I have been using Faster EFT for over a couple of years now along with Z Point Process. I have been using these processes along with ME4 and I have been having excellent results. I did Stingray's 30 day challenge around Christmas time and I have kept doing it until now. I feel great but I still feel like I have limiting beliefs that are at work in my life. For example I still feel unsure of myself a lot even when I should be confident in what I am saying. Another example is that I still find myself to be shy around very beautiful women. I feel unsure of myself when I am talking to beautiful women. I feel like I may still have some rejection issues. I have cleaned out all of my past relationships and changed a lot of my unhealthy patterns. I also feel that I may not be as confident as I should because of past failures that I have experienced. In Faster EFT Robert talks about proof (list 1 in me4) plus emotions (list 2 in me4) create a belief. I notice that I have been cleaning up a lot of my life, but I still feel like some core beliefs have not been changed. Beliefs such as I am a failure, I'm unlovable, or I'm not good enough; should I start just targeting the beliefs themselves instead of specific issues? If so then if I wanted to address a belief, should I ask myself how do I know that I am not good enough and start creating the problem there? I'm just wondering if I would get better results if I focus on the beliefs at this point. I get the impression from Robert Smith that a belief is to general to tap on and that you need to tap on the specific references to the problem. Stingray do you still use Faster EFT a lot or have you moved on to use other methods more often? I find myself always going back to Faster EFT because it is so fast at neutralizing negative emotions. On ME4 stingray said to use EFT/Faster EFT on List 2 and Focus Blocks on List 3. I would appreciate any feed back. BTW when I use the Super Power Tap in Faster EFT, I notice that other things don't come up as often, but when I use the Parts and Pieces tap; a lot of other things come up. Is there a reason for this? I have found the two best questions for me to ask is How do I know that I have a problem and why don't I have what I want? I have one other question about Faster EFT. Let's say that I am tapping on an issue like rejection of women, but then stuff like rejection from my parents keeps coming up and now that is bothering me more than the original issue; Should I focus on the new aspect that is bothering me or should I keep focusing on the original?

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The Phenom

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@The Phenom I wanted to add the "10 steps for belief systems change" is one many have used after EFT, Bashars systems, and others have not full liberated the hardcore subconscious beliefs. This allows you to find, and to smoke out allot of the unconscious stuff most cant find. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/95469/10-steps-to-belief-system-changes-free-course

(12 Jun '15, 02:19) TReb Bor yit-NE
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If we learned to let go of forced efforts [releasing techniques] and allow our limiting beliefs to surface from a place of non-judgment, as higher self resides, all of our limiting beliefs/core beliefs would dissolve on their own, and while I understand processes such as E.F.T. and focus blocks are helpful, they are temporary at best, this is because as a limiting belief/core belief surfaces into our conscious awareness, from the wounded subconscious mind, we immediately acknowledge there is an issue [judgment] and we immediately go to work using methods and techniques to ''eliminate'' the issue/limiting belief. Any time we are trying to eliminate something we are fighting against it, so the [limited belief/beliefs] will only persist or re-surface again and again until they're dissolved properly by allowing them to be, and do so on their own. Another mistake is suppressing the limited beliefs [negative thoughts] by trying to ignore them and attempting to replace them with positive thinking, instead of allowing the negative emotions to surface and be felt, owning them on an emotional level, and allowing them to dissolve naturally on their own. With limited beliefs there may be many layers to dissolve depending on the core beliefs and how much negative momentum is behind them, which could have accumulated during the course of one's lifetime, including fears and childhood/adult traumas. I think when we discover that we can create our reality, we go straight for the asking of what we want, then as we begin to discover our limited beliefs, we try to ''hurry'' the process along by using all these methods and techniques thinking that we can manifest our chosen realities faster, and a lot of times this can complicate things even more, adding more resistance by trying [forced efforts] to eliminate the limiting beliefs, instead of ''allowing'' them to surface from a place of non-judgment, dissolving them on their own. I believe techniques such as E.F.T. and focus blocks are very effective, they are very helpful, but only in the early stages of practicing L.O.A, which is more recommended, as learning to let go and allow will ultimately dissolve the limited beliefs in their own, natural time, and a place of non-judgment and neutrality will be reached, as well as [allowing] manifested, desired physical realities.


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"If we learned to let go of forced efforts[releasing techniques] and allow our limiting beliefs to surface from a place of non-judgment, as higher self resides, all our limiting beliefs/core beliefs would dissolve on their own," ... key point; then the first step is to learn how to use or "experience" personally that place of non judgment

(10 Jun '15, 01:27) jaz

@Kreatr, that's very true. Mechanical techniques are like deities and prophets. They are useful if you find yourself unable to understand a formless consciousness.

(10 Jun '15, 01:53) cod2

Has anyone tried practicing the concept of non interference with regards to sticky issues?

(11 Jun '15, 14:18) Surfgrass

'... a place of non-judgement and neutrality will be reached'. This is the state that you have to reach BEFORE you can change 'limiting' beliefs by direction. And, @Kreatr is right you have to let go before you can change anything. Until you are at neutral about a subject you can't change it through techniques, because your attention on the subject from the 'this is bad so I want something else' perspective just keeps it going. You have to reach the state of 'this is good or neutral even but...

(11 Jun '15, 18:45) Yes

.. I just fancy trying something else now'. You can shift beliefs from a neutral state but not from an emotional state below contentment/neutral on the EGS. It's much much easier to let go of what is bothering you and let your cork rise, so you feel better in yourself, and then look again at the subject from an emotional state that's higher up the scale. You're just locking yourself into where you are by trying to change things from a 'this is bad so I must change it' state.

(11 Jun '15, 18:49) Yes

@Surfgrass, non interference or letting go is the easy way to go about things. If you stop focusing on the subjects that take you out of the vortex and do things that make you feel good the vortex will pull you in, and once you're feeling good on a pretty consistent basis you then turn to look at the sticky issues with a completely different viewpoint. Because you're now feeling better you see things from the feeling-better perspective so ALL things in your life become much much better too.

(11 Jun '15, 19:02) Yes

All of the above, phenomenal comments fellow questers!

(11 Jun '15, 21:25) Kreatr

"If we learned to let go of forced efforts ... all our limiting beliefs would dissolve on their own" very true my friend :) ... the first steps I consciously took to learn to let go of forced efforts was through reiki, dowsing and radionics

(12 Jun '15, 00:28) jaz
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@Kreatr has written an excellent answer - as expected.

Here is some more food for thought on the same line.

Your higher self only knows unbounded joy and appreciation.

What you call 'limiting belief' is also equally welcome to your higher self - just like every other thing that you consider 'bad' and 'negative'. Someone may just have stabbed you, but your higher self still is jumping in joy: "So this is how getting stabbed feels like! This is so cool!!"

So what's more worthwhile? Getting rid of things that the little YOU have labelled 'bad' and 'negative' based on YOUR programming? Or trying to become more like your higher self?


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"so what's more worthwhile?" ... I love it :))

(12 Jun '15, 01:44) jaz

I have always wondered why it is so much "easier" to think negatively than to be positive... Of course, that is not true. I like to imagine that those negative beliefs are like well-worn grooves in my brain, like a familiar path through a forest. When I find out that I need to change that path, it feels unfamiliar and takes real effort (at first) to remember not to take the old and useless way.

That is where tapping comes in; it adjusts you to the new path. It works quickly because you do not have to do anything except switch to that new and positive path.

Your question about rejection is a good one, too. Yes, I think it makes sense that you would "learn" rejection first with your parents, and apply old beliefs to other relationships as you get older. I would definitely try to resolve the original rejection issue so you do not keep expecting everyone to reject you.

If you are getting good results with faster EFT, why mess with what is working for you? You might also get some insight into your negative thinking with "Rational Emotive Therapy" (RET). RET helps you to dig out bad beliefs and replace them with good beliefs; it gets to the bottom of it once for all. You will find yourself able to use logic to deconstruct false beliefs. Combining this with EFT works well for me. I always have to laugh at myself when I catch a negative beliefs whizzing through my head, and I hear Mr. Spock saying, "Logic dictates that..." When I finally realized how illogical it is to expect different people to treat me all the same way, it was much easier to drop the old expectations.

I hope this helps a little.

Jai ♠


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