I came up with a mantra that helps me to relax. I just repeat the words drop it/ it doesn't matter through out my day.

The reason I'm asking a question about this is because im not sure if this mantra gives true detatchment and is good or if it is destructive and doesn't give you guidance.

I would imagine that this mantra is just a another form of surrender. I'm also wondering if giving up is good for manifestation because you are really letting go of the outcome of your actions.

I've tried many forms of surrender and inner guidance. Sometimes I get stuck and I don't know what action or non action I should take that feels right. This is why I've developed this outlook that it just doesn't matter.

Would love to hear some of your advice.

Following what feels best has been a weekness for me and probably for others. I'm still trying to let go without trying to figure anything out. I feel as if my higher self took me to inward quest to make this post.

Thank you much

MrFeelGood. :)

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mfr, would not true detachment preclude manifestation

(27 Apr '15, 20:46) fred

Your mantra helps release, but it really does not leave any room for anything more; i.e., nothing positive grows from the change you are trying to make. A.A. uses "Let go, Let God". This gives the recovering alcoholic the release AND the idea that God will help make a change. Of course, you may substitute any words you like in this. How about, "Let go, Let Life", or "Let Go, Change will come", or "Let go and Live". These are just ideas.

I am hoping you will be helped thru your question!


Jai ♥♥♥


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Thank you :)

(27 Apr '15, 19:24) MrFeelGood

@MrFeelGood- You're welcome, and thank you!!!

(29 Apr '15, 20:37) Jaianniah

If you can feel neutral or positive about giving up on your desires then that can be a good thing. Even feeling bad about 'giving up' on desires can give the Universe a chance to take over for you, as you've still released the desire from the physical mind even if you feel bad about it.

Often giving up just means you are releasing the resistance, the vibration of 'I don't have IT yet'. That is the vibration most active when you're visualizing, trying out different processes etc. whilst you're "working" on your desires they don't come in.

When you 'give up' your vibration shifts from 'I don't have IT yet' and the Universe can slip the manifestation in for you as you're not pushing it away with your focus on its absence.

Hope about specific desires is often the vibration of 'I don't have it' too because you're actually still vibrating 'it's on the way' rather than 'it's here and now' so the Universe keeps manifesting it being 'on the way' indefinitely.

Think about the things you HAVE and how those things feel different to things that you don't HAVE.

You don't walk to the sink to get water saying 'I hope there's water there. I feel that water is close. I am going to visualize the water in the tap for a few minutes before I walk to the sink.

You don't need to do any of that because you HAVE water, right now. It's a neutral, non-wanting, not hoping but KNOWING state you're after so it sounds as if you're on the right track.


answered 27 Apr '15, 06:17

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dear @yes, do you not agree with visualisation then to manifest? Thanks.

(29 Apr '15, 03:02) Inner Beauty

Hi @Inner Beauty, visualisation is more a tool to help you allow and align with what you want. In the moment you ask, the very first time you ask, it is created and held for you in vibrational reality. To see it in your physical reality you have to KNOW it. Visualisation helps to make it familiar, which can lead to knowing, but it's not creating anything, the creation is already complete. I think the danger with using visualisation is it can cause you to vibrate the absence of what you want....

(29 Apr '15, 06:15) Yes

... I think a good test is to ask yourself would you visualise the desire (for the joy of the visualisation and the feeling of it) if you knew your desire was definitely coming to you in a week's time. If you answer yes to that then you're visualising for the fun of trying out the desire before it arrives. If you wouldn't visualise it for the fun of it then the chances are that you're only visualising it to try to make it come to you faster and that is actually vibrating 'I don't have it yet'

(29 Apr '15, 06:19) Yes

Another good test to conduct is to imagine it's coming next week, for definite. You've just had the call now. Next week it's going to be here. How would you feel? Relief? Excitement? Enthusiastic? If it was a huge pile of money that was coming how would your behaviour and thought processes be different. Would you stop worrying about money and bills completely? Would you be making lists of what to spend the money on? Whatever you would be thinking and more importantly, FEELING, is the state you..

(29 Apr '15, 06:38) Yes

... need to reach for to be a vibrational match to the desire. Is that the state you're in when you're visualising? If it's not then don't visualise as it's resistant. I call that positive resistance, but it's still vibrating the lack of something that you want.

(29 Apr '15, 06:39) Yes

@Yes - "if you knew your desire was definitely coming to you in a week's time" - I like your "Next Week" tests. Makes it really obvious when someone is trying too hard to "bully" a manifestation into place. Thanks for sharing :)

(29 Apr '15, 08:38) Stingray

wow thanks @yes.... very clear!

(29 Apr '15, 11:16) Inner Beauty

No problem :)

(29 Apr '15, 13:13) Yes

@Yes - I really like this too. Perfect way to be sure where you are on such a fine and important point that is so easy to get wrong. Thank you very much. :)

(30 Apr '15, 14:31) Grace

@Yes - I have to admit, the test you shared (in your second comment) is nothing short of genius. If you feel inspired to, post it up as a community wiki so it reaches more eyeballs.

(01 May '15, 00:02) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - Oh that is an excellent thought. @Yes, I agree your "Next Week Test" deserves the better exposure of a Community Wiki - this may help a lot of people. It put a different light on my whole day today.... No pressure, of course. ;)

(01 May '15, 03:48) Grace

I'd better have a look at Community Wiki then :) I'm glad it was helpful for you all.

(03 May '15, 10:28) Yes
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Oh man don't go giving up! I've been there plenty of times where I felt like nothing matters where I just give up on everything. It can be a deep dark lonely place to exist inside of being.

Things will get better, but you have to keep up your hope. It is the hope that carries us when we feel like giving up and detaching. Even if it is just a small glimmer of hope it helps us get through to better times. Feel and believe your desires will come.


answered 26 Apr '15, 11:45

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Wade Casaldi

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I would not say that it does not matter. everything matter. but the attachment and desire are the cause of the hurt. why because you build expectation base on false precept and eventually you are deceive. example: some will make a gift to other people expecting the best possible outcome and when they give the gift it is not appreciated or people lack knowledge or are in fear of the gift or they refuse the gift saying we do not believe in this and out of fear they will say and you might see that I am not the only one then they will say what the problem in them is really about( problem in me) and that problem is often desire related and they might even accuse you of the same thing by judging they judge them self. so expect the best but expect the not expected. you will meet people in this world that expect to have everything that they want the way they want it right now for the best of all. and of course nothing in this world work like this even if they have the best intention. in this world people are often in division with them self and other and each one have the choice, progressing at different level in understanding wisdom and knowledge and of course it takes some time for people to understand and adapt and make their choice.

how many came in this world with good intention? telling truth with a pure heart and have not been accepted some where even killed. it is to be expected even if you seek the best for you and every one. for some desire come first before them and other. some also act from fear and lack of understanding, wisdom, knowledge, truth. take the needed time as other people will also take the time they need. there is quality and quantity that is also a choice. but know this when you move from one you miss or lack the other and to get both takes more time.


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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