I've been reading Abe a lot these past few weeks, everyday when I wake up I do a lot of visualization. And I'm able to think beautiful, positive thoughts for a long time so that I make myself feel good. Most of the day I am very positive, smile a lot, I never get angry or mad anymore. With LOA teaching, I can literally make myself happy.

But right now I want to manifest positive-loving friends into my life. Before in college I never really had any friends either, maybe 2 or 3, but I removed them out of my life because we were not a vibrational match. In college I joined a club hoping to make friends, I even volunteered for the club on certain occasions, but never got along with anyone there, now I kind of know why, but it's in the past now.

Ever since college ended, I have no friends, and it has been like this for the past 3-4 years. I don't really know anyone. I have no sisters or brothers, or cousins. I'm the only child.

I don't have a girlfriend either, never really had a girlfriend, never had any sexual experiences either. I don't even remember the last time I was touched by a female.

I'm not desperate or anything, I'm very happy by myself, because I can visualize pretty well and daydream about things that I desire.

But at the same time I know that I'm WORTHY of having many positive friends, girlfriend, even lots of sex.

For those who have many friends, can I have some advice how you manifested them? Right now, visualization is all I have.


asked 26 Jun '12, 16:12

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Evolutionary High


@Evolutionary High - It strikes me that your happy thoughts are already having a positive effect. In just coming to this place and choosing to interact, you've just manifested yourself a bunch of like-minded (virtual) friends. Welcome to IQ :)

(26 Jun '12, 16:37) Stingray

@Evolutionary High- Love love love your honesty and openness! And Welcome from me, too. :) You will have a blast here.

(26 Jun '12, 17:20) Grace

This is also interesting for me, as I literally just wrote this same desire for my own manifestation box 5 hours ago. More fun stuff!

(26 Jun '12, 19:17) Grace
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Looks like your doing great manifesting friends and some nice answers already.

The trouble with "Using LOA" to attract friends or even a girlfriend is that you run the risk of distancing yourself from the outside world and turning this stuff into a "Big Deal" or something that requires lot of effort which it doesn't.

Your desire if strong enough always manifests itself somewhere, usually through the path of least resistance, in your case its the Internet right here on IQ.

Look at all the people you've attracted here with your question.Take this as evidence that you can reciprocate this in the "real world" Get yourself out there and mix it up:)

Good luck:)


answered 01 Jul '12, 08:28

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Thanks so much for your comment. You are right, I'm very grateful for all the responses I've attracted.

I will definitely attract people in the real world. In fact, ever since I've read Abe's books, I've been attracting lots of smiles from strangers, I know it's leading somewhere ;)

(01 Jul '12, 22:15) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High, welcome to IQ:) Your question is so pure and honest, it really touched my heart. That itself is a very rare quality my friend (not the touching my heart bit, the honest and pure part:). Here at IQ you'll interact with lots of non-judgmental, open minded friends so you already have a good start on friendships:)

Let me try to articulate an honest answer for manifesting friends in physical World. Let me put a disclaimer that I am by no means an expert at manifesting and/or LOA. So take from it what you want.

Friendships are a thing of Physical World, an element of social structure, made necessary by design, I think, so that an individual can share their joy, achievements, concerns as well as pain. So that this animal -the human being- does not feel lonely and/or alone. There is a very fine line between being alone and being lonely. Either of them inherently are not a bad thing but get rid of them and one's life can be fun, joyful and wholesome.

It seems to me that you have, maybe, started feeling lonely at this stage. You seek companionship. I think you don't feel alone because you have your visualization, positive mindset and you generally feel good. That is a great thing and you don't have to lose that. You just need to append that with more interactions with other human beings

The way human civilization has been set-up, we have to interact with other human beings for almost everything in our day-to-day life. Why not make them friends? Step out, interact and meet people without expectations and labels. A hello to the postman, a 'how are you doing today?' to the check-out girl at super-market...you get the idea. You are probably doing this anyways, but if you do it consciously and with a smile, soon you'll see that your circle of acquaintances will expand into friends. Maybe go two steps deeper into inquiry with the postman or someone who you see regularly. Don't label the friendship. And don't expect anything in return. If you become a tiny positive part of their day, they will become your friend. I am giving you these examples as they do not require you to do any extra effort. Every friend is necessary. There's a saying which goes 'Smile and the whole World smiles with you, cry and you cry alone'...step-out with this attitude and

...do step out Meet people for friendship but without labeling it what kind of friendship. Every stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet:) Don't dismiss anyone because of age either (One of my dad's friend is my mentor and one of my best friends) Basically don't target people to make them a 'best friend, a 'girlfriend', a 'gym friend', a 'work friend' etc. Don't expect them to consider you as their friend yet, but you be their friend. Soon enough the worthy ones will recognize your honesty and genuineness while others may fall away. That's fine. You are not expecting anything as it is. This will expand your social circle. And trust me, soon enough you'll have friends of all kinds, even a girlfriend, even a girl friend with whom you can have lots of....good times:)) You may even find a soul mate ( a highest form of friendship) in the process.

At the risk of repetition, I would again want to point out not to categorize people you meet. Some of my friends (Cable guy, Newspaper guy, Yoga buddy, Hobby buddy - labels used just to distinguish their function to me)are not my best-est friends, but it is in my nature to always interact/enquire little more than they would about me. I walk away feeling good about myself. Little effort, bigger payoff.

Some of my own friends are my bouncing boards, some my critics, some are my confession box, childhood friends see me as me, beyond my professional position (on incline or decline), they have been part of joys and miseries, Some are colleagues, some are friends because of common concern (neighbors, activists etc.)...in short, collectively, they are my best support system. I have come to realize that there are certain things I cannot share with anyone but my friends and that includes my parents, siblings and spouse. Some of my best and some of my most embarrassing memories are with my friends.

Hope this helps somewhat. Just felt like putting my two cents after reading your question. I think you'll soon have tons of friends. Good luck:)

As a side note: As I was writing this, I got the news that one of my favorite film-makers has passed away. Nora Ephron has always made films about friendships disguised as rom-coms. She the one who brought us 'Sleepless In Seattle', ' You Got Mail', and probably the best film on subject of friendship 'When harry Met Sally'....RIP Nora. Sorry, I just felt like including that here.


answered 27 Jun '12, 02:50

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"Every stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet" Classic !

(27 Jun '12, 05:43) ursixx

Thanks for the reply, this definitely helped a lot. Just give to others to make yourself better, but expect nothing in return. And smile at people more. And have more interaction. Thanks.

(28 Jun '12, 13:27) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High, glad it helped:)

(28 Jun '12, 23:54) Xoomaville
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Reading this question, I get the inspired feeling that this question is coming from an honest, thoughtful and harmonious natured man :)

And reading this question, I don't know why, but I also get the impression that is screaming "Help me! I just want happiness and to not be so rejected!!"

Here on inward quest, you could relate 'our' answers as sort of ropes we would toss to a man drowning in an ocean- even though the ropes are there, it's up to you to grab on so we can lift you up...And I finally get the impression you'd be willing to do that too :) So here's my answer, and I hope this 'rope' helps:

I love the movie Forrest Gump. Even if you don't analyse it philosophically, it just appears to be about a simple human whom effortlessly does nothing and goes nowhere....And ends up with something and somewhere! No political views, no ideals, acceptance of what is, going with the flow........And all he does is enjoy his life as best as he can.

My answer is very plain, but has miraculous (very good word to fit this) and sometimes unbelievable effects; just live your life as Forrest Gump. God/ the universe, has already lined up your friends, your amazing hot girlfriend, that cool lifestyle, that heavenly life situation.

It's already done.

It's complete.

No work for Mr Evolutionary High to do.

Zero stress. Full enjoyment. You're on this ride to nowhere, and on this journey your ideal desires are awaiting. To get there, do nothing. To get to this heavenly somewhere, go nowhere. In other words, fully embrace life with love and a smile, and you watch how in just maybe two weeks I won't be surprised to see an engagement ring on someone's finger hehe :)

Empty your mind- the thinking is what destroys life. "And that's all I have to say about that."

9th August 2013, Update

If I were to offer myself some advise, it would be to read and apply the concept outlines in How to Win Friends and Influence People. IQ is a metaphysical ideas website, this book has little to do with the spiritual realms, yet I can confidently say my life has drastically improved since improving my relationships with others (and the relationship with myself eg: have confidence to 'be yourself'). If I could offer one book of all time to help anybodys life, I would be striking this out to all without thought. It really paints a recipe for success, via being successful with people.

In my experience, the most 'successful' and happiest people I know are the ones that have the most friends and strongest connections. I don't think I've ever met a person who is happy and did not have lots of friends and was popular (though people are drawn to positive energy, so maybe there is a flaw in my statement...)

Helps with the opposite sex as well (in terms of attracting a partner). People are drawn to people who can establish comfort and trust in others. This book really emphasises to develop empathy, something I have lacked most of my life and recently kindling with a smile. It brings results. Even the contemporary sub-culture of pick up artists highlight how you can improve your entire life by mastering empathy.

If anything to get out of this: become a good listener.


answered 01 Jul '12, 05:44

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@Nikulas-Great answer :)

(01 Jul '12, 08:12) Satori

Keep at it, for sure :-) Just think: anything could happen at any moment. It could all change in an instant.

And you will find those friends. I know exactly what it's like to be in your position and it's going to be exhilarating for you when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by people who adore you. :)

What is outside of us is the extension of what is created inwardly (with your thoughts, emotions). Once you change the roots, the rest will shift accordingly. It may or may not immediate, but it will shift and change. Like the roots of a plant- you may not see them but they are the reason the plant exists. When you change something from it's roots, you change the entire framework.

So whatever you're currently seeing outside of you is irrelevant at the moment. If you are feeling good, you are on the right track. Just keep at it. :) Use your feelings as an indicator of your progress as opposed to what you're physically seeing. The "outside" is constantly shifting and changing in response to "inside". I think this is the reason why things can get so "messy" or out of balance.

&Welcome to IQ!:)



answered 27 Jun '12, 00:36

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@LapisLazuli, this is very encouraging. Thank you.

(27 Jun '12, 15:45) Grace

Hi Evolutionary High - Firstly thank you so much for posting your question.

You are on the right track and doing really well but of course you are noticing that what you want hasn't happened yet. I think that is what is getting in the way of you making friends. My suggestion is really about distracting yourself from it a little bit.

Think about what subjects really interest you - what inspires or excites you and then see if you could join a group of like minded people. A great website is Meetup.com - the idea behind Meetup.com is that the web helps you find people in your local area who share your interests. Any group on the website has to pay to be on it and has to commit to organising face-to-face meet ups. The key thing here is to think about what really interests YOU because people who are switched on and passionate about a subject are more attractive anyway. I once joined a sailing club because I thought I might meet eligible men - the thing is I'm not keen on boats and hate getting wet! Needless to say, it was just a waste of time. If you don't find a group then ask the Universe to lead you to one.

The idea here is that you distract yourself from actually "making friends" and you move more towards just hanging out with like minded people who then may or may not become friends. Tell yourself that even if it doesn't work out you will have spent time on something that you enjoy anyway.

In the meantime check out the various manifesting experiments - I've been doing Manifesting Experiment 1 and have asked for a local friend who is interested in the types of subjects we discuss here. She hasn't appeared yet but last night I dreamt about it and that is a positive sign that things are lining up.

Good luck

PS: You could always join a Law of Attraction group as you say you have been reading Abe.


answered 27 Jun '12, 09:09

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English Rose

edited 27 Jun '12, 09:17

@English Rose? ... she was my hero :(

(29 Jun '12, 00:07) Grace

@Grace I'm still here - I've just changed my user name. I don't want to mislead anyone but just fancied using my actual name so when I post answers/questions for a while I'm just going to say "The user formerly known as" LOL Thank you so much for your lovely words.

(29 Jun '12, 02:03) Catherine

@Catherine, why didn't you just change the username, so that your answers and questions are all together. That's what I did.

(29 Jun '12, 08:36) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I wanted to do that but apparently the software doesn't allow it - you can see the dialogue over on IQ Meta ... I know it is kind of messy but I thought it best just to do it now otherwise it might have bugged me. I had noticed that quite a lot of accounts had "INACTIVE USER" or "SUSPENDED" and assumed that the guys in charge were just really strict - who knew it was just people like me changing their minds about their user name!

(29 Jun '12, 12:01) Catherine

@Catherine, ! I'm so glad to hear that. I have been looking forward to hearing about the conclusions you come to on many things - I was so disappointed to see your account suspended. You seem to speak my language, and have always felt a bit like a wiser, more well-read version of myself. Also, I went back and forth choosing my own user name. It was going to be either Grace or English Rose.

(29 Jun '12, 14:27) Grace

@Grace - I feel exactly the same about your posts Grace!! I've been reading through the entire website and keep coming up against heartfelt questions and then the person disappears from sight ... I'll stick around for a while as I am enjoying it so much and learning a lot too.

(29 Jun '12, 14:45) Catherine

Yes, I always want to know how everything came out. What worked? I'd love to hear updates on so many questions.

(29 Jun '12, 15:23) Grace
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I was always taught that to have friends,

one must first be a friend!

This has always worked for me!

Love and Welcome,



answered 01 Jul '12, 21:36

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It is simply,simply, simply ,just a time for us all to relax and feel ,really feel how Spirit moves us. Truly Amazing. Love and Light.


answered 26 Jun '12, 19:51

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Dear Evolutionary High, I feel you because I've been in a similar position with you. My suggestions are:

  • try to find friends with same interests from the internet (facebook, forums, chat, other social sites etc) that live in your region. After some time that you have checked eachother, you can arrange a meeting in the real world.
  • try to enroll in classes, gym, seminars, volunteering groups, extreme sport groups, participate to a group excursion of a local club etc.
  • encourage others to bring their friends. This is a good way to enlarge your circle. Sometimes we find our mate through others, my friend's friend may be my future soul mate!
  • do not try to restore acquaintances from your past that are forgotten long ago. Past is past for a good reason. Do not push anybody in general, and try not to seem desparate for friendship because people may be scared or they may misunderstand your motives.
  • try not to attempt any group activity by yourself alone. Do not go unaccompanied to a bar or to a concert or to a sport event etc. This will remind you your loneliness and it may cause you bad feelings when you see pairs or groups of friends in the place around you.

I wish you good results coming soon!


answered 30 Jun '12, 11:54

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edited 30 Jun '12, 12:00

@Jupiterios Your last point is a really good one!

(03 Jul '12, 08:21) Catherine
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