For someone who has a great power of attention, meaning their attention never sleeps, they can direct it anywhere, anytime they please when they are awake, although they do not yet feel clear from emotional imbalance within. Where should their attention rest to facillitate communication and guidance from the higher self?

I have noticed in my life that how well I feel and the responses I get from life are more tied to how I carry myself from moment to moment than on the quality or frequency of vibrational or emotional work. The dissolution of emotional patterns usually happens in the midst of life as it were than while doing inner work of some kind. But maybe that is just my experience.

That said, I have lost count of how many times I shifted my "way of being in life" from one to the other to the other, exhaustively so, often without success. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. From being totally relaxed, to "consciously inhabiting" the body, to focusing on the mental screen, to focusing on the emotional center, etc.. I wonder if anyone has any insights based on their own experience of the best way conducive to insight and full expression in life.

Thanks (=

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(06 May '15, 03:07) jaz

are you in a double binds? is it that the heart and mind does not agree? is it that they heart and mind give you conflicting answer and are not in harmony? then you are touching the water and the worker are fee. who can understand is own heart and mind find the truth so that he is at peace in himself? who can defeat himself? who can make those choice? it is a journey in the desert of over 40 days that require attention to keep aware, patience and resolve. until both become one.

(07 May '15, 02:35) white tiger ask god the question that trouble your mind and your heart, wait on god focus on the point in front of you that is not there. get to know thy self.

(07 May '15, 02:36) white tiger

also most often this journey will happen in the dark night of the soul when you see enough darkness on the outside and find no answer on the outside then you will fall back on something greater then you(God) to seek the truth and with out this you would probably not have enough focus patience and resolve to overcome. and when waiting and keeping watch you will start your journey and experience what is in your mind and eventually what is in your heart relating to your thought. (water)-

(07 May '15, 03:22) white tiger

later on comes the light(spirit) because of the divide you will see it separated from you and it will help and guide you in to all truth until booth become one(water and spirit) fear is the last obstacle before moving out of the flesh and going above. you see it seams simple but if one does not see a problem or the problem does not bother him enough he does not seek a solution. only when one see the problem and as the resolve to seek the answer will he do it.

(07 May '15, 03:24) white tiger
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I find things to focus my attention on all the time. I minimise the amount of time when my mind is not consciously focused on anything.

What has worked for me consistently and over a long time is to find my areas of interest and then to think about them and immerse myself in them as much as possible. That has taken care of the "What should I think" question. It also keeps me generally happy and excited.

When I am not thinking about my interests for some reason, I generally don't worry too much about what I am thinking but I do watch how I am feeling. I also rely heavily on circumstances around me to alert me when I need to change my thinking. When small things start to go wrong, I sit up and take notice. I consider them hints from my higher self. I don't go out of my way to get those hints. I let them come to me. If they don't come, clearly they are not important enough.

I have found constant monitoring of my thoughts to be exhausting, and after a while excruciatingly boring. I have therefore adopted the laziest method that works for me.


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This is a very good question and I'd like to answer it from my own perspective, it seems our attention is always focused on something isn't it?, in the early stages of my practice with deliberate creation, my main concern was to always focus on what I wanted rather than what I didn't want and I'm still doing this presently, it's just now the scales are tipped more towards the positive, thus having more positive momentum, where as before my focus [wanting/not wanting/not wanting/wanting] was all over the place making my inner/outer world quite chaotic to say the least! Now I'm beginning to get a taste of the moments where I can be present and feel the wholeness within, but staying there for longer periods of time and more often is tricky, because life [current reality] sort of gets in the way if you know what I mean. Therein may lie the answer, the attention SHOULD rest, as in being relaxed, being in the present, feeling the completeness/wholeness, needing nothing, because we have everything. When we reach a place where the mind is working with us[non-judgment] instead of against us, or, we've had our fill of manifesting material things and seek something even more meaningful spiritually, wholeness may be what we'll reach for. Of course for some it could come sooner, for others maybe later, the conscious choice is ours, in theory reaching a place of wholeness sounds beyond good, but in practice it's quite challenging, especially when one finds themselves in an unwanted current reality. What's interesting is that we get a good dose of wholeness during vortex alignment, it's just that some people reach it by thinking about their desires and feeling really good about them, while others prefer to go into rampages of appreciation, and while being vortex aligned feels SO good, most who practice deliberate creation maintain their vortex alignment, with the sole purpose to manifest their desires, while wholeness feels like you don't care whether your desires manifest or not, you feel complete without them, you don't NEED them to be happy. My answer would be this, when not focused, the attention should rest in the present moment, feeling complete, in wholeness.


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no focus until something
arises, is easier
when in solitude, often
surprising the alpha brain


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from my experience either your attention is on outside thing from your physical sense or your attention is on your inner water( mind and heart = though and emotion) when you reflect or meditate. the only reel moment that you will have the highest focus and attention is when everything in you is solve and understood when the light and the water will become one. that is the moment when your attention will be in the moment with no problem or unsolved things in you just being what you are totally with out any division or darkness. it takes over 40 days to do that. and go above.

if you are not focusing any where it is probably because you are unconscious and not aware of where your attention is. like someone that is sleeping and as no memory the next morning of being aware of what as happen in the night or if he as dream.

and to answer this question: I wonder if anyone has any insights based on their own experience of the best way conducive to insight and full expression in life.

Let there be light,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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