Here is the situation, say an employee of a highly respected and trusted governmental agency finds out that it wasn't doing the job it was invested in and is making up data. This idealist decides to fight it out with his employer from within for the public's safety and benefit. He is knee deep in trouble, taking on such an agency but like most idealists he feels it's his cross to bear for the good of the public.

My take on this, is that he's wasting his time since obviously governments were never there for the public's safety or well-being. It was always a tool of control used by the elites. He should just accept that, quit and get another job.

What's your take on that? Are idealists there to serve others at the cost of themselves or are they making things worse by choosing to fight for a supposed better world? And how does it tie in with the law of attraction?

Thank you, namaste

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When we fight a cause,according to LOA, we are in fact only inviting more causes to fight into our experience.

If we really want to help a wrongful situation, we have to envision the problem as solved and do what we can to help without exacerbating the situation by fighting and arguing.

Only those who remain fully connected to Source and endeavour to bring about change from that perspective have a beneficial and lasting effect - Gandhi is a prime example of such a person.

Unfortunately, as yet, very few can embody his principles. However the more humanity wakes up to the fact that peace can only be estabilished by each individual making a conscious effort to "Be the change", the happier and more peaceful this planet will be.


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+1 for "Be the change."

(30 Nov '10, 15:38) Vesuvius

What of the fact that a negative came to your attention for a reason? Shouldn't that draw you in to help?

(30 Nov '10, 15:44) daniele

@Vesuvius - Thank you :)

@daniele - If you can help from that higher perspective without being drawn into the negativity and exacerbating the situation, then by all means help. However, most of us try to help by arguing or fighting AGAINST the situation and this only adds fuel to the fire. :)

(30 Nov '10, 17:18) Michaela

Unfortunately, you are quite right Michaela! Thank you for always being on track :)

(01 Dec '10, 08:53) daniele

@daniele - You're very welcome. I don't know about "always being on track"; I'm still learning like everyone else here :)

(01 Dec '10, 12:24) Michaela
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Situations you describe are the reason such things as wikileaks /whistle blowers have come into existence. One can be anonymous and still make change.


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For him, that would be underhanded and disloyal to his beloved country. He believes in fixing the system from within.......

(01 Dec '10, 08:50) daniele

Well if its a matter of "public safety" should not his loyalty be towards them? The public. Whistle blowers have no boundaries or borders.

(01 Dec '10, 18:45) ursixx

Good point! will keep that in mind. Thank you!

(01 Dec '10, 19:27) daniele
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A lot of people stay in conflicting situations too long due to pay compensation.

I have been in a similar situation where my values conflicted with the business model. I expressed my concerns. I waited for change (which I didn't really expect) then left and moved on.

Now I make much less money and I am ten times happier!

Empty Pocket Love (for now)



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jim 10


Michael, being happy puts you in perfect position to manifest your heart's desire!

(01 Dec '10, 08:54) daniele

The situation that you described arose because of the LOA and it can be reversed using the same process. All that is required is for the individual to think of the situation the way he/she would want it to play out. In the "Master key System" its described this way "unlwess we are willing to think we shall have to work, and the less we think the more we shall have to work, and the less we shall get for our work. Whether you are an idealist or not, it does not have to be hard work.



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