I have been following the Abraham Hicks' teachings for many years. I have noticed recently that one issue I'm struggling with though is 'taking score' (i.e. Where's my stuff?). I've been focusing mainly on finding the feeling place of my desires, reaching for particular feelings (for example, excitement) - so I'm really trying to zero in on the feelings I want to feel.

However, I've noticed that I keep checking in on reality - and one desire in particular - and this throws me out of the vortex. I understand that reality is 'old news' and that I have to get up to speed with myself in order to experience the fullness of who I've become - but I can't seem to stop 'checking in' to see if anything has changed.

How do I stop 'taking score'? What are your tips for doing this? Should I just withdraw from reality as much as possible and also try to 'forget' my long-held desire as much as I can? (This is an all-day, every day thing that I think about because I want it so much.)


I also recently listened to an Abraham Hicks recording and the woman says she was in the vortex for about a month and received some of her desires but not the one 'big thing' she wanted - I've thought this before too. Why didn't she if she was in the vortex?

In my own life, I may feel good for a long time and 'not care' about the big desire - but the desire still doesn't manifest. Why is that? Why do some desires come and some don't when you're in the vortex? Your insights will be much appreciated!

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The impression I get is that you are trying much, much, much too hard to get your "stuff" :)

All these manifesting ideas are meant to be done in a joyful, light-hearted, kind of "floating gently" way.

Since you're already well-experienced with the Abraham teachings, let's cut to the chase and remind ourselves of some basic principles (in no particular order)...

  • Your job as an Abraham-based deliberate creator is to manifest emotions - and that's all. The more you focus (even secretly) on trying to get your physical stuff, the more you'll find it will just slip through your fingers. The nice thing is that those emotions you manifest are the real reason you want the stuff anyway so you effectively get instant manifestations :) ...with the physical stuff coming as a by-product. When you really internalize this, you start to realize that you don't need the physical stuff at all (only the emotion) and then, ironically, that removes all the resistance to the physical stuff coming...except you now don't need the stuff any more :)

  • Every subject consists of two parts...the absence of it vs the presence of it. The thing already exists vibrationally (in your Vortex) but if you want to perceive it with your physical senses instead of your emotional senses (i.e. manifest it), you have to allow the presence of it to dominate in your reality over the absence of it. People overcomplicate this idea with unnecessary blah-blah-blah limiting beliefs and disempowering dogmas, but it really is that simple. The easiest and simplest way to make presence dominate is, again, manifest emotions only

  • You can never un-desire a desire so when you give up on wanting your stuff, all you are really giving up is the resistance to it...so surrendering the desire completely to your favorite Deity to deal with instead is often a helpful trick.

  • By the time you are in alignment with your stuff, you are usually so bored with it that you almost don't care if you get it. So this is actually a useful test to see how aligned you really are. If the thing you want is still a big deal (and, if you are constantly checking physical reality for it, it probably is), you're not in the vibrational vicinity of it yet. Sorry :)

  • You can't turn off your thinking mechanism for long. So if you can't stop thinking about the thing you want, you either have to view it from a more general place (that doesn't kick you out of the Vortex - "I'm sure I'll get it one day" etc) or else - and this is what I do - have so many other desires being gently molded into place that you don't have time to even notice that the big thing hasn't come yet.

  • Once you get this big thing you are after, you'll only have more things resulting from it that you'll want afterwards. Life is an endless conveyor belt of desire and you'll never reach the place where you feel like you have it all perfect in your life...so you might as well enjoy the process, because the end-result satisfaction is only ever going to give you temporary, unsustainable moments of pleasure. You'll discover in time, if you haven't already, that the only sustainable pleasure comes from applying the process itself. The end result is just an excuse to apply the process

  • Put feeling good first always...no matter what ...in every situation. You make it inevitable that you'll get your manifested desire if you plant it in fertile (good feeling) soil instead of trying to make it grow in a hot arid (bad feeling) wasteland. An unhappy journey cannot lead to a happy destination. If ever you feel something bad-feeling in your physical reality is grabbing your attention too much and dragging you down, immediately go general with it and it will lose it's grip. Keep your connection to Source at all costs - even when you feel you are right about something. Abraham recommend being in the Vortex 90% of the time (that's quite a lot of time, if you think about it) and the remaining 10% of the time is only to feel the launching of fresh, new desires.

  • There's a saying about being of the world but not in it. And I think that's generally a good way to live. Allow yourself to freely launch desires based upon your interactions with the physical world but refuse to allow your focus to stay there. Spend time regularly in your vibrational world (Vortex world) instead. For me, I use a computer spreadsheet packed with good-feeling stuff that I peruse regularly and physical reality often has a tough time trying to drag me out of it :) I don't go there because I'm trying to manifest anything in the physical, I'm just going there only because it is fun to be there! :)

There's a few random thoughts/tips/insights for you :)


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Law of attraction and ABUNDANCE in action. @Stingray and myself answering the question at the same time, and saying the same sort of thing. :) Love it! :) @Andie This answer contains all you need, as does the Abraham video you posted.

(21 Jun '17, 09:32) Yes

@Yes - "Stingray and myself answering the question at the same time" - Yep, typical Law-of-Attraction synchronicity in action again :)

(21 Jun '17, 09:38) Stingray

@Stingray Love it!! :)

(21 Jun '17, 09:46) Yes

Thank you, @Stingray - you are right of course! I am trying far too hard to get my stuff. I think part of me is worried that feeling good (in general) will make me no longer want this particular thing that I want - and I know that's ridiculous but I'm sure this is definitely going on. Anyway, I will (again) go back to focusing on manifesting the emotions without attaching them to specific desires. Thank you! And thank you again, @Yes - your replies are making me smile :)

(21 Jun '17, 10:30) Andie

@Andie - "I know that's ridiculous but I'm sure this is definitely going on" - Lots, perhaps most, limiting beliefs seem ridiculous when exposed to the light of clear, rational, logical thinking...but that doesn't stop them imprisoning the believers of them for many years :) If you've done the yearning thing for long enough to convince yourself it doesn't work, there's no harm in trying something different :)

(21 Jun '17, 11:22) Stingray

Very true, @Stingray - enough yearning, more allowing. Thank you for your wisdom once more.

(21 Jun '17, 11:27) Andie

@Andie I'm happy to help. :) When worry bubbles up about losing that desire you so want if you stop 'wanting' it. Just let the thought go, by saying something general like, "All my desires are already created" "As soon as I ask it is given, it is done. I just have to let it in, let it in, let it in, peace, peace, peace, ease...."

(21 Jun '17, 11:39) Yes

Thanks, @Yes - those are good words to say :)

(21 Jun '17, 12:02) Andie
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I love the law of attraction so much!! The person in that video is doing exactly what you're doing and all the answers you need are in there, straight from Abraham :) You attracted that video, your desire for an answer attracted that video. That's how easy and effortless it is to manifest ANYTHING.

I bet you were curious about the answer to your question and the universe responded, bam! You asked, again, for an answer to that question here, four hours ago, and bam! Here I am giving you - the same - answer bam! Super fast, super easy, and now you have TWO of the same answers. More will follow, I'm sure. That's abundance right there :) It came as there was no lack in you about IT.

The reason you're struggling with certain subjects is you're vibrating the lack of them. If you listen to Abraham on the video you will hear them say that, yes, the vortex is filled with all those 'big' things that you want but that in order for you to attract them you have to feel as they feel, because that will enable vibrational matching.

That is why the person in the video didn't get her request. She was in the vortex, feeling great, but a part of her was watching for the desire. The only reason she was watching for the desire is because she wasn't actually in the vortex.

This is so hard to hear for those that can't consistently find the feeling of the vortex but when you are really in the vortex, feeling clear, free, sure, happy, excited, pleased with everything that you can see, buzzing, tingling and trembling with joy. When you really align with that feeling, it's not possible to feel lack.

The feeling of lack is what prevents the desire from popping in your experience.

Two things happen when you're in the vortex regarding a desire. The first thing is the desire may cross your mind and you feel great thinking about it but you also, genuinely, DON'T CARE that you don't have it (so, there's your feeling of no lack being practised) and then the second thing that happens is, you actually can't believe that you won't have it. You know it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done (again, no feeling of lack about it) It exists and you know it even if you can't see it (again, no feeling of lack from you) and then you forget about it and just go back to feeling FANTASTIC because you're in the vortex and this thing in your life pleases you and this other thing in your life pleases you and this other thing in your life pleases you... and you feel so AMAZING that what's there or not there just pleases you (again no lack feeling within you) and then THAT THING (your desire) is there in front of you.

(Also, you don't particularly care that it's there now. It's just added to all the other things that you see that please you and this pleases you and that pleases you and you feel appreciation and playful and secure and clear and open and free.)

But, can you feel the straight line of that unfolding? It's just one frequency. It's desire: and flow ------------------------------------------------------------------ a straight line of peace about the desire. So it's desire flow-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- manifestation.

What you're doing and the person in the video is doing is desire----------- I feel good where is it (lack) ---------------- It should be here by now (lack) ------------------ Am I doing something wrong, maybe? (lack) -------------------- and on it goes.

The only way to have a clear path of desire flow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- manifestation with no lackful thoughts in the way, is to really put feeling better as your priority. Not feeling better to get 'over there' because 'over there' feels better than where you are. But, feeling better because you want to feel better, NOW.

So you need to look for the best things in your experience now, go to the beach, sit in your garden and watch nature, see friends that make you happy, go to the spa. Do whatever you can to feel good. Make a list of what feels good and do as many of them as you can. You have to let your being rise to the level of your inner being, which feels nothing but joy and appreciation.

Once you do that you will start having the flow of the vortex ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no lack jumping up in the middle of it, just flow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and that's when the BIG things come. But, you won't feel any better because you already have the feeling better that was over there. That's freedom, because you don't fear losing those things you thought you needed to be happy.

It's not those desires that make you happy anyway. It's the vortex feeling of flow -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

It's important to get that because, otherwise, you can end up like many people before you that have all those desires and are still utterly, utterly miserable and depressed. Think of big stars that take drugs and commit suicide and lottery winners that say it's the worse thing that ever happened to them.

Why is that? Because they didn't find the joy, the flow of life -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.


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Thank you so much for this, @Yes - you are absolutely right about all of this. I need to just concentrate on feeling good without thinking about any 'ulterior motives' (as Abraham says to the woman in the recording), as in feeling good in order to 'get my stuff' - forget the stuff, find the feeling! Thank you for your wonderful reply!

(21 Jun '17, 10:19) Andie

@Andie You're very welcome! :)

(21 Jun '17, 11:01) Yes

By treating your imagination as real.

Remind yourself, whenever you find yourself wondering where your manifestation is, that when you visualize, you are not preparing yourself to experience a real thing in the life dream- you are experiencing a new real dream right now.

You are not experiencing the manifestation emotion as a means to an end, in order to have the manifestation, and then feel the real thing for real later- you are experiencing the manifestation emotion in order to have the state of being you want right now.

To the extent that you have no other doubts, the means-to-an-end approach can work just fine. There is some tolerance to how much doubt or resistance or conflicting beliefs in an area you can have and still get a noticable manifestation. But if you already are harboring some doubts, the extra resistance of "this isn't really real I only have the imagination not the real thing" might be enough to delay the manifestation.

So the solution is twofold:

One, accept, fully, that your visualization is the real thing. Let it satisfy you like a real experience. Only then are you putting out the vibration of what you are wanting out in powerful clarity.

Two, use some kind of clearing technique to dig for negative beliefs. You could start right there with the irritating emotion that you get when you think: "Why is this not working?" So feel that emotion for a while, then ask yourself: What would I have to believe to feel this? Prod a little until you get an answer- when you get a clearly formulated belief, you're done- it won't survive being exposed if it's negative. Do this whenever you feel hints of negativity.

Note: This is not about being patient and waiting- the paradox is that when you stop noticing you don't have what you want, your imagined dream has a much easier time becoming your life dream and manifesting. This is a way of taking your skill as a spiritual person to the next level, which involves a lot of acknowledging abundance you have, most likely, for the most part, just below the surface of visibility of reality. I'm almost certain a gifted psychic would have no trouble at all perceiving all that stuff hanging around your aura, and this additional nudge might just be enough to let it all in.


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Thank you, @cmc - that's great. You're right - I need to enjoy the dreams/visualisations for their own sake without thinking beyond that. Thanks!

(24 Jun '17, 13:59) Andie
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