Hello I have noticed that the shape of hearts keep appearing in my life and usually at the most unexpected times...

Ive seen hearts in:

  • One of my pancakes
  • I put two tablespoons of garlic in the pan to cook with and as it began searing it formed a heart
  • Ive recently noticed a big golden heart in one of my abstract art pieces that Ive had for years
  • the background of a picture that I have had on my fridge for a year and never noticed the heart
  • cut butterflied chicken breast into pan and as it cooked it formed a heart
  • a strawberry that I noticed on a platter at a party was in the shape of a heart

and a few other things that I cannot recall at the moment!

Recently read online that someone was experiencing this and that they were told that someone was trying to tell them that they were loved.

I am seeking a love life partner but am not sure if these hearts represent that or something else...

Would appreciate any thoughts or feedback..thanks!!

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@Robyn Over 10,000 viewings for your question ... clearly someone out there thinks you're on to something.

(28 Aug '12, 10:40) Catherine

In my case, I always see the number 33 or 333. It's been consistent for 2 years now :)

(09 Nov '12, 22:59) Angelfire 1
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There's a famous psychiatric test called the Rorschach inkblot test.

alt text

The idea of the test is that you look at a fairly random spattering of ink and see what you can see.

What you think you see is an indication of what you are thinking about but may not be allowing yourself to consciously realize you are thinking about. So you'll effectively see an indication of what's on your own mind.

I hope you can see the connection between what you are apparently seeing and the ink-blot test idea above.

Now the Law of Attraction is such that whatever is dominantly on your mind is what you'll start attracting physical evidence of. That's just what the Law does in an impersonal, objective way. Simplistically, you could say it matches dominant thoughts with physical manifestations.

It's like, for example, becoming interested in buying a certain car and then seeing it again and again on the roads even though you never noticed it before. Your initial attention and interest in the car is now generating "vibrational matches" with more similar cars.

The Law just does what it does. If you find a meaning in anything you are attracting, it's you giving it the meaning, nothing outside of you.

But none-the-less, the hearts are still "vibrational matches" (because you've interpreted them that way) and are therefore an indication of how your dominant thoughts are attracting right now. If you carry on allowing your vibrational matches to keep coming, there will eventually be an obvious physical manifestation.

If the heart shape represents love to you in a good-feeling way then that's probably an indication of what you are heading towards in a good-feeling way.

If you are not sure what "vibrational matches" are, see the description of Manifesting Experiment 1.


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That is not a heart, it is two donkeys eating some kind of beetle.

(14 Sep '11, 22:09) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - Absolutely correct, you've passed...I got the picture from two-donkeys-eating-some-kind-of-beetle.com

(14 Sep '11, 23:31) Stingray

Thank you very much for your comments!

(14 Sep '11, 23:50) Robyn

@ Stingray LOL, I hope you can see what I mean it is like a three dimensal the two donkeys are standing at the sides, you can see their ears at the top on each side but they seem to be standing on a beetle. That is the only way I can describe the thing in the center and it looks like they are eating it from each side. Weird picture! LOL

(15 Jan '12, 22:13) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Lol! I see that, very clearly. But it is a gigantic, donkey-size beetle. Eeeeeew.

I saw a bat. Guess that means I'm batty...

(28 Aug '12, 09:43) Grace

@Grace, I saw a bat too :)

(28 Aug '12, 22:37) figure8shape

Did that Test and it's okay no need to be frightened...yet , lol

I'm still allowed to play in IQ for now ♥♥♥

oops about the hearts , I use em consistently, just part of me

(07 Nov '12, 00:03) Starlight

@Stingray The first thing I saw was a goblin or a troll

(07 Nov '12, 16:15) Halcyon

Looks like the face of one of our kittens

(08 Nov '12, 08:27) ExistentiaLux
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Hello again Robyn, i like this question...i'm a great believer in symbolic communication...after all, when we really think about it, how else do we communicate?! The symbol "heart" is obviously a powerful symbol...get to the heart of the matter...heart throb...heart breaking...As you are seeking a partner i would suggest that the hearts you perceive are linked with this desire...you must have seen the heart shaped carvings on tree trunks with lovers initials written inside, a perfect natural subtle energies graph. Try drawing this graph on a sheet of paper with colors if you like, write your initials inside and "feel" which other initials fall into place...you may be surprised...i know it sounds very childish and simple...have fun.


answered 13 Sep '11, 05:06

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blubird two

Thank you blubird, I will definitely try it out!!

(14 Sep '11, 23:51) Robyn

Here is one more alt text



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Much love to you...thank you!!

(14 Sep '11, 23:52) Robyn

Your case is an example of the LOA in work. After seeing the shape of heart a few times, you had a thought that said: "I encounter the shape of heart surprisingly often". This has become your belief and you unconsciously attracted more of that. (I see that you are new here, so if you didn't hear about the LOA, check out Stingray's article on that.)

The exact same explanation applies to the 11:11 phenomenon. It is a situation when you constantly see 11:11, 12:12, 13:13 etc. on electronic watches. I experience it on and off and it can even become quite irritating.

But nonetheless if you search the internet you can find many theories on about how people having those time readings are "special" and "chosen". One of them would be this http://1111spiritguardians.com/. I think it is most important that we do not become victims of our own delusions. I support the idea that nature communicates with us through symbols, but very often it is difficult to tell apart a sign from a delusion.

Just noticed I have basically repeated Stingray's point.


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Thank you for your comments..am definitely aware of LOA!

(14 Sep '11, 23:52) Robyn

I found it quite peculiar that this question was bumped back to the top despite being old.... It makes me want to share an unusual experience.

Recently a new friend of mine that I met by a series of very unlikely random occurrences had a heart shape appear on the arch between her pointer finger and thumb. [A darker vein-looking discoloration in the shape of a heart with a slight smooth round bulge upwards from under the skin]

We had recently been discussing shapes, symbolism, "spiritual marks" or uniquely shaped body marks, and one discussed the most was a woven knot heart with a circle around it. [Though the shape on her hand had no circle, just a simple heart shape.]

After weeks of examining it appears that the mark is natural and there to stay.


answered 15 Jan '12, 22:34

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I have heard there are procedures that could remove that if she wants to remove that mark, similar to removing a mole I guess.

(15 Jan '12, 23:43) Wade Casaldi

Oh.. Haha. Yea, I'd never even thought of that. But I don't think that will be necessary because we both think it is amazing. =) It's like a natural tattoo.. Very soft and it actually could easily pass as an intentional piece of artwork or even a colored tattoo.

(16 Jan '12, 00:00) Snow

This is a self attachment to a symbol loaded with expectation. It is a form of self check. Nothing wrong with it. Some people use butterflies, some angels. I personally use numbers and self talk. It is a way of communicating with ones self.


answered 13 Sep '11, 07:09

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The Knights Alchemy

Interesting..thank you for the food for thought!

(14 Sep '11, 23:51) Robyn

I'm not sure that it can be explained as a belief or even a vibrational match. Our conscious mind filters an amazing amount of information otherwise we'd be overwhelmed, especially in this time with never ending access to information. I'd say that once you noticed it the first time, that you brought it to the attention of your conscious mind and it is no longer filtering it out.

Since you are looking for a love life partner, I'd suggest that if seeing the heart symbol helps you to keep your energy up in regards to the intention you would like to see, then keep seeking them out.

Wishing you light and love :)


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Thank you very much and love and light to you as well!!

(14 Sep '11, 23:54) Robyn
(16 Sep '11, 08:34) ursixx
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just as a fun fact.. I have a heart-shaped vain in my right arm.. it is a perfect heart.. I've always find it amusing.. people get amazed when they see it.. its pretty cool.. :P have a great week everyone :)


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It's called having a working mind filter.. your mind filters out all else and keeps focusing on your intention to find "hearts" in everything. Try driving down the road and looking for red cars each day. Suddenly the road has an abundance of red cars. There are worse things to have the mind searching for than "hearts".. so I would enjoy it ;)


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It could either be that you simply have gotten into a pattern of manifesting heart-shapes; Or it could be a divine message of some sort. In the end, that's up to you to decide!


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Are you still getting the heart shapes? Don't know what it could mean, but there will be a meaning for you. Have you photographed the hearts or done a movie mode? Let others see the hearts, they maybe better able to tell you what is going on. I always find it strange that we see these shapes/patterns or symbols and no one seems to know what they mean. Maybe someone could do some research as to why we don't get it or don't have a clue. Take care Chris


answered 13 Apr '16, 14:47

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Chris Fowler

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