This question could be seen as a variation of this earlier question of mine. Yes, I am somewhat persistent :-)

I have observed three distinct apparent causes of events:

Case 1: Thoughts creating reality: There have been many occasions when I think of something really insignificant, forget about it, and in a few days’ to a few months’ time suddenly there it is. Emotion does not play any part in it whatsoever. But then, only a tiny minority of such momentary thoughts ever manifests. I am sure I have hundreds of such thoughts every day, which are never realised. So it's not 100% reliable.

Case 2: Dominant emotion creating reality: I have seen this happen in my life many times, as I am sure everyone has. A dominant emotional state of annoyance generates more situations to get annoyed with, etc. Then again, I have been very very depressed and negative in the past, and had absolutely terrible thoughts, but nothing truly catastrophic ever happened to me. So it's not 100% reliable either.

Then there are two sub-categories of case 2:

Case 2a: Getting something that matches with my dominant emotional state, and the actual event is also something that I have always expected

Case 2b: Getting something that matches with my dominant emotional state, but the actual event is something completely unexpected

Finally there is the third case:

Case 3: Events which are just clearing the way to manifestation:

I wanted a fast car. One day a drunk driver rammed into my parked car in the dead of the night. The car was written off, and I was very unhappy at the time. After a few days my dream car just popped up in front of me which I promptly bought.

So to summarise: What determines what happens in my life? My momentary thoughts or my dominant emotions? Or both? Or something else?

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  • Emotions don't create. Thoughts create.

  • Emotions indicate whether or not you are going to like what your thoughts are creating. You can still create using thought ignoring your emotional involvement, but there's no guarantee you are going to like what you've created.

  • Dominant Thoughts create Dominantly. If there are no obvious Dominant Thoughts, then whatever ("momentary") thought there is left becomes the dominant one by default.

  • Since thought always precedes emotion, Dominant Thoughts give rise to Dominant Emotions, not the other way around.

  • Everything comes to you through the path of least resistance. If you won't allow yourself a new car through "normal" means, having your old one written-off in order to then justify the need for a new one can be a "path of least resistance" for you.

  • If you are looking for one-to-one correspondences between a single thought and a manifestation of that thought, you are going to tie yourself in mental knots. It rarely happens. The universe responds with blended manifestations. And unless you are generally Vortex-aligned, you probably won't even notice the responses happening.

An analogy for Emotion vs Thought

The speedometer on your car indicates the speed your car is going but it is not responsible for the speed you are going...that's down to your foot's interaction with the accelerator pedal :)

  • Speedometer = Emotion

  • Accelerator Pedal = Thought

  • Foot = Your Mental Focus

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"Emotions indicate whether or not you are going to like what your thoughts are creating"... pure gold, @Stingray. Brilliant!

(03 Dec '14, 16:10) cod2

Hi @Stingray, now I have two different interpretations of what our emotions actually are. You said above that emotions are indicators of what our current thoughts are going to produce. On the other hand, in the following answer, you said that good emotions mean we are aligned with our higher self.

(03 Mar '15, 08:48) cod2

...How do I connect these two seemingly unconnected definitions?

(03 Mar '15, 08:48) cod2

Actually, I am going to ask a separate question on this topic.

(03 Mar '15, 10:41) cod2

cod2, your higher self is such for a reason and may be unlike emotions. perhaps getting to know yourself may be helpful

(05 Mar '15, 16:33) fred
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predominantly one of
seven, yet with aspects of
the other six, then coupled
with your soul development


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