I am an IT contractor working in a fairly specialised area. I am currently taking some time off work, and also trying to find a contract that is closer to home so that I can commute to it rather than having to stay in a hotel all week. It's one of my requests in my manifesting box.

I am also past the halfway mark of the 30-day vortex challenge. I have been reading IQ extensively over the last few months. As a result of what I have read, I am determined to stay happy as much as possible through the day and only take inspired actions.

Over the last week, a prospective employer has been after me. They are very persistent that I join their company as a contractor. The work sounds fine on paper, it's the kind of work I do, and the pay is good. But it's well away from my home, so I'd have to stay in a hotel. These people seem really nice, they are ready to be flexible just to get me through the door.

My problem, apart from location, is I am simply not feeling inspired. In fact every time these guys call, or I contemplate taking the contract, my heart sinks. I have told these guys that I am really not interested, but they just wouldn't listen.

So I am quite happy to sit it out, and just wait until these guys get fed up and stop pursuing me. But my question is, why is this happening in the first place? Why are these guys so persistent? Normally I'd take this as some kind of a sign from the universe and probably would go and take up the contract, but after what I have read here in IQ, and listening to my heart - I just can't do that any more. Why is this happening? I am often finding myself saying to the universe, "Look, I really appreciate what you have done, I am honoured that you have sent these nice people after me, I feel valued - but perhaps you haven't read my request correctly, I actually wanted a contract NEAR MY HOME!!!"

Any insights?

Thanks in advance.

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If it's not what you want, it's just a vibrational match then, an indication that what you want is on the way even if it isn't here yet.

In that case, the offer doesn't have any particular meaning for you beyond that. And it's probably only you thinking that there must be a meaning to it that is prolonging it in your experience :)

General Rule: If it doesn't feel like "Hell, Yeah!" then it's "Hell, No!" :)

alt text

Yes, if you could analyze and compute all the vibrational interactions and intentions at play here (in an Isaac Asimov Foundation Saga "psycho-history" kind of way), there will undoubtedly be some reason this incident occurred that fits all the vibrational inputs and outputs.

But since it's not what you want, I wouldn't waste time investigating why it happened...unless, of course, you really want to join the ranks of us Vibrational Nerds that do this kind of investigating for fun :)

The only thing that matters is that you keep doing what you did that made this vibrational match occur so that the momentum continues to build and you eventually get what you are after. Observing the vibrational match as a "Good Thing" (even if it's not exactly what you want) will give that vibrational momentum a further kick since it's now clarified further within you what you really want instead.

As for why those recruiters are so persistent, as I'm sure you are well aware, they get paid a pretty nice chunk of money if you take the role :) ...they will probably have flowed quite a bit of energy themselves towards achieving their financial goals and bothering you persistently is probably an inspired action for them :)


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That's exactly what came to me in a lightbulb monent this morning @Stingray, that it must be a vibration match! Thanks.

(04 Nov '14, 07:47) cod2

@Stingray This happened to me a month ago and I turned the job down. Then this week I got the Hell Yes! match I wanted but I think I've messed it up and it's slipped through my hands. I'm really disappointed in myself because it really did feel perfect. How do you keep the momentum going when you were so close but lose it at the last minute? Just write a request for more jobs that are similar?

(04 Nov '14, 15:00) Bluebell

@Bluebell did you read the answer that Stingray linked to? It's already answered there. Stingray says that the Universe will have countless backup plans to give you what you are going to get no matter how much you try to miss or avoid it. "But you need never be concerned about that. Even if you miss what was intended to be an inspired action, the Universe has a backup plan to give you another, and another, and another, and another, and another...and so on."

(05 Nov '14, 10:18) kakaboo
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@cod2, since they want you so badly, this is an opportunity for you to ask to work for them on your terms, since you say they are willing to be flexible. Have you considered telecommuting? That way you could be at home, and work for them. Win-win.


answered 03 Nov '14, 19:45

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Beach Baby

Hi @Beach_Baby, I know I can get very good terms if I want to. The problem is I feel zero enthusiasm for the job. I don't know why. I have to trust my gut.

The second problem is: there is no way this would be an inspired action. I know what inspired action feels like. I have taken plenty of them in the past. This is not one.

(04 Nov '14, 04:57) cod2

OK, I guess I misunderstood the meaning of your question. I thought that you just didn't like the location of the job. I agree that if you don't like the feeling of the job, then don't take it.

(05 Nov '14, 13:36) Beach Baby
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