How do you use Stingray's Advanced Focus Blocks Method on a day where there is nothing specific to mold? and What to Do if I can't find issues to mold? are questions that relate to my situation, but don't quite hit the nail on the head :)


As a result of applying Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 5, I've found that I've cleaned up or nearly cleaned up all major "issues" in my life.

What I find happening recently is, I find myself firmly in a bad-feeling place (not drowning in desire, but still feeling quite bad) without knowing how I got there.

While feeling the painful resistance, if I sit down to apply the Advanced Focus Blocks method, every issue I find does not feel bad enough for me to get a feel for it. In other words, my current resistance is overpowering my emotions and preventing me from feeling bad about issues I don't have much resistance towards.

At the same time, I feel like I can't mold the specific issue that's making me feel bad because I don't know what it is.

In usual circumstances, I could choose any issue that has lots of resistance and clean that up with an emotional grid, which leaves me feeling enough relief to put me in the vicinity of my vortex.

However, the scenario described above leaves me feeling stuck in vibrational limbo when trying to apply advanced focus blocks.

This usually leads me to using another clearing method (FasterEFT, Sedona Method), meditation or some kind of distraction technique (reading, working out) to get me back to my vortex, when I would much rather get vortex aligned first, like I usually do, and enjoy all these other things from the perspective of my vortex (as opposed to using them to feel relief).

How can I still use AFB to get vortex aligned, without feeling stuck like I do now?

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While feeling the painful resistance, if I sit down to apply the Advanced Focus Blocks method, every issue I find does not feel bad enough for me to get a feel for it.

If you know there is resistance (i.e. issues/limiting beliefs), but you can't verbalize it or get a handle on it, in my experience it means that one's connection to his emotions needs improving.

In this case, I have a few suggestions.

How to feel your feelings strongly and more clearly?

IOW, "how to be so sensitive that even the slightest resistance feels unbearable?" :). The best way to achieve this is to meditate regularly. This will not only raise your vibration and put you into the Vortex more easily but it will make you supremely sensitive (which is a fantastic thing if one wants to be a deliberate creator and one is able to handle sensitivity with tools like EFT, Focus Blocks etc.)

Once you feel the resistance strongly, it will be obvious what the issue is without you having to poke around it much.

How to verbalize resistance better (and identify core beliefs easily)?

There are ways to verbalize issues that don't feel "bad enough" and to make yourself feel them stronger. You could use something like Gendlin's Focusing Method. Also, this meditation technique can help with intensifying the feeling (so it gets easier to verbalize it).

Another way, which I use these days quite often, is to just poke around a little bit using a few phrases. It's quick and easy and it helps to identify core beliefs, often within a few seconds.

So once you feel resistance, allow yourself to feel it and poke around it with words until something just fits. Also keep in mind what core beliefs really are to help you with verbalizing.

Core beliefs come from believing in scarcity or unworthiness which your inner being will never agree with. And therefore it feels bad to think those thoughts.

So knowing this, you just allow yourself to feel the resistance and then you poke around like this. "I can', that doesn't is...I won't... I am not...yes, that's it, it clicks into place... I am not good enough...OK, but there is something missing... I am not good enough to do... no, to do isn't right.... to be... yes that's it... I am not good enough to be a deliberate creator"

And there you have it - the core belief is identified within a few seconds. You probably need some practice for this to work quickly but Gendlin's Focusing Method is a good start.

How to find other problems that I could feel more strongly?

When one's awareness of his emotions isn't quite clear, there is a way to "create bigger problems" :). So here is how to create problems :).

Choose something you want in life and think clearly about it. Imagine yourself having it now. Enjoy it as long as you can. At some point it's likely that you encounter strong resistance. That's the issue you can use as an excuse to mold and to get into the Vortex :). If you don't encounter resistance while doing this, then just enjoy being in the Vortex with your vision :).

Having all that said, remember that it's about getting into the Vortex. So on some days you may want to just skip the Advanced Focus Blocks Method and get into the Vortex any other way you can.


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great answer :) I especially love the finishing sentence :)

(10 Jul '14, 08:16) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber "I especially love the finishing sentence". Now that you've emphasized this sentence, I find it quite funny that I used over 500 words to confuse everyone with "how to's" to then say in 25 words that one could also forget about that and just get into the Vortex :).

(10 Jul '14, 08:43) releaser99

Love this answer, the 500 words I! It's amazing how numb we have become in society that we have to search for the cause of resistance. A child can tell you instantly what their resistance is, an adult has to search for it.

(10 Jul '14, 11:28) Eldavo

@Eldavo "It's amazing how numb we have become in society that we have to search for the cause of resistance" Yes, it takes years for society to teach us how to ignore/numb our own emotional guidance to please them and their rules/beliefs instead. But the nice part is, that it takes only a few days for us to reset our emotional guidance (e.g. meditation).

(10 Jul '14, 12:48) releaser99
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The Advanced Focus Blocks method, as I understand it, is different from the usual Focus Blocks method only in what you do when you come close to and enter, the Vortex. Where you're now is in not identifying a particular stream/point of resistance, so the answer probably is in finding, if you're wanting to use Focus Blocks, how to apply it to your situation, how to do a focus wheel in it.

I have my variation of focus wheels based approach, I call it Focus Delights. And for your case there is one especially useful, 1. Focus delight (general), as it works with the feeling. You can adapt the approach you find there, to doing Focus Blocks, if you wish.

This process can also be very useful in your situation, as it simply and straightly works with the feelings. Even though it's harder for me to imagine, how to project that to a focus wheel. Harder, but possible.

The secret of focus wheels is just to find how to soothe yourself, and any thought that you could find, that feels pleasant, even a bit, little by little, by taking its trail, will get you rising.

Happy aligning! :)


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Hi WeRadiateBeauty when you're feeling stuck like you say you are then it can be useful to get back to basics instead of insisting with a particular method.

Your subconscious is your servant and has access to inner powers, if you're feeling stuck and not enjoying your life it means you're giving it the wrong instructions, and you're getting more of what you don't want.

Everyday your subconscious creates your life following instructions given to it through your thoughts, attitudes, actions and beliefs ... give your subconscious the right instructions by centering your attention on your heart and what you enjoy, take control of your life

alt text


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jazz, one grows into and out of experiencing joyousness, the former is in being a novice the latter in no longer seeing the thrill. perhaps some affects of our nature is cyclic, as with her laws

(12 Jul '14, 21:11) fred

Hi WeRadiateBeauty,

I think we all encounter these kinds of feelings once in a while. Without any obvious reason, you do not feel as good as I am 'supposed' to. Just two days ago I found myself in the same situation and felt worry, frustration towards my feelings and doubt. The momentum was so great that I could not clear the energy with EFT or any other action oriented method. I think from that place, it is really hard to do the AFB, because of the momentum which is just too great. It seems often suddenly, but mostly the momentum builds slightly over a period in time. I think, that when you try to not judge your feelings and take some time to sit in quietness, you are able to pinpoint the feeling that creates and translates into 'feeling bad'. It's just another oppertunity to bring some resistance to the surface. When this happens to me, I try to go more general and repeat some statements about life, the Universe and our role in this Universe, to slow the momentum down and thus creating space for better feeling thoughts. You too will find that you have created some firm grounds of positive believe which you can easily activate, instead of trying too hard by doing an AFB. An AFB should flow easily, without the feeling of effort. Find that effortless believe place and lovingly bring yourself back to a place of Love. Hope this helps!


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