I notice after a day of energy clearing, I feel a lot better in the morning than I do during the day even if I took care the problem within me during that day. When people say that tomorrow you wake up anew I often thing it means the next day.

I would like to know if there is any kind of misunderstanding of the term and what it might really mean.

If time is an illusion then maybe the sleeping part or vortex is what makes you a new not the time of day or the hour. I would like to know if there is an immediate way to tapping into this waking up a new state with out the usual 24 hour sleep cycle.

I notice that manifestations occur on later days after a good energy cleaning. Im wondering if there a reason why their is a gap in time between now and the manifested result.

I am wondering if their is an immediate way to solve everything associated with your problems using energy healing methods.

I often get tired after cleaning up emotional baggage. The joy usually comes after a good nights sleep.

asked 22 Jan '15, 14:36

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time, so to say, governs form and its reality is its nonpermanance

(23 Jan '15, 07:04) fred

It applies only within the illusion of time. EVERY INSTANT IS NEW - THERE IS ONLY NOW. The way to "solve" the problem is to go to the solution or the solution state via the imagination or anything that keeps you happy.


answered 23 Jan '15, 04:30

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