I am using a fantastic free subliminal messaging program called Subliminal Blaster. Could you recommend some other programs?

asked 25 Nov '10, 17:36

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Pranay, can you share your experience with us. How long have u been using it, how many hrs a day. what settings, in-built affirmations or custom,etc. Thanks

(29 Nov '10, 02:45) Hitesh

Only recently, a month or even less. As long as I am using my computer, approx 1-2 hours a day. There are loads of statements, for almost every walk of life,nevertheless you can add your own ones. Results-I do not know till now, nothing perceivable but I think it is quite like the one advertised on PsiTek's website.

(29 Nov '10, 10:18) Pranay

You said 'fantastic subliminal program' in your question, so I assumed you have got results already. Thanks anyways.

(30 Nov '10, 01:37) Hitesh

I said so because it is a free program and yet very similar to the ones you generally pay for. Now that amazes me. :D:D

(30 Nov '10, 14:00) Pranay
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I'm using Brain Sync's products. Seems to work for me quite well, especially the one on Secrets to Attracting Love. I notice very instant and quite astonishing results (like the next day) whenever I use it!


answered 26 Nov '10, 14:09

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Pat W

Would you mind sharing your experiences with them? If it isn't too invasive of your private life that is.. haha

(27 Nov '10, 04:32) kakaboo

Well, here's a more generic example that I can share : Each time I use it, I seem to become a lot more attractive the very next day because people suddenly start complimenting me, or are extra nice to me, and it's not just one or two people, but a whole bunch of them. An unusually high number. And it's been happening consistently so I did keep watch and found a correlation. I have to say, all of this attention makes me feel so loved... kkk. It's great for feeling good!

(27 Nov '10, 06:24) Pat W

thats great to hear that! It seems that there are 2 different sets "Attract Love" and "the secret to attracting love", are they different? If different, in what ways?

(28 Nov '10, 15:40) kakaboo

I have both. Attract Love contains 2 tracks which do not have any spoken words, just music. I use them at work as I don't want to be distracted. "Secret to Attracting Love" contains a track with guided meditation, and another without. I use this before I sleep, and I find it helps me relax very well. Both seem to work for me.

(29 Nov '10, 14:40) Pat W
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