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I was reading a thread on reddit about people who have had near death experiences and thought I'd share with you one of the stories which is relevant here. Keep in mind these are normal everyday people, not awakened or into LOA stuff, so for them to say this is very cool:

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"I don't want to get into details about the leading up to because it was extremely traumatic, but I'll describe the experience from the point when I "died". Have you ever been watching a tv show or movie and got so caught up into the story that you forgot that you were sitting there, watching it? And then a commercial comes on and you're snapped back to reality like "Oh yeah I was watching a show!".

That's what dying felt like to me, at least initially, that my entire life was a silly show I was focused on and forgot that it was simply a distraction from what was REALLY happening. It was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me because it felt FAMILIAR. I was not religious, I was agnostic at best, but a better description of my beliefs would be "never * thought about it".

Huge paradigm shift, I had something similar to PTSD from it afterwards, I didn't speak to anyone for probably a week trying to figure out what it was that I experienced and trying to make sense of it, and how I should view life now that I saw these things.

Here's the just of my experience: I fell out of the 3rd dimension into...another dimension? It's hard to explain. I could still see the visage of my last images, and the people around me looking at me scared, freaking out. I could see everything from all angles and time. I saw an infinite amount of other views of the same experience with small differences, people looked a little bit different, objects looked a bit weirder.

These were all arranged together like a moving fractal. Time was solid, I could look into my past and see random events that happened to me when I was a kid. Obscure stuff that I recognized, but never thought about again. My life experiences as I chose them, formed an object, to me it looked like a loaf of bread, but it wasn't actually a loaf of bread. It's hard to explain.

There was a communication to me in my head when I wondered why my life looked like a loaf of bread that all realities are existing at the same time and that random objects in one, like a carton of milk in the grocery store, could be pieces of entities, or even experiences in another time or dimension.

An experience that happens to you in the third dimension, could actually be a manifestation of a being in a higher dimension. There were entities. In between the fractals of images of realities there were rainbow bands where realities kind of meshed, I focused on those and inbetween them were black areas where no realities existed, inbetween areas I guess. In these were entities that became of aware of me when I focused on their space. They seemed interested that I was there, I guess, more surprised in a completely uncaring way, like "Oh hey whats he doing here, that's kind of weird, whatever." I started to freak out and all the realities around me started to become altered by my fear.

REALLY scary started appearing like evil demon faces that started biting me. The entities sort of nonchalantly told me that I will manifest whatever I'm feeling.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to go back into my reality. I tried to find the one that I fell out of when I died, but I wasn't exactly sure which one it was. I chose the one that I recognised a close friend of mine in and was looking at me sad. I went in and that's when I woke up.

No transition. Just like I got close to the 2d image of my last viewpoint before dying and it wrapped around me and I was there alive again seeing the "inside the head" view that I last saw before dying. It took me about 5 mins to even understand if I was actually alive again, or if what I just experienced was the transition to the afterlife. Sorry if this made no sense, I can answer questions if you have any. I know it sounds bonkers but maybe it was just chemicals in my head that created all the visuals. I'm not sure. I still think about it everyday and I no longer have a fear of death because of it."

If you want to check out the thread, heres the link. A very interesting read.

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This rings true and dreams often communicate the way you describe, by condensation meaning. Perhaps this is the way our creative self thinks, in a shorthand we understand.

(06 Oct '15, 04:45) Amaries
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Feelings are the broadcast to the Universe , this is what I am. And this reality will respond in kind. Even if you are justified in your reaction to a negative aggression, that negativity will reverberate. The same with a positive broadcast, like when a gift is given, that good feeling you get reverberates and comes back to you.


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The Knights Alchemy

This is really really interesting.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to go back into my reality. I tried to find the one that I fell out of when I died, but I wasn't exactly sure which one it was. I chose the one that I recognised a close friend of mine in and was looking at me sad. I went in and that's when I woke up.

That just blew my mind. I read more stories and thanks for posting this.


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