I have a dream since I was young that I would like to work abroad after graduation. It seemed very real every time I think about it when I was younger. Now I have graduated for almost 3 years and there is no sign of getting my job there. I have tried twice to apply but there was no response from the company I want to work with.

I am preparing myself to try once again this year but the problem is every time I think about going there and do my dream job, I have a serious headache. I accept that I have stress for a long time since I don't get this job after graduation. I cannot apply for other (permanent) jobs too because I have been imagining doing this job in that country for so so long (about 6 years). It seems like I feel lack of passion to apply other jobs while I still thinking about this job. I think I'm also worried about language and new society too.

However, a few weeks ago, I just found a company that also interesting in my own country. Both companies (in my own country and abroad) are very hard to get into but now when I think about the company in my own country, I feel better than working abroad that I have been visualising for so long. (I think maybe because I know this company better than the first one since it is in my own country). When I start thinking about working in my own country, then my mind asks 'and how about abroad that you have been wishing for so long?' and then it responses 'maybe working abroad might not be as good as I have imagine'. So now it's like 2 things are in my head. While I visualize one, the other comes up into my mind too.

So, my questions are:

  1. Does the headache the sign that I am manifesting the thing that is not matched with what my spirituality (Source Energy) said? Maybe this is the sign that I am forcing to manifest something that my spirituality are refusing to do? Or this is just the sign of my stress...?

  2. I am now thinking about manifesting both jobs. Can I manifest 2 things that, if both come true, I have to choose only one? Is manifesting 2 things will make both weaker than manifesting only one thing?

Thank you very much for advice. Wish all your wishes come true :D

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@MrMushroom - Though I am unable to answer your question in detail at the moment, you might find some clues in the following video (which I have found helpful): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw5Q0pNWPIY

(04 May '15, 13:19) lozenge123
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well I would say that if you have a opening go for it. it will give you experience and the other one you might get later. maybe you need more experience to get the other one.

also what you wanted to do when you where young you might all do it but not exactly as you though about it.

and not just when you where young. it could be passing somewhere when you are alone in your car and saying I would like to try this job out. and the next year you might get a call to go work at that place to do that exact job . even if you did not ask any one to go work there.

and any place you will work their will be up and down. it is like this in the world everything is like a plate spinning on a stick. some plate stay more in balance and stay longer and some other stay less in balance and fall down early.

so be a passer-by.

as for the headache it might be that you are asking to much question and are confuse.

as for asking for booth job start doing one first and see how it goes. look at it that way if you do not like it why loose energy to get two that you do not like. start with one see how it goes then with more knowledge and experience you can make a better choice on the second turn.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 05 May '15, 06:24

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white tiger

@white tiger Thank you very much for your advice. That might be true. If it is mine, it will be, unconditionally. I also start to realize that maybe I love the job more than workplace and it is the reason why my mind visualize both automatically. I might have to be more open-minded and relax to the goal as you suggested :D

(06 May '15, 02:30) MrMushroom

@MrMushroom you say: I might have to be more open-minded and relax to the goal as you suggested :D but I say to you that the goal or the target is not what is important what is important is the now experiencing and enjoying. do not narrow your view on the end but stay in the beginning then you shall know the end.

(06 May '15, 08:08) white tiger

@white tiger Thank you very much. Nice advice :D

(08 May '15, 01:22) MrMushroom
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@MrMushroom- This is an excellent question. I wish I had asked it! I used to get headaches all the time. I ignored them; I refused to accept that I was unhappy. Now, I just get headaches when sick or stressed, and I pay attention to them. Yes, it is a sign.

It never pays to ignore your own body. This is how it works sometimes. I often think that our energy gets unbalanced when we push for answers. It is like we are asking too much of ourselves, but do not want to admit it! I used to do this frequently.

Pay attention to you! You are, and this is good.


Jaianniah ♥♥♥


answered 04 May '15, 10:31

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@Jaianniah Thank you very much Jai :D

(05 May '15, 05:14) MrMushroom

what worked at two, no longer
holds at seven, we change and
hopefully grow

as beliefs come and go
try them out for awhile
to know if they fit you


answered 04 May '15, 20:20

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@fred Thank you very much Fred. Do you mean that if I don't feel that the idea about the first job, I have to move on? The problem is that sometimes I really want to move on but I cannot because my mind has been clinging with it for a long long time...

(05 May '15, 05:16) MrMushroom

mrmushroom, perhaps one needs to decide how and if to harness ones mind, it is a one of a kind in your body

(05 May '15, 05:50) fred

Sometimes what you think you want or what you have visualized may not be really what you want deep down inside you.

You can refer to this question and answer for more information on what I mean: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/8406/what-happens-to-the-things-we-originally-desired-if-we-suddenly-decided-not-to-want-it-anymore

In that question and answer, it is mentioned that a person may think that he wants a million dollars out of nowhere, but does he really want that million dollars? Or what he actually wants is what he can be buying with that million dollars, or the feeling of freedom and independence that million dollars might give him?

Apply this to your situation about working abroad - how do you think being able to work abroad as per what you wished originally make you feel? Now think about the 2nd job that you are closer to getting now - does it make you feel the same way, or at least similar to the first job that you wanted? If both of the jobs make you feel in the same way or at least similar, then it would all make sense, wouldnt it?


answered 05 May '15, 03:53

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@kakaboo Thank you very much. Now I noticed that the core feeling of the both jobs that I desire is the same (because it is the same job) But the difference seems to be that my brain thinks that working abroad maybe hard and impossible for me. I feel like I am not good enough to do that. So I choose to look at the job in my own country instead. Now it is very hard to imagining myself working abroad than before.

(05 May '15, 05:25) MrMushroom

@Mrmushroom you say: But the difference seems to be that my brain thinks that working abroad maybe hard and impossible for me. I feel like I am not good enough to do that. So I choose to look at the job in my own country instead. Now it is very hard to imagining myself working abroad than before. why do you impose limit on your self and sell your self short?-

(08 May '15, 18:21) white tiger

would it not be better for you to know your self and better your self? this might be the first thing to do. if it is your choice to impose limit on your self and denigrate your self. no one else can make that choice for you. will also say it is not because someone encounter limit or problem that he should not seek to overcome those limits or find answer for those problem.

(08 May '15, 18:24) white tiger

What is your limit fear of the unknown? some fear darkness give them a flash light they will light it up look at what they fear seeing that there is nothing to fear that fear will go away. "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

(08 May '15, 18:28) white tiger
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