I have a natural interest in history, especially European and American history. Unfortunately, history is really not a good thing to read if you know about reality-creation. History is so full of conquests, massacres, plunder, rape, destruction, injustice, plots, schemes, machinations, etc, that even if I constantly remind myself "they attracted all of that to themselves, they attracted all of that to themselves, they attracted...", I invariably sooner or later start getting angry at a one group of people or the other. And then things start to go wrong in my life, and I put a brake to all my reading until things get back to normal.

Unfortunately, I also love reading about government conspiracies, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Ruling Elite, secret societies, and so on. I have tried to stop all that because of my fear that if I carry on like this I'd manifest similar things in my life (fortunately so far I haven't manifested anything really bad). But I don't seem to stay away from studying history and politics for long. By politics I don't of course mean the childish party politics - I mean the seriously deep sh*t.

So here is my dilemma. On the one hand, I cannot see any logic in filling my mind with stuff I'd never want to happen in my life. On the other hand, giving up feels like I am giving up on knowledge, and also that I am shutting out one of my natural interests.

I know I am sounding like someone who constantly criticises others and can't stop because it's too much fun, but how do I cure myself?

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Whose version of history are you studying?

Whose version of The New World Order are you studying?

Are you allowing others to create your reality for you?

My version of history is that humanity already achieved peace and enlightenment in Atlantis and all of the wisdom we seek is in our souls and humanity will return to that state of being in Paradise on Earth eventually.

My version of The New World Order is the end of the Old World Order of hard work and a New World Order will people create life Spiritually from Law of Attraction.


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Such a great question. First off, I would question wanting to "get rid" of any part of oneself. Where there is judgment, there is resistance. So, maybe there is a deeper question to ask like: looking honestly at myself, what am I receiving from thinking about these things? Often the outrage feels "good" because it emphasizes the contrast between me and something else (the violence or the conspiracy - or those who perpetrate those things) and I am left feeling pretty good about myself.

But it's possible to go directly to "feeling pretty good about myself" without the stimulus of the stuff you're reading. If you practice feeling good about yourself very regularly,(like all day, every day :)) the history and conspiracy may soon lose their appeal.


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You are indeed correct. I do feel quite good when I read these things. Makes me feel special and part of a select group away from the ignorant masses - if you see what I mean.

(16 Aug '15, 13:17) cod2

While I get the theory of feeling good without the stimuli, in practice, life loses much of its colour - because in theory you can sit just there all day doing nothing, while feeling absolutely fantastic - but is that what life's about? Sitting there doing nothing feeling great? We didn't need to be born as humans in that case - a stone or a leaf would have been good enough.

(16 Aug '15, 13:21) cod2

I understand what you're saying. I think this is an issue we all have to resolve for ourselves:How do we deal with the story that drama and contrast provide the color and motivation for action in life? We are in mid-evolution and it's like being between the trapezes. We might have to let go of one story in order to embrace the new one: life of feeling good all day AND choosing to take creative, purposeful actions - because it brings us more joy.

(17 Aug '15, 23:26) imaginesue

@cod2 - I find that when I practice feeling good for no reason, manifestations come to me in the form of inspired actions. So there's only a little moment of sitting and doing nothing while feeling great, because soon I'll have been inspired to take part in some activity that makes me feel even better.

(27 Aug '15, 10:04) cassiopeia
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perhaps the adage 'if
nothing is done to solve
(rectify) a problem then
it is passively accepted'

the choice is always yours,
get involved or passively
banter of what is not right


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"passively accepted" yes @fred just as a young child passively accepts the vibrations of their immediate surroundings and in particular those of their parents, whether their parents are aware of transmitting those vibrations or not

(17 Aug '15, 03:09) jaz

jaz, what when an adult, is there acceptance of responsibility for what is thought and consequently done?

(19 Aug '15, 16:59) fred

If you mean that the parent is consciously influencing what the parent believes to be beneficial to the child @fred then I consider that to be pedagogy. There's always possibility for the child to modify the validity of such education, even years later.

(20 Aug '15, 00:54) jaz

jaz, more of and emphasis in a lack of individual thinking, that seems so prevalent, accepting the 'state of the art' as the only answer, whether parental or societal.

(23 Aug '15, 05:48) fred
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History and conspiracy theories both contain elements of fiction and non-fiction. Reading about these subjects or any other subject, for that matter, is not going to be enough to automatically make it a part of your personal reality, even when you are convinced, and "know" in your heart that something you have learned is actually 'true'. For something to become manifest into your perception of what is real, you must first 'choose' to pro-actively add the element of Intention. Intention is likely the most critical, and often overlooked aspect in the process of manifesting.

If you 'intend' to find evidence for a conspiracy, you will. If it is your intention to allow the "Illuminati" to play a role in your life, they will. Only you can make these choices according to what you prefer. Read whatever you like. Feel the fear, the anger, the doubt, and the joy as you ride the roller coaster of emotions that arise while you are exploring. Remember, your emotional responses are only indications of your beliefs, definitions and preferences. (As you are aware, a more in depth explanation of this concept can be found from both Abraham and Bashar).

As a teenager, I used to read a lot of sci-fi / fantasy fiction. I really enjoyed Tolkiens' The Lord of the Rings. I must have read it at least three times, wondering and even wanting to believe that Middle Earth was a real place, complete with all the magical creatures depicted in the novel. In the many years of creating my reality, and manifesting my life's experiences, I have yet to actually met a Hobbit, an elf, or a ring wraith.


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What is history but looking in the past, what is the New World Order but looking to the future, like the movement of a pendulum they appear to be polar opposites and in reality are on the same space/time continuum.

These reading of injustice, conflict, conspiracies etc trigger @cod2 anger and fear, avoiding anger is limiting yourself, avoiding fear is limiting yourself. Anger and fear need to be experienced.

In the past I have actually pushed myself to the limit of feeling terror. Why? I have often been haunted by black screaming warplanes, even now as I write it brings tears to my eyes and I feel shivers down my spine, but at the same time it makes me feel alive and it's exciting. Where do these black warplanes come from?

My parents lived through the blitz, they had real experience of it, explosions, bodies torn to pieces, houses blown sky high ... my father did a sleep cure for war nerves (shell-shock)


When I was born much later, the vibrations of their experiences of war was still in their acts, in their words, in their thoughts whether they consciously expressed it or not. I as a child passively accepted those vibrations.

I still love watching tv stories of war, where I live in france it's still riddled with remnants of WW1 and WW2, I love watching real crime series too, of people that murder, rape, torture etc. I have actually met and chatted with real murderers, rapists, child molesters.

In short I enjoy experiencing in my imagination these acts that are so often judged as "bad" by many. The only way to understand is to experience, is to feel the vibration. Once the vibration is felt and recognized, it becomes like a note of music, neither good nor bad, it just is, just a fleeting pleasureable movement of energy inside and music is simple appreciation of all that's going on around :)


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