I believe we are all equals but no doubt some have better talents, abilities and skill sets than others.

Do you think that over the years you have developed a great ability or maybe a natural talent you were born with in some sort of mind power like clairvoyance or ESP and such? And if so what are they?

asked 04 Mar '11, 01:29

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We are all born with different strengths and weakness, and in the same token different gifts, and talents. Each of us is unique in our ability of gifted talents, although one may excel more than the other!

Personally, I have many gifts and talents, and I use them likewise to help other people in many ways. And yes, Clairvoyance is one of them!


answered 04 Mar '11, 07:17

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Thanks for sharing. I keep forgetting to tell you, thank you for taking the thoughtfulness and time to make comments on (what seems like all) all the answers we provide on your questions. Very much!

(04 Mar '11, 07:30) you

@ Michael S: Well I do like to acknowledge everyone’s time spent to answer my questions. Thank you.

(04 Mar '11, 07:58) Inactive User ♦♦

the mind is a tool one need to master it!


answered 03 May '11, 14:46

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white tiger

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