In finding a new vocation, Has spiritual exercise helped you? I'll give the following true story.

I know a guy that spent weeks praying and visualizing to get into police academy. He didn't have the usual qualifications. He needed a break. From our conversations, he spent as much time in prayer and meditation as he did filling out applications and training. He did get a break!!! I went to his graduation from the police academy recently, and he now serves our community.

How have you pursued your career spiritually? Maybe you're still in the struggle, or maybe you've already been blessed. Please share.

Alician Fields

Sorry to rewrite this question. I felt moody before, and got way off-topic.

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Wade Casaldi

God is always listening. God is always speaking. Pray, meditate, and LISTEN. Still your inner chatter by seeing Good, seeing Beauty, seeing Joy and you WILL hear God. When you hear God, you will act and have greater Joy, Harmony and Peace.

(20 Apr '12, 05:29) Dollar Bill

Bless you Dollar Bill!!!

(20 Apr '12, 12:23) AlicianFields
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I am spiritually pursuing a spiritual career as an Ordained Minister...I guess I am in a unique position to answer this question. I have been going to college since 2007, one class at a time.

Sometimes, as when I have been very sick, I swear it was God-working-through-me, and not actually me, who did the work. At one point, everyone here in IQ prayed for me...and it worked. You can see what happened if you read this question. If I had not had the support of my IQ friends, I do not think I would have continued on with my college as I did. I now have only three classes left after the one I am in to my B.A. in Christian Studies, and I have had to pray, pray, pray- and visualize, visualize, visualize, too!

God is real. So is manifesting our own destinies. We choose our paths. We create our own future with our thinking. Do not doubt this- I am proof that as long as you believe, you will succeed!

I am hoping to be a help to the community I live in in some way...Wade and I have a dream of opening a spiritual retreat center here in PA. We are asking God to grant us the money to start out with this new project! It will be unique in that we hope to make it 100% handicapped-accessible. My years in my wheelchair taught me much about that! It is a big dream, but we are praying and visualizing it all the time.

I hope that all of you can realize your dreams, too. Believe me: If I can make it through college despite having had over 30 surgeries in the time I took classes, anyone can do anything!

With Hope and Blessings,



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That's a real blessing what you're doing. "Lord, please help Jaianniah in his health and Ministry." I hope that helps, and others should pray for Jaianniah too.

(28 Apr '12, 17:41) AlicianFields

Hello AlicianFields,

I can sense great degree of uncertainty in your post. Not only because of the questions you ask, but mainly because of when you say:

What I've Tried I've been praying, balancing my chakuras, and visualizing, as recommended in Rick Jarow's Anti Career Guide. It makes me stronger, but I've not tested all of these principals in the world.

By saying it made you feel stronger, you say you felt weaker. Which means you live within limitations of duality of strong and weak. As long as you continue to do so, you will always try A, then B, then C then try A harder, always searching for more reliable ways to "manifest" things. It's a never-ending cycle and it only provides you with uncertainty. You should let go of it, because what will happen then is you stop asking yourself which way to go about manifesting things as you will feel that anyway you do it is the right way. You will gain a specific kind of confidence and go through life without fears and doubts.


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The uncertainty was what I was going through when I wrote it. I rewrote to be more on-topic.

(20 Apr '12, 12:22) AlicianFields

Well, to answer anew to your rewritten question. Here goes.

I don't have a career, nor do I look at my work as a career. I care little for what I have achieved, because living in the moment doesn't need any reminder of glamor of the past victories and successes. I seldom take photos and if I do I usually don't look at them again. And I pretty much forget a lot of stuff. But maybe it's not forgetfulness that I am victim of. Maybe it's just being too present that rarely makes my mind ponder over the past.

That is what spiritual journey did to me. Or I invited it into my life. Understanding helps me everyday letting go of fears as they surface, enjoying the each now moment to the best of my capabilities.

Where am I going in my life then? Well, do you really care where the roller-coaster ride takes you, or do you rather sip from the cup of joy it provides. ;-)

(23 Apr '12, 02:51) CalonLan

@CalonLan- out of curiosity, do you use any particular guidelines or methods for manifesting?

(23 Apr '12, 05:34) Nikulas

@Nikulas, not any specific methods or that I would be consciously aware of them. I believe I manifest things simply from the nature of my being. Which, I guess, could be way of matching vibration?

But I'm rather unaware of methods, it comes naturally. Like, I don't see these methods as something separate from me.

I could say then, my way of being is the method.

"Be water, my friend"...adapt yourself. ;)

(23 Apr '12, 05:55) CalonLan

@CalonLan- thanks Bruce Lee haha :)

Would you mind giving me advise as to how one would go about winning the lottery?

(23 Apr '12, 06:32) Nikulas

@Nikulas, here's the thing, if you want to win the lottery, then just bet and bet and eventually you will win. But perhaps it's not just winning itself you desire. Maybe you long for fame and glory related to winning BIG. Or perhaps just the big amount of money excites you. Tho' maybe it's not the money itself, but rather an idea of what you would do with that money. Because perhaps you feel that your life limits you from doing those things right now and lottery is a shortcut to them.

(23 Apr '12, 06:55) CalonLan

So are you sure you just want to win? Or is it something else to which winning seemingly opens the door. Because if it is, then know you can open that door with many keys, you are just looking for one specific, and unnecessary, key - lottery. Examine further what it is you want to match the vibration of exactly. The better you know, the easier you will see opportunities which have been there all the time.

(23 Apr '12, 06:57) CalonLan

@CalonLan- thankyou for replying and answering. I want to win to experience the freedom of not having to worry about financial costs, so I can move out of my parents house, so I can go to America and meet Mr Michael Bernard Beckwith and Lisa Nicols. Just to finalise, would you advise I dwell even deeper and ask why I want to experience those things in particular?

I know you were just generlising with the list, but no, not for fame; more to prove I am capable of miracles I guess...

(23 Apr '12, 08:04) Nikulas

@Nikulas, what makes you worry about your financial situation? Is it because you look at it as something restricting you from experiencing things? From my personal experience I would advise you to go deeper and find your core beliefs about this. Because you might, for example, find yourself believing that money is really important. And the moment you change that belief, all the anxiousness and fears of not having it will disappear.

"The secret of existence is to have no fear"

(24 Apr '12, 02:27) CalonLan

Hey CalonLan. "I'm not pursuing winning." Thanks for giving me something to think about.

(28 Apr '12, 13:52) AlicianFields
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not afraid to be myself
what was approached at work
was what the meaning was,
not unlike with free time


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I would say stay in the Truth help people around you and someone that needs employees will notice you eventually. That will help you getting a job. Think about it, someone that needs an employee needs someone trustworthy that wants to work.

You might have all the paper and courses in the world but if you are not trustworthy and wanting to work, even if you get a job your boss will not keep you for long. It is also the same for boss that do not have employees if they are not trustworthy and they do not want to work. Eventually they will lose their employees.

Employees need a good boss for them. If they see that the boss lies and does not assume responsibility for his decisions and abuses the trust of the employee, they will find another job or the boss, out of ego, will throw the employee out and lose his best asset, and being the boss he can blame only himself because he is the one making the decisions for his business.


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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

Points for a good answer:) I rewrote it to be more on-topic.

(20 Apr '12, 12:20) AlicianFields
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