WOW! What a geeky question by me! haha Anyways....

I guess the question is simple: How can we compare our mental strength to an others mental strength?


asked 18 Nov '10, 21:15

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That's not geeky, that's mighty interesting!

(18 Nov '10, 21:50) daniele
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Actually there is no comparison, since we all have different strength, and weakness. You may be strong in one area, and weak in another, and it is the same for me, but together we can each complement each other strength, and weakness.

We all cannot be doctors, and lawyers, but the Zoo Keeper, and the Garbage Man, they are equally important to the health and safety cause, and service to our society. The role or the service that we each provide is of great importance, since we must have all classes of qualify people to undertake each of these positions to meet the demands of production and service that are necessary for our world to function as a whole, effectively, and orderly. So each person’s contribution big or small is equally important to the whole function of our society at large.


answered 19 Nov '10, 05:19

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A good way to measure one's mental strength to another is by talking to them openly and slowly introducing different variables into the conversation to check how much is in there. I guess it really is the ego who's out for such tests, so please be careful. There should be nothing but compassion for others and wherever their mental strength level might be at that moment.

Thank you, namaste


answered 18 Nov '10, 21:55

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yeah, it is totally an ego thing...perhaps it is best not done!

(19 Nov '10, 00:07) Back2Basics

not sure if PT Barnum would agree,
you could join in a sales force, or politics, or religion,
for some reason all seem to me to use mental arm wrestling techniques


answered 21 Nov '10, 22:17

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