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Hi All,

How about we start a manifestation wishlist on this forum? Here people can list their wishes and energy workers or others can give energy to the wishes once a week. People putting in wishes can also share the experiences about what changes they observe as comments below their wishes.

I am sure this can help many of us to manifest our wishes. Any feedback on this is most welcome.

Example wish would be like:

  • My monthly income to be QAR 10,000 and more.
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily meditation

Only one wish per answer. Also, experienced people like Stingray and others can help frame the wish sentence - in case we are asking for something unwanted. You know it is our mistake in framing the wish sentence that leads to unwanted manifestations.

I have been wanted to do this since a long time. But, I think this is the right time and I am ready to energize the wishes (mine and others).

Few principles that will make this work are:

  1. Energy follows thought
  2. We all are interconnected in the energy body of this cosmos/earth/solar system.

Lets gear up to remove our limitations and move forward in unity!

asked 04 Feb '15, 08:12

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Come on everyone. Do not be shy. We are family. We can share with each other what we want right? There are people who can help us define our statements too.

(07 Feb '15, 13:19) Perfection

Thank you for this opportunity @perfection I am going to check back and think/feel about everyones wishes.

(22 Mar '15, 19:23) lastplacefavourite
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I wish to be able to see any hidden resistance that has become invisible to me through the years, because sometimes it feels that something is still keeping me from moving forward but I can't bring it to my conciousness. I wish for more clarity and faith. Maybe it's just the belief that there is still something to clear. That would be funny.

I'm sure I'm able to handle these issues by myself but all energetic support is greatly appreciated.


answered 07 Feb '15, 15:16

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edited 07 Feb '15, 15:17

Wonderful 33sync. Thanks for explaining the wish. If I paraphrase it, it would be - "More energy and clarity to move ahead in life" Would you agree with the sentence?

(07 Feb '15, 16:36) Perfection

"Would you agree with the sentence?"

Yes, absolutely. That's a great way to put it.

(07 Feb '15, 18:05) 33sync

How will you be able to measure it 33sync? Like determine if it is working or not.

(14 Feb '15, 04:34) Perfection

Energizing the thought today.

(23 Feb '15, 21:11) Perfection

sending more energy to the thought today!

(22 Mar '15, 06:52) Perfection
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"I love to grow to the point that I am not disturbed by situation or events to demonstrate my true being in the form of most compassionate and loving expression :)" thank you @Perfection and all inwardquest community.


answered 17 Feb '15, 03:38

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How about "I would love to continue grow beyond ..."

(18 Feb '15, 08:44) ursixx

Thank you for the suggestion ursixx.

(20 Feb '15, 08:23) Perfection

Energizing the thought today.

(23 Feb '15, 21:12) Perfection

sending more energy to the thought today!

(22 Mar '15, 06:53) Perfection
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Awesome! Great initiative.

More confidence and ease with my vibration molding abilities.

:-D. Thanks!


answered 10 Feb '15, 00:16

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@Perfection, could you please share what techniques/methods did you have in mind to energize the wishes? I would like to join in! :-).

(10 Feb '15, 00:19) Kriegerd

Thank you Kriegerd. If you can make it a big tangible so that you yourself can measure/assess whether it is working or not.

I will be using law of attraction ofcourse. Energizing your thoughts. :)

(14 Feb '15, 04:34) Perfection

Good suggestion @Perfection. I hadn't thought of that. I have about 12 files (each with lists) that I'm currently molding. I want to feel positive about all of them (even if it's just slightly positive).

That would definitely be a great indicator of my abilities.

(14 Feb '15, 09:52) Kriegerd

Wonderful Kreigerd. I will start energy work on this. I have also started a pilot or say alpha testing on custom affirmation videos. Right now giving out to closest people for test and feedback. If results are good, I can prepare one for you too. I will comment on this thread whenever I energize your wish with gratitude and love assuming your files have lists that move towards making this world a better place to live and not otherwise.

(15 Feb '15, 22:19) Perfection

The videos sound cool @Perfection. Let me know more about them when you have the chance.

(15 Feb '15, 22:48) Kriegerd

Ohh My God! Did I write videos? Actually I am working on audios at the moment. But Videos sounds a great idea. Audios are giving great results as well! Will keep you posted Kriegerd.

(16 Feb '15, 07:52) Perfection

Energizing the thought today.

(23 Feb '15, 21:12) Perfection

Awesome! :)

(23 Feb '15, 21:29) Kriegerd

sending more energy to the thought today!

(22 Mar '15, 06:53) Perfection
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I would like to wish for the ability to be able to have full control of my mind and my body. That could be accepting that I do already or by letting go my need to be in control. Thank you, love to the IQ family.


answered 22 Mar '15, 19:17

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