I have studied the Law of attraction. Now I find it tough to visualize something and make a clear photo of it in my mind. Most books say you have to Focus on what you would Like. Do you have to make a photo of it in your mind? Can you focus in some other way? I hope to find a List of the ways. Of course I will keep Looking but thanks for your time. Hope to hear from someone.

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Sometimes I think we put too much of emphasis on the terms how to visualize, when in fact we have the natural ability to visualize. In order to create and to manifest your desire, you have to know what you want therefore it is the thought that first comes into your mind, example, that you want a new Red Car!

You must understand that thoughts are things, and the thing comes from the thought form, the idea about the Red Car etc. So since you now know that every thought that you have is something you desire, and want for yourself, the part about actually having a vivid picture of the item in your mind eyes is not necessary. Since you have already manifested the Red Car with the first thought, remember thoughts are things!

But if it make you feel better to actually see the Red Car physically, then, you can go to a Showroom to look at Red cars, or you can get a picture of a Red Car, and post it in your room, or you can post a Dream Board with your ideal Red Car etc.

Be aware that every time you think of something new that you really want, it already exist, and it is just a matter of time before the LOA will manifest it for you. The key here is not how well you can visualize the item, but that you understand how the power of the thoughts works to create, and manifest your desire!


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Some people are not to good at visualizing. They are better at feeling. Whether or not you see a clear picture is not that important. Do not worry about it. Let's say you wanted more money or a better car. Ask yourself why you wanted it. How would it feel to look out you window and see the car you wanted and know it yours. Gather up the feeling and focus on that. It is the feeling that gets the blessing. It's that good feeling in you gut that the Universe responds to. A picture without the feeling wouldn't get you to far. That great feeling of appreciation without the picture will bring the results. Just keep in line with the feeling and you will be in vibrational harmony with your desire That's all you need. Blessings and welcome to the Site.


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It is knowing that matter. Whether you visualize your red car, or you hear the revving of it or feel your hand running on it - The end goal is to fool the mind into believing that its already there.

If you are having trouble forming pictures, think about how your life will change when your goal is materialized. eg. in the case of a red car, think about all the places you will visit in it or how you would feel while driving it, etc.


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When I wanted a new car a couple of years ago, I could sometimes visualize the inside of it perfectly. Other days I could smell the new-car smell. Other times I would see myself speeding down the highway and the passing of road signs (of places I wanted to see). Sometimes I could only visualize the outside of it. You get my point...go with what works and feels good on an given day and most of all, don't make WORK out of it! Have fun and keep at it....be persistent. BTW, I got the new car pretty quickly and from an unexpected source.


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