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What does spiritual being mean to you in other words what is your inner experience of everyday life?

I love to get things crystal clear in my mind and reading this very well known phrase "We are spiritual beings having a physical experience" I have a very good knowingness of what physical experience is and it's something that most of us can easily relate with because it's objective and can easily be studied scientifically.

However the spiritual being bit delves into the subjective and by definition is different for each one of us. By spiritual being people often think of them as disconnected from real life with a head in the clouds attitude, even sometimes illuminated. Looking up wiki on the internet it says that spirituality has no single agreed upon definition that it may denote any kind of meaningful activity or blissfull experience, that often it's associated with religion, god or jesus figures, psychology, mystical and esoteric traditions and eastern concepts.

All this just doesn't mean a lot to me. For me a spiritual being is someone who lives life happily untroubled by all the things that happen in the real physical world. Someone who is gai and happy, gets along with everyone whether with or without all the things that most people chase after that is; more money, a bigger car, a bigger house, better job, more power, more love etc etc.

My question what does spiritual being mean to you meaning what is your inner experience of everyday life?, notice I say experience meaning what you know rather something you've read somewhere or some thought or intellectual reasoning, concept or idea.

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OK so now things are a lot clearer in my mind, a much more down to earth way of asking this question would be; "What can I do in my waking hours that I can't do when I'm asleep?" ... I can consciously do lots of things, talk, look at things, feel things, smell things, exchange conversations with other people in fact all the things that most people can do. But my spiritual being does a lot more than that, essentially it gives life to my flesh body, it's the essence of my life.

(14 Jul '15, 00:11) jaz

I must admit I'm a bit surprised for so little apparent interest in this question, to me it seems fundamental. However I do notice that the simple fact of posting this question on IQ feels like I'm opening myself up to the universe, and though there's little actual posted feedback I do notice that I get a great deal of feedback coming into my consciousness from "elsewhere" ... cool :)

(16 Jul '15, 01:15) jaz
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perhaps it is where we hail
from, spirit wrapped in coats
of skin, one with each level of
descent from our source


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@fred "spirit wrapped in coats of skin" hmm what are these coats of skin ?

(13 Jul '15, 00:11) jaz

jaz, you know the routine, search first

(13 Jul '15, 06:32) fred

@fred by coats you surely mean the layers of different frequency that extend beyond the physical realm both inwards and outwards ... in other words I could have phrased my question "what can you experience during waking hours as opposed to when you're asleep snug in bed?"

(13 Jul '15, 09:41) jaz

jaz, as the spirit emanates away from source it cools and needs protection as it descends through (away from and into) lower dimensions until it reaches what we call material form. a little different interpretation that what is considered biblical. everyday life would then be consumed with returning and shedding the accumulated skins

(13 Jul '15, 17:02) fred
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My daily inner experience is like correcting my discomforts. In similar same as correcting my thoughts in case if I receive any unwanted thoughts() Aah.. this is daily routine.

Though it seems like very easy and common factor to many of us but to me it made me learn so many activities and alter my attitude not in just one attempt but after so much trouble given to me and others a little single thought get altered. Now I can take a deep breath which me makes me feel something is happening I turn stronger[] Does anybody guess what happen next hsssssssss :) I fear to take a lead to proceed further..

There are many reason to it one of them is 'shy' Oh **** this is a real evil in my life. Shy has many faces I not able to recall what is what and why it is? I feel helpless hopeless no way what is see around no understanding what is left in "to do list". pufff

And after much time spent doing this I understand that many of people like movements, I mean moving around doing some activities that make them feel confident and enthusiast and able to figure out some name to it!!! After they figure some name that's it everything completed they fall in regular cycle of doing it without troubling anybody and to themselves itself.

Now what ahahahaha I present myself as the biggest evil in front of them that acting not knowing anything what they mean to? Sometimes genuinely I do not know and sometimes I want to prove myself greater then them. So I become a biggest resistance to all the activities running there. This sometime leads to a tricky jokes that relates to none but to overcome me. When situation become worse it leads to fight....

After all experiences (I mean some) I now in situation to understood that nothing is in my hands literally. Except to become resistance or move on just been quiet.

Thanks you.

:( :) :( :)


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perfect good, resistance wastes energy, when you see what is being done is self-centered or out of place, stop, step back, recompose, how is it you are there in the first place.

(19 Jul '15, 13:02) fred

I wonder if you have noticed that your question @PERFECT GOOD ... "A person in front of a mirror have a question, who is real? you or I" ... and my question "what is your inner experience of everyday life?" ... are very closely related :)

(20 Jul '15, 03:57) jaz
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