does anyone have the answer to this. I have had a sometimes dark past over the past 5ys and am now at the point where I am trying to put this behind me and manifest some dreams that kept me going through these times. I understand that the universe brings only what you think, and I am scared to think about my past at all incase it happens again but is this healthy, as these things have made me who I am plus they HAVE existed. If this makes ANY sense, I would love it if people could give me some thoughts. Thanx peeps xxx

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You seem to be asking if it is healthy to be scared of thinking those dark thoughts in case it all happens again.

Let's clarify something that might put your mind at ease a bit.

Most people who find validity in the Law of Attraction would agree that: "Your reality is a reflection of the thoughts you think"

But the word that most people miss out from that previous sentence, and which I have also missed out (on purpose), is the word...dominant.

Better stated then, we have...

Your reality is a reflection of the dominant thoughts you think.

Can you see a difference between the dominant thoughts you think today and the dominant thoughts you were thinking in those dark times?

I bet you can, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking questions like would still be living through your dark past and be unable to have the perspective on it that you now have gained.

So can you see then you really have nothing to fear about thinking those thoughts about your past because now you can clearly feel they are not thoughts you want to think any more?

That fear you now have of thinking those old thoughts is your friend. That fear you now have is helping you realize that the thoughts that were dominant in your dark past are not dominant now otherwise you wouldn't feel scared of them...those thoughts would just seem normal to you, not fearful.

So, relax, smile, lighten up and, if your thoughts occasionally drift back to your past, that's fine. Acknowledge them, thank that negative emotion for the information it is bringing you and then go back to your brighter life of today.

I can promise you that there will come a time when those thoughts of the past will seem like someone else's life, and you'll find it hard to even believe that person was you. I can speak from considerable experience myself about this :)

When that time comes (and it will), you'll feel no emotional reaction at all to your dark past any more. It will just seem like a vague distant dream you once had.

If you wish to consciously bring that neutral time closer (and it's fine if you just want to leave it alone), you can mold some of those darker thoughts into better places using processes like Focus Blocks...but it's really up to you.


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Hy Stingray. Salutary to introduce - finally - the principle of dominance. (+1). I apologize, I doubted you know it, taking no notice about.

(18 Jul '10, 23:49) Gleam

"neutral time" interesting concept!

(09 Apr '13, 03:34) ursixx

Hi Mile3 - Most of us have baggage from the past. Don't be afraid to look at this as experiences you needed to get you where you are today. You can look at these events and take the lesson that you need from them and let them go.

They may still occasionally pop into your mind as a memory but the key is not to dwell on these past circumstances in a negative way. When we can look at them as the learning experiences they were, our perception of them changes and they then become a chain of fortuitous events that we needed to propel us to this present moment of awareness.

When we accept that there is a purpose for everything that happens in our lives, even those seemingly negative or dark experiences take on a whole new meaning. When you realize that they existed as a learning tool, you can drop the personal identification with them and they no longer have a negative impact in your life experience because they are not inhabiting space within your being and using up your energy.


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Thanx Michaela, its intresting that you say I can still acknowledge things but to think about them as positive experiences that have got me here. I suppose I would never have discovered the Law of Attraction without and if these things I have ordered from the universe arrive I shall be thanking my past all the way! love to u all, Mile3 xxx

(18 Jul '10, 20:09) Mile3 1
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