I wonder if this is really possible. There were so many techniques described in the old, from Yoga-Siddhas, via Ninja- fighting techniques to Rosicrucian mysteries where people were shrouded by clouds and similar energies to become no more visible for the rest. But still I am wondering if this is actually possible in our modern times to be "under the radar" of others in public. And if- how? The teachings of the past were differentiating between the "normal" people and the spiritually awakened what in my humble view is no more valid that much today in this global world. So what do you think?

Thank you

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@Ush - the title of your question suggests that you already believe it's possible to become invisible ... have fun :)

(24 Jan '12, 07:36) blubird two
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It's not an invisibility cloak. The Ninjas were under the radar, not because they could deflect light rays, but because they knew how to be in the right place at the right moment.

See here for an illustration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHuzQ-akG0E


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@Vesuvius - light is an electromagnetic phenomenon and as such can be bent by electromagnetic fields ... :)

(24 Jan '12, 07:22) blubird two

It is true that within some of the higher Rosicrucian teachings there are methods to make oneself invisible to others through condensing a kind of mist around yourself as a result of intoning certain sounds and focused concentration.

I know how to do it but I've never done it (mainly because of lack of motivation and practice) but the state of mind required to achieve invisibility using those methods is unlikely to be something that most of us would be able to sustain in normal daily life.

So using those ideas for making yourself invisible enough to, say, spy on your colleagues in the office are probably not workable :)

But any desire can be manifested with enough focus and allowing of that focus.

And it is interesting that even yesterday I noticed a news article regarding a technological approach to an invisibility cloak ...so it's probably only a matter of time until invisibility of some kind becomes available to the general public without resorting to ancient mystical techniques.


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"it's only a matter of time until invisibility of some kind becomes available" ... yes i entirely agree :)

(24 Jan '12, 07:24) blubird two

I remember a magazine advertisement in maybe Popular Mechanics, It showed a man you could see through except for his head and hands. It said make your self invisable. It was basically a movie screen material shirt and pants as I remember. It had a camera on the back and a projector on the front toward the man. So it filmed behind him and shown the film projected in front of him. He stood between the two. Perfect for disguising a tank a sniper or something that is not going to move anywhere.

(26 Jan '12, 13:50) Wade Casaldi

To be invisible don't be there physically. See others or go to the locations by remote viewing. Its not that hard to do. Get quiet close your eyes and see the movie. Or feel the impressions. I have viewed other locations to see what was going on; then physically driven over there. There were many matches to my impressions. The government does need psychics any more because they have cameras in space.


answered 05 Nov '10, 22:44

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@Tom - if i were a virus inside a human all i would probably see is a huge cosmos ... ?

(24 Jan '12, 07:26) blubird two

To many people you are invisible. You are not only invisible but do not even exist.


answered 06 Nov '10, 00:37

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@Drham - "not only invisible but do not exist" ... :)

(24 Jan '12, 07:28) blubird two

It is possible, because in essence, we are both visible, and invisible, and it is in our nature to make ourselves both visible, and invisible!


*You can only see the people that you have direct contact with, otherwise they are invisible to you, until you see them physically, or you talk to them on the Phone, and even when you talk to them on the phone they are still invisible to you. Everything that you see is both visible and invisible when you can no longer see it, and that is the natural law and function of both the spiritual, and the physical aspect of things.

*The mystics deal with both the visible, and invisible, and there are methods to be used if you want to have this spiritual experience of becoming invisible to your self, and to others. I have heard stories of people who went invisible, and did not returned back to visible. I have also heard stories of mind power techniques to make your self invisible to enter into another era, or place of choice.

*You can also use your imagination, or your spirit to be invisible: meaning your physical body is here, and spirit is else where, while you are having the experience of watching your physical body. You are physically in the moment, and spiritually on another plane.

*Sometime soon in the near future advanced technology will perhaps allow us to press a button on our wrist remote control to become invisible and visible at will! Hope this helps.


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@Inactive User - "in essence we are both visible and invisible" ... i think a lot of us would agree including myself :)

(24 Jan '12, 07:32) blubird two

Check this out.

This is Derren Brown using hypnosis to become invisible to the subject who is under hypnosis.



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The Traveller

How is it possible to become invisible? ... Personally i have experienced the feeling of being invisible to other people and of the opposite, that is, the feeling of being lit up on the inside like a light bulb.

From this point of view, so to speak, the possibility of creating invisibility of real objects can be presented as follows;

Material objects become visible when their atoms are excited by electromagnetic radiations (sunlight or artificial light) hitting them ... to be more precise it is when a stream of undulating photons (light) hit the nucleus ... the nucleus absorbs the energy and re emits, the exact quantity of energy received, outwards in all directions.

So to create the phenomenon of invisibility, (though i prefer the term transparency), we must prevent light from hitting the nucleus ... to do this we must make the nucleus glow at a frequency that causes the incoming stream of photons to deviate just enough to prevent collision with the nucleus... the glow must be a short range glow that is, it must act like gravity as on the planet earth, the further from the surface of the earth, the weaker the pull ... this allows the light to zig zag around the nucleus and pass through the atom without touching the nucleus, without rebounding and without creating the effect of visibility.

blubird 2 1 0 1 2 dribulb ... have fun :)


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What had worked for me is simply telling myself I am invisible. It is important to differentiate between, "I don't want to be seen", and "I am invisible." For some reason, the "I don't want to be seen" doesn't seem to work while "I am invisible" makes others totally ignore you as though you're truly physically not there.

Thank you, namaste


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@daniele - i take it that you've wished to become invisible at some time in your life ? ... have fun

(24 Jan '12, 07:39) blubird two

This is possible and shocking what you do not see when it is revealed to you.

Watch this video before reading the rest of what I type.

I once watched a video I was told to keep track of a ball being thrown back and forth by many people. I thought I had done very well when it asked me what I had seen. It then told me a big ape came across the stage and went off the other side! I was shocked I saw no ape!!! I watched the same video again this time looking for the ape, sure enough there was an ape that went across the stage weaving between those throwing the ball back and forth! I was upset then it said what else did you see I thought wait I moment I just watched this twice so I couldn't have missed anything right????

It said the curtains completely changed color from beginning to end, I was shocked again I watched the video a third time and sure enough the curtains did change color!!!

We see what we pay attention to and if it doesn't capture our attention we see it not. The web site said that most people do not see the ape or the curtains because they are paying attention to the ball.

The creator of the experiment talks

Wikipida explanation

Time Science article on this.

With all this knowledge we can see it can be very easy to be "invisible" to people.


answered 26 Jan '12, 14:03

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Wade Casaldi

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