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I love the new program "Lost Giants" on history channel. We have had past civilizations from inter-dimensional beings that came to earth and inter mingled with us. I want to know the truth and I think based upon the evidence so far that has been uncovered, the government has been trying to hide this truth for some reason. Do you think if we all meditated on the truth to be revealed we can finally manifest that to occur? I think we need to lay to rest any pre-conceived notions we have and be willing to accept the truth wherever it takes us. I had started to do deep meditative trance states and preyed for certain things and have these things to materialize. I have started to meditate on getting the truth about everything and have been led to many sacred teachings recently that point to giants, like Genesis in the bible. I think the truth is out there and wanting to speak up and we have to want it and be willing to listen to it. What do you think, will it bring us to the truth about Giants and other beings?

asked 19 Dec '14, 08:47

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the truth of things-as-they-are
is locked within our nature,
besides one meditating
persistent seeking helps


answered 20 Dec '14, 04:36

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