This question relates to Are feelings developed from thoughts, or vice versa?

So, how does an infant experience the unhappiness of hunger or cold when he does not have the facility of language to construct a thought? I'm very interested in the responses of those that seem certain that thoughts always precede feelings.

Many thanks.

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In this question, Nikulas is asking about emotions, not physical sensations. Physical sensations are interpreted by our brain from input from sensory nerves. Sometimes emotions are a part of the interpretation.

(10 Aug '11, 16:04) Fairy Princess

This is great question. Welcome to IQ, Therapy2004..

No, infants don't have the ability to reason (thought) but they have the ability to feel & express emotion. For the most part; feelings are sensations & sensation is energy. Feelings do not originate in the brain - the energy of a feeling comes from within & is felt internally; throughout the body. It's the energy (love) from our hearts; our souls. Newborns have just arrived from the spirit world; the Source. They only know how to feel. They only know love; which nourishes their souls & makes them feel good. So they rely solely on their feelings or in other words - the energy of the soul.

They have yet to develop their "ego". But this is where thought begins. When the infant feels fear - the opposite of love - created by cold or hunger they express it through emotion.

BTW - Have you ever held a newborn, only hours old? They are pure love & this is all you can feel. If you want to feel love; just concentrate on a picture of a baby. It works every time & like a charm.....


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I like your honesty. Genuine answer.

(12 Feb '12, 00:08) Roy

I think the way to look at this is to realize that from the perspective of everyone's spiritual higher-self; everyone is an eternal and thus ancient creator being. The human experience is only one of a multitude of experiences, all happening simultaneously, within the one moment of creation.

While as a new born infant one may not yet have all the faculties of language worked out, the infant is still the physical embodiment of its, vastly wiser, spiritual higher-self. As we’re born into this physical reality, we're closer to non-physical spirit and thus, more influenced by our higher-self than by our human mind.

As an infinitely wise spiritual being (higher-self) we direct the actions of our human-self manifestation and that's how an infant is able to experience hunger and cold. As the infant grows and becomes conditioned by family and society, its conscious awareness of the connection to its higher-self may diminish, but that connection can never be severed.

When discussing these ideas, it's helpful to bear in mind that, a) yes, we, as human beings are the manifestation of our own higher-self counterpart and, b) our soul desires certain experiences and so, we, as our higher-self, have agreed to manifest in human form in order that our soul may experience, whatever it is it wants to experience...


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Wow - did I conjure up or manifest you, Eddie? I kept thinking about these 2 linked questions & thinking about ego; which made me think of you. I thought I should leave that explanation for our resident expert - you.

(11 Feb '12, 23:58) ele

@Eddie Hey Eddie - I do like what I see if it's a reflection of you - it was meant to be a compliment. I hope you took it that way.

(12 Feb '12, 00:46) ele

OK thanks ele, I guess I misunderstood, so have deleted that comment. I don't see myself as an expert, just as someone who's remembering things that make sense and sharing...

(12 Feb '12, 01:58) Eddie
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well i am very happy u bring this up, it says in "Seth Speaks" we are born in this world with a wealth of information and experience far surpassing any computer known, and if this is true and what my source says is true, than it all makes sens how this can happen, here is what my source says.

love n light


( below is my answer to above stated question )

Neither, they are only a warning system that shows us that the thoughts, situations, or experiences we are having do not resonate with the souls beliefs. We have everyone often states that fear, anger jealousy are bad emotions, no emotions are bad, they are only to serve as warning signs, so they should be used as so, and this is a step by step way to find them and overcome them. ( with this being said, consies thought does create physical reality so if we are being very very specific it is the thought that comes, does not resonate with the emotion then the warning sign in way of emotion comes,)

love n light



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