me's emotional sensitivity) is no longer worth the tradeoff for the ego win, or for the exciting story of the movie, as you say.

(12 Jul '15, 04:34) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty like overcoming fear instead of running away I run towards it I find that behind fear there's ... nothing. In other words I've been taught "fear" is frightful, bad but now realize that fear is just a neutral distinctive vibration in my inner space

(12 Jul '15, 04:37) jaz
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Once I'm in the vortex, I become super-productive :) I usually start burning through my todo list (a.k.a. my "highest excitement" list, see below) that is full of things to do, and I have so much fun doing them!!! This includes chores... vacuuming the house is so much fun when you're in the vortex with your favorite music blasting in your ears :)

Other random things I do:

  • I go out and run, and try to beat my fastest 5k time :)
  • I do pushups for no reason
  • I get weird inspirations to email or call someone
  • I get weird inspirations to check certain websites for things
  • I do things on my "Inspired Actions" list
  • I read Wouldn't it be nice if? statements about all sorts of things
  • Dance (sometimes I will dance for hours)
  • If I'm with other people, I'm wonderfully charismatic, and usually control the interaction (even if I'm just one of 15 people).
  • I go through email (I always have fun doing this actually, my inbox is like a box of goodies to sort through :) )
  • I go through my todo list...
  • Included in my todo list are lots of hobbies, exciting projects I'm working on and fun things (like watching a favorite TV show). I just call it my todo list, but it is really like my "master fun list"-- or my "highest excitement" list
  • Sports are always fun
  • I celebrate good things that are happening in my life (in other words, appreciation)

I don't recall ever being in the vortex and not wanting to do stuff, so for me, that is a big distinction of being outside vs. in the vortex. When you're in, you want to move, do things that feel good, be happy, look around, look for things to appreciate etc. etc. the only time I ever find myself apathetic is if I'm outside the vortex :)

I wrote thie answer sort-of aimlessly, but hopefully all that aimless text gives you an idea of what I do when inside my vortex ;)


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interesting @WeRadiateBeauty. you are kind of equating being in the vortex with feeling like taking action.... There are definitely days when I feel a kind of buzz inside and I get lots of things done and this gives me more reason to feel happy and in control..on the other hand I have many days when I just don't seem to have the energy to do anything and nothing seems to work out...

(05 Jul '15, 11:42) Inner Beauty

sometimes I recognise this and take a step to improve my mood, but often I don't and wonder why I'm having a non-productive day. Of course I'm often skipping taking action to get 'into the vortex' on those mornings. But this has been really helpful - I will use it as a gauge of where I am with being in the vortex rather than just relying on my mood.

(05 Jul '15, 11:44) Inner Beauty

you are kind of equating being in the vortex with feeling like taking action

Yes, I think so... taking action means different things to different people, and I started my answer by saying in the vortex, I become super-productive (which is true, but could be misleading)... so just to clarify, when I'm in the vortex, I feel like doing things, but not necessarily getting things done. One thing I listed was "Dance (sometimes I will dance for hours)" - dancing like a weirdo...

(07 Jul '15, 02:32) WeRadiateBeauty my bedroom at 2am isn't necessarily "productive" or "taking action." So I kind of equate being in the vortex not to "taking action" but to "not doing nothing." I can't remember a time during which I'm in the vortex and just sitting around doing nothing.

(07 Jul '15, 02:35) WeRadiateBeauty

I will use it as a gauge of where I am with being in the vortex rather than just relying on my mood.

Interesting, I never thought of that. I personally have very little trouble figuring out whether I'm in alignment or not. I confirm and milk my alignment every morning, and keep my EGS sharp (meditation), so if I ever get kicked out of the vortex during the day, I know exactly when it happened, and which thought kicked me out.

(07 Jul '15, 02:50) WeRadiateBeauty

Apart from that, some things I might use to check alignment:

1) the music I feel drawn to listening to (I like listening to my vortex playlists when inside the vortex, and I like my "get into the vortex" playlists when outside).

(07 Jul '15, 02:51) WeRadiateBeauty

2) "Invincibility thought patterns" - if I can happily think things like, "I wonder how fun it would be to get out of 100k debt" - then I'm in the vortex.

(07 Jul '15, 02:51) WeRadiateBeauty

3) 'Glad Game' for 10 - 20 seconds, followed by being able to appreciate weird little things around you. Doing this now... I appreciate the wonderful sitting position I'm right now, I love the little stopper for those metal hooks, I love that my modem is so neatly tucked into the corner, I love how I can pour the perfect amount of laundry detergent when I do the laundry.

(07 Jul '15, 02:54) WeRadiateBeauty

The 'Glad Game' is just a game where you mentally be glad about things... "I'm glad my computer is so fast. I'm glad that the weather is so nice" - I find that it helps shift your brain in a way that makes it easy to segue right into a rampage of appreciation, especially if you were focused on something else just prior (in my case, writing these comments).

(07 Jul '15, 03:00) WeRadiateBeauty

Thanks @WeRadiateBeauty - love the ways you get into the vortex!

(11 Jul '15, 02:28) Inner Beauty
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