Hello ! I'm new here and i read IQ every days.

I discovered LOA about 1 month ago without believing in it very truely... And I get some manifesting that makes me think LOA exist.

I have a lot of fantasm with women and I want to get more experiences with different partner. A romantic relation is for later in my head. I want to use LOA for increasing my results.

I visualized a lot of different things and get some manifesting not totally related to my goals but I'm optimist and I want to keep on using LOA and learning.

I want more experiences with different persons, and every days I visualize a new scenario with a new partner (a person I met, and star, an exgf etc).

I'm wondering ... Should I rather focus on ONE of those experiences, instead of focusing every days on a different and new experience?

I know that the main desire is to increase my experience with women and have more experiences... But maybe if I send a lot of different request, i would "let go" more easily...

What do you think about this ?

Thanks. MrHauzen

asked 19 Aug '18, 17:44

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Your visualizations do not create your reality...they just allow you to enjoy the process of the creation of your reality.

See What should we imagine, visualize or believe?

So unless you are genuinely enjoying all your visualizations (only for the pleasure of them), your best bet would simply be to find ways to feel good every day (even on completely different subjects) and just let the Law of Attraction get on with doing whatever it needs to do in the background.

If your physical input/action is needed, you'll feel strong impulses and inspirations at the right time.

If you visualize too much to try and "force" something to happen, you risk drifting into the feeling of lack about what you want.


answered 20 Aug '18, 12:10

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Thanks for the reponse. I anwsered but my message bugged and I lost it. Anyway, I had a lot of manifests the last 24h and I was wondering. What about doesn't having a strong inpulse in front of a manifestation? I mean, I visualize, smthg manifests, It's not my exact desire so I don't have the strong impulse. ?? In the opposite. Something happens (an opportunity), then it disapears in one minute (had a lot of experiences like this).

I think it's question of feeling good everydays in general...

(21 Aug '18, 09:14) MrHauzen

@MrHauzen - Can you provide an example of what you mean?

(22 Aug '18, 14:12) Stingray

@Stingray For exemple. I ask for a dark haired girl, and the tomorrow I have big eye contact with a blond haired girl in the bus. I won't take the opportunity to pick up her because not my style. It's just an example. Or... I ask for a girl who looks like a certain actress... and the tomorrow someone tells me that a girl I know is back in my town. This girls looks like the actress but i won't take the opportunity because I don't like his style and his personnality.

(22 Aug '18, 14:22) MrHauzen

@MrHauzen - You seem to be getting too hung up on superficial specifics. From your description, you would reject someone dark-haired if she happened to be wearing a blonde wig at the moment you saw her ...even if she was the perfect personality match for you. The Law of Attraction matches based upon vibration, which is indicated by your emotion, so you would be much better off thinking of previous "happy" relationships and noticing when you feel that same way about someone in front of you

(23 Aug '18, 02:23) Stingray
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