Hello All,

This might sound stupid, but i need more clarity. I was reading through Mr.Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 5 and i got confused as to what root cause would be and what secondary cause would be and how to take it from one day to another.

Could someone please help me with this, an step by step representaion with an example (hypothetical if need be) would be excellent as was with ME2.

Mr. Stingray could you please help me out, i would really love to integrate this into my life and am looking to get a grip at this

Thank You :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@dreamersmiles-thanks for asking this question.I also wished to know more n more about practical approach of ME5:)

(27 Jan '14, 02:33) Zee
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Manifesting Experiment 5 is still in draft which basically means that I don't feel "inwardly" that it is fully ready for public consumption yet...which is why the instructions for it might seem a little vague compared to the others.

I put it up there because I think there's enough people on IQ now who understand these manifesting ideas to be able to figure out what ME-5 is trying to achieve without me needing to spell it out in detail before I'm ready...and it didn't seem fair to torture them into waiting unnecessarily until I was happy with it myself :)

If you've understood the ideas behind the previous experiments, you'll find that ME-5 is just the natural next step to systematizing these ideas even more. Just by following the step-by-step instructions for a few mornings, it should start to "click" how it works.

Because I'm still playing with these ideas, I'm not really in a position to commit to a full worked example for you yet. But maybe someone else who has tried it may offer one.

As for what is a root cause and what is a secondary cause, I tend to think of root as being the ultimate answer to the question "Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet?".

It's similar to running out of "Why?" reasons when probing a belief. For what I mean by this, see the comments to A new perspective to identifying limiting beliefs?

As for when ME-5 will come out of draft, that will probably once I've got a satisfactory electronic approach for it which makes it super slick and easy to use, which then allows me to apply it easily during many different life situations. (ME2 - Focus Blocks, in electronic form, has gone through this level of "testing" in my own life and continues to deliver results)

And when will that electronic approach be ready for use?

Well, I kind of have one already actually - but it still needs work.

I've been gradually evolving my vibrational spreadsheet (the one that powers Focus Blocks in my life) into a system that integrates ME-1 (Manifesting Box), ME-2 (Focus Blocks) and ME-5 (Daily Tune-Up) reasonably well.

I've added massive amounts of code to it since the original Focus Blocks spreadsheet was released but the problem is now that the spreadsheet is so staggeringly complicated to use - because Excel was never designed to be used like this - that it is basically unusable by anyone but me.

Even I need to keep looking back at the actual VBA macro source code to remind myself how to use it if I'm away from it for more than a few days.

For that reason, I'm not going to be releasing this "super spreadsheet" to the public. It's going to create far too many problems for me in trying to explain to others how it works and also in trying to provide fixes and upgrades if bugs are found.

Instead I've started on something I've been meaning to do for a long time now...I've gradually been putting into place a system that will eventually integrate ME-1, ME-2 and ME-5 on the web, so you can run it in a web browser wherever you are and have your data stored centrally in the "Cloud". And it will use all the ideas that work well in my current "super spreadsheet" but in a much easier to use way.

I don't have a timescale for when this will be ready yet but it's definitely coming because I'm building it for myself, first and foremost, because ME-1 and ME-2 especially are so integral to my own life.

And, being web-based, it's not much harder to extend something that can be used by just one person into something that can be used by many, many others as well.

I'm gradually molding it all (vibrationally) and every few weeks another piece of the jigsaw for this online vibrational molding system falls into place.

I'll have to see how it goes :)


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@Stingray-How about an ME5 APP? ;-)

(27 Jul '12, 06:26) Satori

@Satori - Sure, feel free to go right ahead and create one ;)

(27 Jul '12, 06:41) Stingray

The new Apple "i-stingray"

(27 Jul '12, 11:26) Nikulas

@Stingray-Lol.Thanks for the vote of confidence Stingray.That would be something.I think I'm just trying to plant seeds here:) Appreciate the effort you put in here to bring us these Manifesting experiments.Thanks for sharing:)

(27 Jul '12, 11:44) Satori

@Stingray, this sounds great! Waiting patiently. I am thinking its a good thing the pure hearts on IQ will probably have the first access to your invention.... that kind of power in the wrong hands could be a bit, uh, Doctor Evil and Mini-Me... :)

(28 Jul '12, 15:11) Grace

@Grace - It's only going to be electronic (computer-based) versions of three of the existing experiments. (I've been using ME-2 in electronic form for years now). So if you do manage to convince yourself that there is actually such a thing as evil then perhaps the "power" is already in the wrong hands. Whoops ;)

(29 Jul '12, 02:00) Stingray

Heh heh heh.... (That an evil chuckle? I was going for evil chuckle.)

(29 Jul '12, 02:49) Grace

@Grace - Sounds pretty evil to me...almost as though it came completely naturally. Hmmmm ;)

(29 Jul '12, 03:04) Stingray

@Grace is not bugging annoyingly at all.. Just smiling trustingly. :)

(26 Jan '14, 22:10) Grace

@Stingray-I am eagerly waiting for your ME5 system:)

(27 Jan '14, 02:34) Zee

@Grace - I reached a point where I decided it was going to be too much trouble to build the web version - given that relatively few people fully apply the method, and given that I just love the existing spreadsheet so much :) - and so I (privately) released a fixed-up version of the "super spreadsheet" instead. See Update 3 of Focus Blocks spreadsheet

(28 Jan '14, 05:10) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you. I remember now, I tried to use the previous version of the spreadsheet, and found I can't make it work with Open Office.

I felt like that was ok at the time, since I do feel very comfortable, safe, and attached to my pen and paper Focus Blocks, but now I'm feeling a bit stuck and would like to try for more. Looks like my first assignment is to manifest Excel! I will get right on it.... :)

(31 Jan '14, 10:57) Grace
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