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I thought I would share the following video presented by Gregg Braden. It is supposedly showing cancer being healed in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion through thoughts and feelings.

Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion

asked 13 Feb '12, 14:26

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@Cory - just for info, here is the wiki ref to the Michelson Morley Interferometer

(14 Feb '12, 07:25) blubird two

After posting comments under both SR's & blu's answers I did a quick search. This is what someone posted Nov 2012 on another blog. "the method which is used in the cancer video and which is been tought to the patients in the hospital to heal themself is called Zhineng Qigong. The founder is Dr. Pang Ming. The hospitals name was `Huaxia Zhineng Qigong centerĀ“but it has been closed in 2001 by the goverment." I can't post the exact link because it contains a 4 letter word which will make (cont)

(23 Sep '13, 00:00) ele

(cont) the IQ profanity alarms go off. If you click on the following link & click on the first link dated Jan 24 2011 on the google search page you will reach the blog & article & the comments where the info was posted. The 2nd link provides an explanation of what the author was thinking when he wrote the article.

I have no way of knowing whether the info I just posted is true or not.

(23 Sep '13, 00:06) ele
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Really interesting video.

There is a part of me that would love to believe that we're now seeing these kinds of instant manifestations.

But I'm also a bit wary of photo and video "evidence" because it's so easy to fake these days, and there are plenty of people around who seem to get a kick from doing it. So I'm a bit concerned about what's being hidden from us (and why) with that grey square that is blocking the view of the projected screen.


answered 14 Feb '12, 06:30

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Yes, I'm pretty neutral on the video as a whole but it's something that I really hope can be accomplished. It could just be something that "the people in charge" want to debunk and keep quiet to the rest of the world.

(14 Feb '12, 14:55) Cory

I agree. I saw this video a few years ago. I tried to research it back then & find more info. I wanted to know the name of the hospital & the exact location. I recall someone claiming to know the place where this surgery took place. They named the location & the facility. If the info was accurate, the facility was closed down by the Chinese government & no longer exists. WTS, I do believe these type of healings or cures do happen; just not in this particular video.

(22 Sep '13, 22:37) ele

Yeah, That information is so empowering. Such a force we are! Know YourSelf. Love YourSelf. Thank You


answered 13 Feb '12, 18:02

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For me the real value of this question is not so much whether the video is true or not, it may or may not be so.

What it does point out is that the chinese have based their medecine on subtle energies and vibrational techniques for a very long time and have become real experts in this domain.

Notice that the patient is an active participant in the cure, belief and allowing the treatment to flow freely is an important part of the process.

have a great day


answered 14 Feb '12, 10:09

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blubird two

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It's really exciting if this could be the new wave of treatment for all ailments in the world. I'm skeptical of the video, but I hold out hope that it is authentic.

(14 Feb '12, 14:56) Cory

@Cory - i feel sure that there are already plenty of people all around the world that practice and accomplish "miracles" daily, using various alternative techniques based on mind power, consciousness and other subtle forms of treatment :)

(15 Feb '12, 02:09) blubird two

Yes, Gregg's message is great; just not the best way to go about it imo. If it's authentic then he should provide more info... such as name of physicians, facility, location & name of patient or at least provide documentation of patient history. Gregg Braden isn't just some random guy on the internet. I think he should have backed up his claims. I also believe this type of cure or healing has already happened many times.

(22 Sep '13, 22:39) ele
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That is part , but6 the body is a machine as well, M y source referees to it as the mind/body/spirit complex. You need to take care of it correctly too. If you look at teh work of a doctor from the 1930's he cured cancer for many by just starving the cancer out. Here is a documentary of the truths.

The Beautiful Truth-

Raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year-old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of the farm animals. After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett's father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposed a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks in this documentary on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures

I hope this can help

love n light



answered 15 Feb '12, 08:50

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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