Let's say I met a woman by chance. I have a kind of 'knowing' feeling that she's exactly the only one I'm looking for. So I know her but she doesn't know me (yet). Unfortunately, she lives in another city so I decided to find a way to move there so we can have an opportunity to meet.

During this period of making my path, I use the LOA by visualizing. I felt so real and so sure that it's gonna happen. Moreover, I see (from the social media) that many many things I visualized really occur in her life.

Many times they are EXACTLY the same things as in my visualization, like her cloth color or pattern, travelling place, what she wrote, or what she did. It's like she is receiving my energy and answering me back. These things made me think that we are really in touch spiritually and made me believe that this story is going to be so true even more.

The question is, if I'm not in the position to communicate or influence her directly, I'm not in her real life yet, there must be someone or something that has been 'the media' to bring these things from me to her (e.g. her co-workers or men around her).

Is it possible that she would misunderstand that 'the media' is her soul mate or lover?: I'm sending love to her, so she feels being loved, but will she misunderstand that the love he feels or things happened in her life right now are from someone else around him in her real life but not me?

Is someone who is in the position to make it truly happen in her life are able to 'steal' the feelings I've sent to her because that matches the vibration of 'love' she is getting from me? Is that possible? Thanks!

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the answer is no. no no one can steal or take away your manifestation.

why is that?

because YOU create your OWN reality, you can ONLY create your own reality- you cannot create for someone else, everything that happens- is your own creation/manifestation.

but- think you are talking about something else and i wish to explain something to you which might help you understand more

first and foremost i think you have to understand that EVERYTHING in your life is a manifestation- literally every single thing you experience is a manifestation- more specifically- your own manifestation.


everything that is happening in your reality- concerning that person- is done by you

you cannot create or manifest for someone else- that person or anyone for that matter- what you are doing is creating your reality based on the beliefs you hold and the thoughts you are thinking- and subsequently that person and your whole world is manifesting according to that- so if you believe that your spiritual connection with her is what is causing her to replicate your visualizations in her real life- that is what you are going to get- you have created that reality for yourself

but that also means, if you now are starting to believe that she- not knowing this love you are sending her way is from YOU- a person she does not know- and another person will come and present themselves and she will go on to be with that other person- you will create THAT reality for yourself

you cannot feel for someone else, you cannot make someone else feel something because you are 'sending' vibrations to them- you can however make yourself believe that you are doing this- and you will have a reality that will mirror this belief back to you- she has nothing to do with this- because she is creating her own reality- one that you cannot create for her as we all create our own reality

by the way just a question to you- you say you met her and knew she was the one- but if you have met- why dont you just add her on social media and start talking to her? instead of sending these vibrations you talk about- isnt it better to just start talking (as friends- maybe better to wait until you present yourself as her spiritually connected heavenly sent true soulmate twin flame lover)

that way you would have actual contact and you would find out if she really is that special someone- because what you are doing right now is literally planning a move without even having a chat? that seems like quite a radical decision- if she truly is your soulmate and you belong together- believe me you will be together without you drastically changing your entire life- because if she is not the one- you have not only wasted time by worrying about her being with someone else that stole your vibrational love- you are also now in another city, a city with a woman that is not your soulmate and your gonna be like ok and now what lol

take it easy- if it belongs to you it will come and you will not be able to avoid it- try talking first and getting to know her better and i would start making plans after that only


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Thank you very much Januaryfeelings! Great answer and question! I don't wanna change my entire life because of just her but I see some career opportunities in that city so I want to move there for my own future and I kinda use her story as one of my motivations. So whether I manifest her as my lover or not I still build my own future anyway. It's the great idea that I should contact her but before I felt like I want to achieve my career goal first so I can proudly introduce myself to her haha!

(07 Apr '18, 13:37) MrMushroom

Anyway this is one of situations from my life. Many times I wonder if I want something but I'm not in the position to make it happen at that moment, can anyone else who is more ready than me take it?

(07 Apr '18, 13:37) MrMushroom

@MrMushroom Could you imagine introducing yourself to her now, today and she responds positively - even though you do not have the career you want? Maybe she just wants to love you for who you are NOW, perfect, whole, you as you are, good enough and worthy of her.

(08 Apr '18, 08:30) Yes

@Yes Thank you for your encouragement. That's absolutely what it should be. She should like me no matter what I am :) I'll find a great opportunity to do it!

(09 Apr '18, 12:57) MrMushroom

@MrMushroom Enjoy it! "We have never seen someone adore someone that the one they were adoring didn't adore them back." Abraham Hicks

(09 Apr '18, 13:43) Yes

if you feel like you need to further your career and personal life overall in order to attract (this or another)love- than you should first focus on your career and do what you feel is important- dont go the whole if she loves me she will love me no matter what-no-and this has absolutely nothing to do with her- and everything to do about YOU-if YOU FEEL and BELIEVE YOU will feel more proud of YOURSELF having a certain job or accomplished a certain level of success

(15 Apr '18, 20:58) Januaryfeelings

and when you are that person with that job you see yourself in that relationship-do that.do exactly that which you feel is going to further your plans- if you dont and you say something like she will love me no matter what- whilst deep down you dont really believe that- thats going to backfire im telling you right now- thats going to backfire- so please, do whatever you feel in your heart is important and necessary to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself

(15 Apr '18, 20:58) Januaryfeelings

just make sure you ALWAYS are following your highest level of exitement and use your intuition and also a your reasoning and logical abilities- all should work together in harmony- and if in the end it doesnt feel like something that is just perfect- DONT DO IT.

(15 Apr '18, 20:58) Januaryfeelings

dont do anything until you feel like this is IT- this is PERFECT and its just something i cant NOT do because its too good etc etc. good luck and have fun- because if your not having fun believe me- nothing- not even your spiritually connected soulmate- is worth spending your amazing time on earth NOT having FUN all the way through! and thats the truth

(15 Apr '18, 20:58) Januaryfeelings
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hi, @Januaryfeelings gave a great answer. ijust want to add some things.

no one can steal your feelings, your desires or what you want. these are yours. but when you ask/believe someone can steal something from you, then it's like you ask the univers to do that same thing. it means you have a fear in you that it might happen. now, im not saying that it can't happen and that this girl cant be with someone else. im seperating her from you. and saying that you cant lose the feelings and desires for a relationship that you want, and it dose'nt have to be with this girl.when you are ready it will happen.
so, even though you want sepcificly her now, you said you dont feel ready to make any action. and an inspired action is part of the manifestation prosses. so yes, she could be with someone else, but it doesn't mean that that someone stole her from you. first of all - she never was "yours" she belongs to no one .just like no one can steal you! secondly, you! BELIEVE you aren't ready so it is only logical that you cant be together acording to your belife system, not just hers. but you can change that. and last thing - trust the univers to give you what is a match to you. no one can take or steal what doesn't belong to you. be peacful and trust.

be jentle with your prosses and with your way to readyness and don't push your self to hard from fear that something will be taken from you. that can never happen. trust the univers and yourself.


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Thank you Myself for very insightful answer! I really like a part of your answer that she belongs to no one like I never belong to anyone. I felt too that eventually it's her decision to choose someone that she thinks he deserves her. It's 100% her right to choose. And what I can do is only doing my best in my own path. Sometimes thinking or trying to make it happen too much creates unintentional resistance. It's tricky too that having question means I create the problem by myself!

(09 Apr '18, 05:09) MrMushroom

yes, and i also want to say that it is competely natural to be a little nervous before making any move, and being that dosen't mean that you aren't ready. sometimes it means the opposite . actually don't wait until you are ready to make a move, just do your move when you feel like, because we can never be sure 100% when we are ready.

(11 Apr '18, 13:05) myself

we dont have that kind of knowledge. its life experience that teach us if we were or not. the fear is not from the ready or not ,it comes from the "whats gonna happen if..." and the answer should be "whatever will be will be"

(11 Apr '18, 13:05) myself

@Myself Your answer makes me feel more relaxed! It's true to let it be! Thank you very much!

(14 Apr '18, 05:58) MrMushroom
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Yes, of course- people can come and rob you blind, take every last thing that was ever good in your life, if you really believe they can. That's how powerful you are.

You see, you are not inherently a physical human living a physical life- you are a blob of energy floating in a neverending nebulous mist. You took the shape of a physical human leading a physical life- including the types of events that you may experience- and that shape you take is fundamentally determined by what you expect will happen. On a big scale, you expect to be human- poof, you are. On a smaller scale, you expect to be drained of energy and hung out to dry- poof, you are. The point to notice is that you can also stop believing that, and start believing that only good things will happen to you.

How you do this is use your imagination in whatever way makes you feel good. So if you feel people draining your energy, grab them, and throw them out of an imaginary window until you feel the energy drain has stopped. If you feel the woman of your dreams is falling for someone who is completely wrong for her because you're not ready for her yet- imagine yourself being ready, right now, and being with her. Do this a lot- as in all day every day (at least a couple minutes every couple of hours). Use your imagination to shift your energy, and observe the results in your real life. Then you can use your power to help yourself.


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(20 Apr '18, 22:27) Grace

@cmc - Wonderful answer. Breaking things down to the bone like "...you are a blob of energy floating in a neverending nebulous mist..." cuts through the mental and emotional clutter for me, I love it.

I couldn't resist sharing my favorite Blob Family photo. :D

(20 Apr '18, 22:34) Grace

@cmc Thank you very much for your answer. You reminds me how powerful I am. Plus, If I have chosen to be in this physical form, it's because I know at the very beginning that this is the greatest form that will let me get my ultimate desire! Thanks!

(21 Apr '18, 11:43) MrMushroom

And thank you @Grace for the Blob Family!

(21 Apr '18, 11:44) MrMushroom
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