Hi everyone,

I'm getting back on doing ME-5 after a couple of months. I have more of a regular routine these days so I can accommodate it.

What I'm doing/have right now:

  • A disposable "What's on my mind right now" file: this one get's emptied after each session.
  • A permanent and living "What's bothering me list": A list of everything bothering me from What's on my mind file and entries throughout the day. I can scratch items if I either work on them or no longer bother me.

-- Here's where I'm confused -- Currently I only have one: Why don't I have what I want yet file. I'm guessing I should keep one for each item from the bother list.

-- Second Doubt -- I'm creating a vibrational sheet either on a particular item of the Why don't I have what I want yet, or on the topic from the Bother list when every reason of why don't I have it seems to be closely related.

I wanted to know what organizational schemes have worked for different people, what files are stored, etc; and in terms of the 2nd Doubt what is more effective when creating the vibrational sheet (to always work on individual items, to group, etc)

Thanks everyone!!

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Manifesting Experiment 5 - Draft 2

Here's a brief overview of the new elegant and fast version of Manifesting Experiment 5 that I've not had a chance to write up properly yet.

Bit busy at the moment so might be a while before I get the time to write it up properly but I thought I would slip in these ideas here for anyone that likes the sound of it.

I've been testing this version of ME-5 for a while now and it's pretty slick but you need to be familiar with a fast clean-up method like EFT (or Faster EFT), which I know you are.

Here's what you do (these instructions assume you understand the previous ME-5 approach)....

  • Do a "mind dump" of everything that's bothering you (as before) and be sure to collect anything "bad feeling" that crops up during the day. I tend to use a separate mind-mapping tool for "mind dumps"
  • For the thing that is bothering you the most in this moment, create a single worksheet for it - no need to do any more breaking-down of topics. I title the worksheet like this: Battered Old Car G FB. The G FB creates a Focus Block (the FB part) as usual but putting a G as well helps me easily find these particular Focus Block variants when I want to...in a similar way to the WDI HUB naming. Doing a filter search for "* g fb" (without the quotes) will find them all instantly. I use the letter G to stand for Abraham Grid - this will be become clear shortly.
  • Now all you do is "Complain to the sheet" :) In other words, you just let out all your feelings about the thing that is bothering you exactly as you feel right now. Imagine there's a person in front of you who loves to listen to you complaining...so just complain to them :) Get everything off your mind regarding this subject and if anything else pops into your head that is even slightly related, add it to the list.
  • You end up with a sheet looking like this (depending, of course, on the number of supercars you own) - and you'll be feeling extremely bad/angry/annoyed as well :)

alt text

Full Size Image Here

  • A few things to point out. This is not a Focus Block, it's the Specific Negative part of my version of the Abraham Grid process. ( Specific Negative is a useful vibrational reactivation trick ) Personally, I like to press CTRL G once on a worksheet like this to put the word "Specific Negative" in the right-hand column to remind me if I come across this sheet randomly later.
  • Also, it's okay (unlike a Focus Block) if you drift off-topic slightly because, in your mind at least, those off-topic complaints are being triggered by the root vibration here.
  • Once you've finished "complaining to the sheet" and are feeling pretty bad, completely forget about what you've just written (don't even look at the sheet anymore for now)
  • Now focus on exactly where in the body you are feeling the emotional pain. If you can describe it to yourself, that's great ("sharp pulsating at the back of the neck" etc) but it's not a deal-breaker if you can't. See the process here for more tips.
  • Now tap out that feeling using EFT, or your preferred alternative. Only concentrate on neutralizing the feeling...you want to keep the logical, analytical mind out of this so don't look back at the complaints that originally triggered this feeling. (This is an ME-4 style clean-up but applied more quickly and efficiently)
  • After you've cleared the feeling, you can now look back at the original sheet of complaints, and carry on tapping as you read back each statement you've written.
  • Sometimes additional "complaints" will pop into your head as you are tapping. Just add them to the list and tap on those too.
  • After a round or two of EFT, you should find now that you feel neutral about all the statements you've written.
  • If, for some reason, some statement is not feeling neutral, you have a choice of coming back to this sheet at some later date (in a standard Focus Blocks random rotation, for example) because sometimes vibrational changes need a bit of time to filter through. Or, if you want, you can start a new sheet specifically for that resistant statement and then "complain to it" in order to clear it up.
  • With any stubbornly-resistant statements, it is again useful (as at the start of the process) to switch away from looking at the words on your sheet and focus only on the feeling they generate within you, and concentrate on just tapping out that feeling instead. Like pulling out the roots from a plant, it removes the support structure for those bad-feeling words.
  • That's it. This whole process takes just a few minutes once you get the hang of it and it feels quite natural because most people find it easier to complain about how things are right now than think thoughts about how they would like things to be instead :)
  • The process is so quick that there's no reason you can't create and deal with multiple bad-feeling topics in one session.
  • As with the previous ME-5, I wouldn't consider any daily session like this complete until you've tuned yourself into the Vortex afterwards (Postive Aspects then Rampage of Appreciation)...because the Vortex is ultimately where all your solutions lie. As Abraham say so well "Don't look for the solution, look for the alignment. It will bring the solution"

I've quickly written this up just to get you going so it's not intended to be a full detailed explanation. So if anything is unclear, just ask :)

If I think of anything I've missed, I'll edit this posting and add it in.


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Hi @Stingray I was wondering when you would show up :)

(23 Jun '15, 04:16) jaz

yes @Stingray I feel something is missing, what motivates this answer about vibrations and manifesting?

(23 Jun '15, 05:28) jaz

@Stingray all I see in my personal experience is a fast stream flowing from right to left ... so to clarify my question ... why choose at this moment in time to post a scramble of symbols arranged in that particular order? ... definition possible of scramble; a struggle for something.

(23 Jun '15, 06:43) jaz

Thanks a lot @Stingray! I have found that I'm getting pretty good at the clearing and not so at the Vortex alignment afterwards, which I know is crucial. I'd feel good after clearing but I don't think it's vortex good hehe. I have to apply myself a bit more on that one.

Question: Would you just leave an issue cleared of the specific negative and leave it for later rotation (to go general negative, etc) or at least commit to leave it at positive?

Thank you as always.

(23 Jun '15, 07:54) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd what is the difference between positive and negative?

(23 Jun '15, 08:56) jaz

@Kriegerd - "Would you just leave an issue cleared of the specific negative and leave it for later rotation (to go general negative, etc) or at least commit to leave it at positive?" - I don't take them any further than neutral and then archive them (just in case they come up again in future). Since the neutral point is your friend, it's optional to take them further.

(23 Jun '15, 09:02) Stingray

@Stingray what is the motivation behind all the manifesting experiments? ... note "I don't take them any further than neutral and then archive them" ... "the neutral point is your friend" definition of neutral; not aligned with ... not one thing or the other ... urban dictionary definition of neutral; a state in balance between law, chaos, good, and evil - I am neutral high above moral debate

(23 Jun '15, 09:06) jaz

I'd just like to add a tender definition of silence ♥

urban dictionary; the only true method of determining the level of a relationship. A silence in new relationships, where two people are just getting to know each other, is awkward. The less you know the other person, trust them, love them, the more awkward the silence is. Vice versa a comfortable silence will only happen once two people know each other, they can just sit quietly without the pressing urge to break it.

(23 Jun '15, 10:26) jaz

Then the intimate silence; a silence that seems intentional, timed and rehearsed to a third party but is completely impromptu. This silence only happens when two people can simply loose themselves looking at each other. It can only be properly broken with a kiss or a "I love you"

(23 Jun '15, 10:31) jaz

@jaz - There are people that ask questions because they genuinely want to know the answer to something that has been puzzling them and I find that I often feel inspired to help them if I can, and if they are willing to listen. Then there are people who ask questions because it's really an excuse for them to push their own agenda - and the question is just a way of grabbing some attention for themselves. I've noticed that I rarely feel like playing that game with the second group :)

(23 Jun '15, 16:03) Stingray

thanks for exposing how it all works @Stingray, I must admit I've never really considered it in that light ... message received loud and clear:)

(24 Jun '15, 00:26) jaz

The reason why I ask the question "What is the motivation behind the manifestation experiments" is that I observe that many people do these experiments get some benefit or maybe even a lot of benefit from them, but often feel there's something else or something missing ... my aim is to be happy all day every day and I believe it's possible ... extending from that poses then the million dollar question "what is happiness?" ... I wish to know if the manifesting experiments have the same motivation

(24 Jun '15, 02:02) jaz

"So if anything is unclear just ask :)" ... this reminds me of when I was a very young youngster the teacher said "If you don't know anything ask me and Ill tell you" ... How can I ask the question if I don't even know what the question is? ... I think the teacher mean't "If anything is unclear just ask" :)

(24 Jun '15, 03:12) jaz

@Stingray I love this new method! I was just saying in another thread that ME4 never really resonated with me - this is basically the same method but I feel like the format suits me much better. Less rigid but still structured enough. Love it!

(24 Jun '15, 05:53) cassiopeia

thanks @stingray - your contributions here have helped me so much, especially the focus blocks - they can do miracles in helping your mood!

(24 Jun '15, 10:51) Inner Beauty

@cassiopeia @Inner Beauty - You're welcome, of course.

@cassiopeia - "Less rigid but still structured enough" - Yes, there's a fine balance between being a method being rigid enough to usefully guide your focus while being flexible enough to not feel mentally/emotionally constrained while using it. This one seems to be getting close to hitting that "sweet spot".

(24 Jun '15, 14:57) Stingray

@Stingray - felt horrible a minute ago - then read your "complaints" - and I had to laugh. Thank you.

(24 Jun '15, 15:43) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - Yeah, those trips to the local shopping mall...it's always difficult to come back without impulse-buying a new supercar :)

(24 Jun '15, 16:09) Stingray

Stingray, I've noticed that this approach differs quite a bit from ME4. Does this process still uncover Limiting Beliefs and everything else? I noticed that when combining faster EFT with ME4; I was making very deep changes every-time that I tapped. When I used to use a Faster EFT Practitioner, she said that she found it very effective if you focus on early memories (like the Does this remind you of anything) after you state the How Do you Know Question. Do you find that to be true as well?

(24 Jun '15, 17:25) The Phenom

@cassiopeia @Inner Beauty @Stingray @spacemetalfantasy @The Phenom I love the conversation you're having ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

(24 Jun '15, 23:19) jaz

@The Phenom - "Does this process still uncover Limiting Beliefs and everything else?" - Yes, it does but it overtly bypasses the Mind-based operating system which causes some to over-analyze. I've noticed people having problems with these manifesting methods because they try to think their way through them instead of thinking and feeling. The feeling provides the feedback to tell you how your thinking is going. So...

(25 Jun '15, 08:54) Stingray

@The Phenom - ...with this approach, you might not be able to specifically label the limiting beliefs you are eliciting using words because that's a Mind-based approach. Instead you are going directly to the feeling behind the limiting belief and clearing it.

(25 Jun '15, 09:00) Stingray

@The Phenom - "she found it very effective if you focus on early memories (like the Does this remind you of anything) after you state the How Do you Know Question. Do you find that to be true as well?" - There are probably countless valid methods to elicit "resistant" emotions and it's ultimately a matter of personal preference as to which you find useful. I tend to have the view that if something works for you, use it ...and then don't care what anyone else thinks about you using it :)

(25 Jun '15, 09:08) Stingray

@Stingray- Hello Stingray. Haven't checked in for a while so only seeing this now.I really like this. Looks like a very fast efficient clearing method and you get to "complain" as well. Something a lot of us could do very well!:) Funny how a lot of the time I feel relief from a statement that could be classed as specific/general negative so this could be a super fast method for me. Thank you. :)

(23 Aug '15, 18:10) Satori

@Satori - Yes, long time :) I don't know anyone (including myself) who doesn't (secretly, at least) enjoy a delicious serving of out-of-the-Vortex complaining about life circumstances from time to time. So this method does seem to go with the "natural flow" of that human nature while still, paradoxically almost, guiding someone towards a non-complaining aligned state. The way it works almost seems too good to be true sometimes :)

(24 Aug '15, 05:10) Stingray

@Stingray- ) "I don't know anyone (including myself) who doesn't (secretly, at least) enjoy a delicious serving of out-of-the-Vortex complaining about life circumstances from time to time." I agree. This could be the most popular method yet on IQ. :) I think this method might take away a lot of overthinking that sometimes may happen using Focus Blocks too. Has this replaced your Focus Blocks in daily Vortex-Alignment, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks. :)

(24 Aug '15, 11:50) Satori

My observation so far is that, Faster EFT "goes well" with ME4, while more allowing type techniques, e.g. MC2 or Arnold Patent's allowing the feeling "go better" with ME5. This is because ME5 is an allowing technique while ME4 is a clearing technique. Faster EFT is targeted to clearing ("Let it go..."), not allowing.

Just my two pence. Nothing to stop anyone from using Faster EFT with ME5 is that works for them.

(24 Aug '15, 12:40) cod2

@Satori - "Has this replaced your Focus Blocks in daily Vortex-Alignment" - No, I still use the Focus Blocks Vortex Entry Method ("Advanced Focus Blocks") as my preferred Vortex Alignment method. What happens is that Focus Blocks, as a by-product of the alignment method, also "heads off" many uncomfortable thoughts before they gain any momentum behind them. If any uncomfortable thoughts sneak through the random rotation, or if I got sloppy in collecting/processing them, then they can...

(24 Aug '15, 14:45) Stingray

@Satori - ...reach a point where they can start to become an "issue" in my life. At that point, I would apply the ME-5 Draft 2 method above to neutralize them "one-on-one". Abraham have said many times that the best way to deal with uncomfortable thoughts is before they get any momentum going behind them i.e. before there is any chance of a physical manifestation. So Focus Blocks is the first and main line of defence, while the "complaining" method is the "special forces" backup :)

(24 Aug '15, 14:53) Stingray

"Special Forces" lol. I like it. Thanks for the clarification Stingray. :)

(25 Aug '15, 11:59) Satori
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