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What is your personal philosophy, and how does it work in your daily life?

Note that I'm not asking what you believe, necessarily. I'm asking what you know, and how you apply that knowledge every day, and what effects does the application of that knowledge have.

For instance, do you have a core lesson you learned years ago from a significant life experience? How has that lesson shaped the way you live your life, how you interact with other people, and how you get things done? What decisions do you make because of that lesson, and how do the effects of those decisions ripple outward?

Can you point to specific ways that you or someone else has benefited from your lessons? How does your decision-making process made the world a better (or worse) place?

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I know that I don't know all there is to know. I know that I can learn something even from those with whom I disagree. I know I have been loved unconditionally and that that has made the biggest difference in my life. I know there are many things in this world that cannot be seen or sensed with our unassisted senses, so I am open to possibilities that transcend my experience.

Therefore, I have made it my philosophy to have a tolerant, open-minded, humble approach toward life and individuals and knowledge. I have made it my philosophy to love everyone as I am able and desire the best life has in store for them as they learn, grow, change and fulfill their potentials. I have made it my philosophy to make a difference for good in the world through random and intentional acts of kindness, love and charity. I realize that choices that I make set in motion far-reaching influences and effects that will touch many people in helpful or unhelpful ways, so I try to be conscientious about the choices I make. I should add that I fail miserably in these ideals all too often, but as an eternal optimist and positive thinker, I take the lessons to heart and go forward with a resolve to do better with the next choice. It's important to point out that I do not view choices simply as a response to the situations foisted upon me by life's circumstances, but that I can take a pro-active approach to making choices at any time as I think of ways to live out the ideals of my philosophy.

My greatest success story is the influence my philosophy has had upon my sons. I have helped them become responsible, sensitive, loving young men who have also worked hard to gain knowledge and wisdom. It's sincerely gratifying to me to see what they have become. Again, I've had my failures, but I have talked openly with my sons about them and have helped them to learn from my mistakes as I have learned, also.

Beyond my sons, I am certain that my friendly, helpful attitude toward co-workers and others I meet during the day makes a positive difference in at least some cases, which may very well set in motion a ripple effect that touches others in a positive way.


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That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.

(10 Nov '09, 14:53) Vesuvius

Your welcome. I guess that's the most personal thing I've shared on this site. I still struggle with putting myself out there (being vulnerable) but I recognize that it's an important part of spiritual growth to express my inner being. Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

(11 Nov '09, 18:44) John

One of my personal philosophies in life is not to make too much of a big deal about bad things that happen to me.

I will treat everything as an opportunity to learn and make sure that the unwanted thing does not happen to me again but I will not stress over it or get depressed over it. Anything that happens to me, I know I have attracted and I have the power to change it by changing my vibration.

It has become easier and easier for me to deal with unexpected and unwanted things that happen in life. I have had health problems in the past which I thought would never be cured but by applying the principles I know about the law of attraction, I found a way to get better and healthy again. But the reason I got the health problems in the first place was because I used to get depressed and worked up about a lot of things in my life.

So, I have a less serious approch to life now. I try and find the positive aspects of everything that happens to me everyday. And just have more fun and enjoy the ride.


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