What do you guys think of this?

Let's say I desire a car....And someone I know wants a car as well.

If I were to sort of help them get a car, would I be doing myself a favour? I don't necessarily mean buying a car and giving it to someone else, I mean helping someone who is down and needs a boost in a particular area (and paradoxically, I also need a boost in that area).

Since all others are an extension of me, would going about my desires in this fashion end in fruition of my own desires?

This idea came to my own head, but I also do recall bits and pieces from the book Questions and Answers from Conversations with God; in which the author says, in reply to a question of "what is the quickest way to manifest a miracle?"- The idea is to try and do so for someone they know. It then went into detail of how the easiest way to get out of depression is to find someone else who is depressed, and get them out of it.

Comments, ideas, suggestions?

Btw, for IQ people who'd love to hear some personal detail of Nikulas....A friend of mine was getting upset over how his girlfriend dumped him, and, I myself also struggling in that area of my life, had no clue of how to myself out of that sad blue place until a (inspired) thought hit me suggesting to coach him out of this rut, which I felt compelled to do and in fact did so successfully. It made ME feel a ton better seeing my friend now believing, and better vibrationally, he would meet someone amazing.

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You only get as good as you give so go ahead and give.

(25 Oct '12, 05:36) Paulina 1
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Yes @Nikulas, it's a great idea and I think it goes even further than you are suggesting.

A bit like my How To Live Forever answer, I've been waiting for a number of months to try and squeeze an idea onto IQ somewhere, and it looks like I might be able to do it here :)

About a year or so ago, I was listening to a recording from the 9D Pleiadians and they were talking about how the current financial systems of Earth will not be able to survive in their current form as the planetary vibrations increase.

Personally, I've thought for quite a few years that the current financial systems that exist are now more about controlling the masses and keeping them locked in a "poverty consciousness" than being the genuine expression of human energy exchange, which is what the idea of money originally started out as.

So it was interesting to me to hear the 9D Pleiadians talking like this.

What they were saying would eventually take the place of Earth's financial systems would be a concept that they expressed as (and I'm paraphrasing roughly from memory)...

"As you give of yourself, all your needs will automatically be met"

My interpretation of the idea is simply that when you be who you really are and express that in your reality then, in doing so, you are contributing your energy towards a "Greater Whole" which, in return, contributes its energy back to your reality in whatever way you require.

It's actually back to that original idea of money as an energy exchange, but without the need for the physical representation of money i.e without coins, notes, figures on bank statements.

For example, let's say who I really am (i.e. what I genuinely love to do in my life) is play music. In doing that and expressing that purely, I am guaranteed by the "Greater Whole" to receive support in other areas of my life to continue that expression.

Notice that this is not just about you receiving support to continue being a musician but support throughout your life in return for you just purely expressing your musicianship.

"As you give of yourself, ALL your needs will automatically be met"

When I heard this idea from the 9D Pleiadians, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment in my head and had a realization that this has always tended to be what I've naturally done in my life.

I've hinted before that I often get involved with projects, not for any financial (or otherwise) return, but just because it feels like something I want to do even if it seems to apparently lead nowhere in the physical world.

And I've noticed again and again, a direct correlation between the pure expression of my self and my needs being met automatically in other parts of my life.

In a sense, you could argue this is the old idea of Karmic return - "What goes around, comes around", or "You are rewarded for what you do for others".

But I see this as a much more subtle, refined principle than that one because all you are doing is expressing yourself as who you really are, not getting involved in any kind of charitable work. Personally, I almost never get involved (on purpose) with organized charities or fund-raising.

And when using this idea, you are not looking for any kind of return, you are just expressing who you are purely regardless of getting anything back...in some respects it is like the Superhero Method where you are really just doing your "good deeds" because that's who you are not because you are looking for recognition.

So now relating this to your question @Nikulas: Through your own life experiences, you've developed a deep understanding of how to deal with relationship "issues" and in simply expressing yourself (expressing your understanding) then, yes, absolutely, you are setting an energy flow in motion that cannot help but benefit you in many unexpected ways, not just with your own relationships.

Hope I've managed to get these ideas across in a useful way :)


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this absolutely resonates with my beliefs and experiences. i also realized that when i give away energy or say value for free (e.g. information, money, help, art etc.) without expecting anything and just express who i am i get all sorts of support even in areas in my life that are unrelated.

in marketing there goes that theory that in future only companies will survive that give value with the intent of giving it away for free without expecting anything in return...

(24 Oct '12, 04:11) releaser99

...customers then will appreciate it and will come back naturally. the theory is that the internet and all the fast paced, transparent informational world today sifts out weak competition radically that doesn't serve the customer in a genuine way. and this trend will increase drastically in the future...

(24 Oct '12, 04:12) releaser99

...so therefore a company must follow its passion and destiny. because one can only give away value without expectation if he has fun doing so. and if one wants to have fun doing something he must do something that inspires him naturally. besides i think this idea also correlates with bashars saying "only take inspired action".

(24 Oct '12, 04:12) releaser99

For some time my daughter has been pushing information at me about the collapse of the world money system , I have tried not to give it too much attention and you know why , lol . What you have now shared here @Stingray I appreciate , it makes it easier to just chill and expect all being well , Thank You :-)

(24 Oct '12, 04:13) Starlight

@Starlight - You're welcome.

@releaser99 - Really well said. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if information-based systems, like the Internet, are leading the way for the financial transformation. Even on the Net right now, there are many "experiments" going on (like IQ) where conventional money-based approaches are cast aside. I've been a fan of NON-financial systems for a long time now. In the Stingray TV series - where I stole my username from - the currency is favors, not money :)

(24 Oct '12, 04:35) Stingray

The original Stingray :) http://tinyurl.com/9nuyxwm

(24 Oct '12, 04:41) Stingray

@stingray looks like "miami vice":) favors were also the currency long time ago before money existed. but it seems unlikely to me that money will vanish in the near future. because it is just a tool to exchange value in an easy way. there is no intrinsic value in money. it can be a symbol for appreciation or helpful info just as for a hitman, a war or a banana :). i think not the money is the challenge but the system that controls the money is. and the internet will help for sure in transforming

(24 Oct '12, 06:21) releaser99

@Stingray- I've certainly seen things from a new perspective. Thankyou greatly again, and I loved that superhero page link a ton! I also noticed that the more often I give money away to beggers etc....I will actually win a ton more money on the lotto within the next week or so.

Even though you are the ultimate teacher, that TV series is unbelievably corny hahahahha :P

(24 Oct '12, 09:43) Nikulas

@Stingray- "As you give of yourself, ALL your needs will be met." Cool, but will my desires, things I don't need to survive, be met as well? (girl?) Just pondering everything you've said with a nights sleep....

(25 Oct '12, 20:31) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Bear in mind that this is only my personal observation of this phenomenon in action (when I had that "lightbulb moment" listening to the recording) not a verified principle: I have noticed that it seems to make it harder and harder to not get things you want. It is as though you are setting up an energy imbalance where your "giving out" creates a vibrational vacuum that must be filled by stuff (physical, or otherwise e.g. knowledge) coming in. So to answer your question, yes:)

(26 Oct '12, 07:33) Stingray

@Stingray- Well in that case I'm becoming a helpful, genuine Ned Flanders.

Funny this, there has only been one psychic that has sound something profound when I layed the golden question of "how do I attract love" to them- they said, "Well yes, put it out into the universe for your dream partner, easy...A majority of it should be asking yourself, what are you going to put into the relationship? Are you already giving as much as you can in your current relationships?"

(26 Oct '12, 10:39) Nikulas
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About a year ago I came across a piece of literature which told of a guy who was on a very tight budget but always gave money to the poor once a month. A small amount, something like $20 he would give and he said every time he was rewarded 10 fold. When his wife found out she was very upset because of their tight budget, but he convinced her the money would always come back bigger and better within a matter of days or a week or 2. After seeing the proof, she eventually increased the amount to $50 to give to charity.

I thought this was very interesting and decided to give it a try. Every paycheck I would take $20 to give to someone who needed it. I would walk the streets downtown looking for down and out people who really needed it.

A down and out person who was desperate for a cup of coffee and food is who I aimed for. (Not the drunks/drug addicts looking for their next buzz) The feeling I would get of happiness and joy when I'd see the look in his eyes as I would hand him the $20 bill. The feeling is incredible.

Another time was being in a grocery store cashier line and the little old lady in front of me didn't have enough money for 2 can's of tuna sandwich meat and could only afford one. I would happily say to her "God wants you to have this" and hand her the $20 which she needed so desperately. The intense feeling that would come over me was incredible.

The returns I got were easily 10 fold!

Sometimes it comes back to me in cash and sometimes it doesn't. It can be someone unexpectedly saying "I'll cover lunch" or "an incredible deal" or someone will pay for a tank of gasoline for my car because I drove them somewhere." Free tickets....All kinds of ways.

Giving from the heart. Not giving to show your superiority or just to make someone go away, but genuinely giving from the heart for the sole purpose of bringing joy to someone you don't even know.

Followup on Relationship Woes....(this is for everyone, and it's a good one)

Lol....I guess this must be breakup season because the same thing happened to me a few months ago. Although after I caught my ex cheating, it was me who dumped her.....No empathy on her part....very devastating.

After a couple of weeks I got her out of my mind enough that I scrapped myself up off my floor and decided to apply a technique to get another woman.

I remembered back to one of my past girlfriends and the magical feelings of when we first met, and remembered a shirt she gave me and the feeling "she's now my girlfriend" and a couple other memories with strong feelings of love....I gathered all those "FEELINGS OF LOVE AND EXCITEMENT" together and focused them into meditation (and out) and felt those past feelings and felt them as if they were happening "now." No scenarios, no people.....just the feelings, and I would replay and replay. Once every day or two.

I wasn't going to find a woman on my living room floor so I got up and went out to the nightclubs by myself, I am a sociable person and going alone doesn't bother me (much).

First weekend was a bust!

Second weekend was a bust!

Third weekend I got too drunk!......I was starting to question the technique but was patient.

Forth weekend a couple of girls sat beside me and we chatted and one of them gave me her phone number to call her. After they left an average looking woman came and sat in front of me and asked if I was single? Before I could say anything she said "because my friend is interested in you but is too shy to come over and say hi. Would you like to meet her? she's sitting right over there....." I turned and looked and I couldn't believe my eyes!! "That incredibly beautiful woman wants to meet me!!"

Without seeming too eager I turned back to the average woman, cleared my throat and in a very calm and collected voice squeeked out some kind of approval.....lol!

...and that was my next (temporary) girlfriend AND completely forgot about the 1st girlfriend who cheated on me.

Concentrate on the feelings. As Bashar says "Your job is to only concentrate on the good feelings! Don't worry about what is going to show up because your higher self is only going to bring you the best of the best for your circumstance. It won't short change you......and in most cases you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what does show up!"


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interesting points you have there. so what you are saying comes to "1. actions --> 2. create feelings --> 3. create appropriate manifestations". you said you gathered all feelings of love and exitement together without visualisation right?

i have noticed that i can create a bundle of different emotions without taking action or even visualizing. i just ask myself: how would i feel if i felt the emotion of x. or if i don't know how it feels: how would one probably feel who felt the emotion of x?

(25 Oct '12, 04:48) releaser99

Close, 1.Intention-> (give $20/find girlfriend) 2. Create feeling -> (knowing it will feel good to give $20/remember good feeling with ex-girlfriend 3. Action -> without even thinking about it my body took action to match my desire of what I wanted (went looking for poor people/went to the nightclubs) 4. Matching manifestations arrived -> Now that I think about it, the woman I met at the bar was very similar to the ex-girlfriend I had the love and excitement feelings with.

(25 Oct '12, 10:22) Eldavo

I should add this one....

3a/ Action caused feelings ->resulted in feelings

(25 Oct '12, 10:25) Eldavo

How do you create an emotion that you've never experienced?....I'm going to make a post later today on my own personal technique I call "The Apple Technique" which will create emotions inside illusionary scenario's and you come out with new emotions

(25 Oct '12, 11:02) Eldavo

looking forward to it! my approach is simple. for example i wanted to create the feeling of ultimate financial abundance. so i thought about donald trump and how he would probably feel on a regular day knowing he has more money than he could spend. it only takes cultivating compassion for other people so one can feel how somebody else feels. if one is regularly compassionate it should be no problem. but otherwise one just has to practice a little bit. everone has this natural skill of compassion

(25 Oct '12, 18:00) releaser99

@Eldavo- Your answer inspires me and just wanted to say a grand thankyou for writing this. Can't believe I haven't upvoted it yet.

(28 Oct '12, 21:58) Nikulas
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Give And You Shall Receive

We have heard for years about how we “should give.” We have learned that it is a nice thing to donate to charity and to help those less fortunate than us in a number of ways. Many people give freely and with a joyous heart. These people are richly rewarded, as I will share with you shortly.

Others share begrudgingly. A sense of obligation squeezes their giving out of them and there is a sense of “loss” associated with the giving. “Well, there’s money I’ll never see again. I hope they make good use of it!” Still others do not give at all, completely ruled by the belief that they absolutely cannot afford to part with even the slightest amount of money, for fear that they will “lose everything” if they do.

Which group do you think the Law of Attraction benefits the most? Pretty obvious, isn’t it? The last group is living in fear of lack. They are vibrating this “fear of lack” frequency constantly, and thus the Law of Attraction delivers exactly the circumstances that will substantiate that fear! It can do nothing else! It does not choose what comes to you. You do the choosing. The Universe, through this simple principle of physics, simply “reacts” perfectly to your “request.”

Thus, a person who does not give out of fear of “not having enough to spare” will perpetuate the reality that they do not. I know of many people who fall into that last category, who decide to “try giving to see if it works,” in terms of creating a positive flow of money into their lives. This puts them into the second category of person I described above. Their actions indicate giving, but what they are vibrating is still worry, doubt, and fear

Even if the feeling is not very strong and obvious, the Energy system is running, and it is repelling the “return on the investment.” When no return seems to come, they get discouraged, and then find themselves back in the last category of people who do not give, because their “evidence” is that giving does not result in receiving.

However, those who give freely and cheerfully generate their rewards in numerous ways. Have you noticed that some of the richest people in history have also been those who gave huge sums of money (and time) away? The logical response is, “Well, sure! They can AFFORD to give. They’re rich!” The point is that it is the other way around.

Many people talk about the “cyclical flow of Energy” that comes from giving, but when you get down to it, it is really no more than the Law of Attraction at work. You can see that for the people in the second and third group, “giving” does not necessarily result in receiving. The difference is in what the giver is “vibrating” about their giving. It is no more complicated than that. In the case of group one, the “free-givers,” there is a lot of positive emotion around their giving. The Law of Attraction dictates that this emotion will attract more of the same, and at an exponential rate. So if you are vibrating true joy in giving, you will attract more experiences that allow you to experience that joy – but in an even bigger fashion!

To facilitate grander giving (to make it possible for you to give more), what would have to happen? You would have to attract more to give! Which means the Universe will facilitate that for you. You do not have to figure out HOW at all! If I could instill ONE principle into your head forever, it would be the fact that you do not have to figure out how anything will happen.

It will happen, because you follow your intuition and passionate feelings. It will not feel like “work” and you will not have to suffer over it one bit.

Practically nothing else will bring you what you want faster than giving what you want away.

Wealth Beyond Reason

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great answer!

(26 Oct '12, 11:01) releaser99

@Releaser99- Thank you. Just thought I would add this excerpt here for future reference. :)

(27 Oct '12, 05:27) Satori

Wonderful, @Satori. This is very biblical. "God loves a cheerful and hilarious giver." It doesn't mean you are trying to appease a god, it's showing you the vibration that will result in abundance. I love seeing wisdom coming from diverse sources, all pointing to the same truths. :) Thank you for sharing.

(27 Oct '12, 06:46) Grace

@Grace - Thanks Grace and your welcome. I'm glad you found this Excerpt useful:)

(27 Oct '12, 15:36) Satori

@Satori and @Grace- I'm going to report back to all in perhaps 2-3 weeks about my experience of helping others, going the extra mile, offering even my honesty and love....It's only been 2 days and there have been some fairly unusual pleasant surprises pop up in my life, and that's not chance because emotionally I'm in the dumps :)

But as a starter, I think we've all realised, through this answer, that service and good intention is the currency of the universe, to put it roughly.

(27 Oct '12, 19:43) Nikulas

That's wonderful, @Nikulas. Just open wide your lovely warm heart, and let everything good flow to you and right out through you to others, with no expections. The worst that can happen is that you will considerably brighten many peoples' days, and have a blast doing it! The best that can happen is - I believe - living like this breeds miracles...

(27 Oct '12, 20:34) Grace

...Remember, though, the thing I forget: You. It has to go in that order - to you then through you. You can't give away what you don't have, so please take care of yourself first, in all you do. :)

(27 Oct '12, 20:34) Grace
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In coaching you deal a lot in the area of breaking the circle of negative/limiting beliefs. I can't ,I don't, I never... So in your mind you too must also change these beliefs. And be an example . A parachute instructor can only teach so much on the ground they must also jump out of the plane.With that jump you show the student that they can enjoy it as much as you do.
So if your confident that you can take the jump and you are sure of your equipment and methods by all means do it.Show your friend how much fun it is and that he will enjoy the ride!


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My 2 cents worth Nikulas , if it "feels" good ya gotta be on the right track ♥♥♥


answered 23 Oct '12, 21:39

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