Earlier I was listening to a piece of music and a certain part moved me so emotionally I almost cried.Did it remind me of a specific event? No. I was not thinking of anything but the sounds in their arrangement was so beautiful it was amazing.

How does this work? What is this emotion called. It feels so so close to "The Source" or as some might say close to God.


Much Harmonic Love


asked 24 Nov '10, 03:06

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jim 10

Music is a great stimulator to the body, mind, and soul! Except for the smile of a new baby, music warms the heart, brings joy into your life, makes you feel good inside, reminds you of a love one, and the way it use to be; it is pure rapture, and sweet melody that can heal a broken heart, or can bring tears of joy! Music can take you up to a higher emotional level when you are in love or to a lower emotional level when you loose someone you love. It is rhythm. It is harmony. It is spiritually anointing!


answered 27 Nov '10, 07:07

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"spiritually anointing" beautifully said Vee! Thank you

(29 Nov '10, 11:28) daniele

Music appeals to the feeling, non-verbal, wholistic part of your mind. As you listen, the thinking, linear, verbal, rational mind relaxes, relinquishes control, and allows the wholistic mind to emerge.

Meditation has a similar effect, as does visualization and most other techniques that allow you to tap the intuitive, creative self. It is that part of your self that recognizes beauty, and takes pleasure in the experience of it.


answered 24 Nov '10, 04:09

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It is all about vibrations Michael. Music plays with your heartstrings. Depending on the type of music, it brings out all sorts of emotion. Why? those different vibrations are capable of entering deep within you shifting your own vibrations to match it. That's how it can make you cry, or rejoice. It is so powerful that it moves you, like in dancing, or as in having a spiritual experience.

Thank you, namaste


answered 24 Nov '10, 11:19

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