This question relates to Do we create " ALL" of our own reality?

im not trying to be sarcastic in any way but i find this mind in other words my birth and growing up etc is just all in my mind? the people i see everyday plus my pets dont exist? i can see and talk to them but in reality to this matter they are nothingness and cant see or hear me etc? please explain this to me..thanks

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Hello darlenefralick,

After reading your question yesterday, I felt inspired to answer it. Today upon waking, the best way to offer an answer to you came to me :)

Getting to grips with the nature of reality

The thing to realize is that, yes: there is no reality outside of any reality believed in. While we can philosophize and theorize all day, eternally actually, and while that can be enjoyable, and it certainly is for me; knowing about the actual, fundamental, physics of reality is the most helpful, useful and practical tool for creating the life experience of your preference. Before continuing, please read this answer which I gave to another question.

So now you know that yes, your world and your life experience does originate and play out within your mind, as the version of reality that you say (define and believe) is most true for you. And that all of the reflections you see are based upon what you most believe to be true. Both you and your pets do exist and the reason I can say this with confidence is because neither you nor your pets have access to the realm of non-existence. Something that exists now, by definition, has always and will always exist in some form; that’s eternal life.

Think of your reality, your world as a bubble Universe and think of your pet’s world as a bubble Universe. In your world there is a population of one and your perception of your pet in your world is a reflection of what you believe to be most true about your pet. And within the world of your pet, because it doesn’t have a negative ego personality construct, it perceives what actually is most true about you, reflected back to it within its world. Your pet understands and sees you as you actually are, an expression of unconditional love and that’s why it loves you unconditionally. Make sense?

Using what you know to your advantage

Now you know that you are the producer, director and actor of your own life experience. The way to move forward and past any fears you may have, is to act upon the thing, any thing, that is most representative of who you feel that you want to be from this point forward. In other words, make a conscious choice, based on your feelings and act upon it, act upon your excitement, follow your bliss, be in joy, do the thing that you love doing.

Taking this action is important because, a) by acting upon your passion, you know that it is, it must be who you really are, otherwise it wouldn’t excite you or attract you in the way it does. And b) any fears which may be blocking you from expressing fully and thus, stopping you from being who you really are, will be highlighted by surfacing from within your unconscious mind into your conscious awareness.

As that happens and you recognize the fears within you; you can own them, love them and thank them for serving you up to this point, and then release them. Something which doesn’t belong within the full expression of who you really are cannot remain unconscious as you become more consciously aware. And when it surfaces and you’ve released it, then you will automatically move to the next level, and so on...

100% Trust

Of course, and this may be the most difficult thing, following your passion, bliss and excitement requires and demands that you must trust 100% that by doing so, you will be fully supported by the Universe. However, if you read the answer in the link above, then you know that it’s a Belief Driven Universe and that you are the driver and therefore, you know that you must take the first step by trusting in your own belief; to metaphorically step into the abyss...

As a side note. Realize that I’m making this up as I go along. I didn’t sit down pondering what to say for hours on end, I just started writing and after some editing, this is the result. And remember, because there’s only you in your world, this must be a reflection of what you already know at some level of your being, how cool is that 8-)


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@Eddie, everything beautifully expressed in one sentence - "there is no reality outside of any reality believed in" - wonderful!

(29 Mar '12, 05:22) CalonLan

@Eddie - it is very, very cool! Rene Descartes could not have said it better!

(29 Mar '12, 05:42) Dollar Bill

thanks eddie..this makes sense now..

(30 Mar '12, 12:30) darlenefralick

@Eddie I'm grateful that you took inspired action with this question because it was a great reminder of what our lives are really all about. Great answer!

(30 Mar '12, 15:07) Cory

Thanks guys, I'm glad you found value in those words. The 100% trust was an issue which took me some time to work through...

(31 Mar '12, 02:33) Eddie
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It is and it isn't. It depends from which point of view we are speaking.

If by your mind you mean the creation, then all "reality" is in it.Not only your own, but also everybody's and everything's else reality. But if by your mind you mean your mind within physical reality as we know it, then you do not create things physically with your mind, you only create your perception of them, which in this case we call our reality.

In both cases you create all of your reality.

And people and pets you see cannot be nothingness, because nothingness is in nonexistence. Which contain all there never will be. It's one polarity, but what you see all around you is polarity opposite to that. It's existence, or as we call it - all there is.

Both concepts combined partly together can create an illusion of something mystical within our physical reality.


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i will say this physical reality exist you are in it.

that physical self is your tool for this physical world.

your mind exist you are in it.

you have some tools like your mind that computer that take care of your body and that you can use to imagine stuff to make theory or find answer on your own and learn.

and you are spirit created in the image of God your holy father the truth conscience awareness the alpha and the omega(will use father as parent terms to follow the majority because in spirit there is no gender have added this before someone try to find fault in what i am saying) with the same potential free will to create learn love power etc...

and all your brother and sister also have the same thing as you and each are at different level of understanding in many way.

it is for you to use what you have to better your self and help every one of your brother and sister along the way. stay in truth. the truth will set you free.

experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Mar '12, 19:07

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white tiger

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@white tiger, clear and concise. Well put! I like it that you capitalize God. Voting up.

(29 Mar '12, 05:44) Dollar Bill
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