THIS POST IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! If your inner source tells you to stop reading PLEASE LISTEN TO THAT WISDOM AND DON'T READ THESE QUESTIONS until you feel ready.

Stingray. I sincerely appologize to you for turning my follow-up to your wonderful response to the Dark Arts question into another question. I didn't want to broach this subject on this wonderful place of spiritual lightharted banter. but something within is saying that everyone is going to be OK with this information.

I don't know much about this stuff & I'm not sure how much I really want to know. All I did one day was intently ask "Show me all the deception that is going on this planet" & the Pandora’s Box of knowledge opened

But since you guys seem to know about the dark arts,

Are the Illuminati the real power behind our current manifested dimension on this planet?

Is there a shadow government?

Are there secret societies, that are compulsory membership for our ruling elites? And DO THEY PRACTICE THE DARK ARTS?

Are they into Trauma based mind control as a means of control not only of society but also of themselves?

Is ritual human sacrifice going on right now to extend lifespan & appease the reptilian entities?

Are there reptilian entities in the lower astral manipulating us?

Are we all possessed in our consciousness with a reptilian "Un invited" guest who is consuming our creation & soul energy as a source of intoxication or drug?

Is all media that is around us a means of control of our individual consciousness & as a result, the control of mass consciousness which then allows the manipulation of our dimension easier that otherwise?

Is there a Spiritual war going on right now to, prevent this spontaneous awakening within mankind which will finally free us from the bondage of this man-made control grid?

I'm talking about stuff like

-: the Fake Man-made global warming excuse to introduce the carbon tax as a means of funding the global government or new world order.

-: Manufactured diseases like AIDS and posibly the Swine Flu Pandemic to bring population control.

-: The Banking institutions that print fake money (the only thing that is supporting it is our contract of bondage to pay back this never ending debt + interest, with our sweat & toil until we drop dead)

I know that this is not the Place to discuss these Ideas. I don't want to initiate a dialog in this direction on this wonderful & spiritually embracing forum.


MY Instinct or inner source guided me towards this information in the form of "If you really want to participate in change (inner change & global change) then you must know what is hidden and what you’re up against."

Are you guys & gals coming up against this wall of information in your search for change?

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The Traveller

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Guys thank you so much for your responses. They are so grounded in their practicality. Thank you stingray I love your entire response including "there is never anything to fear". Thank you Vesuvius. I'll examine my fundamental beliefs (I haven't allowed myself to be consumed or affected by this stuff. but your suggestion has wisdom). Thank you, flowing water, for bringing the strongest force, (God) into the mix. I choose not to select "The right answer" feature available in this forum because every answer is the right answer. –

(29 Nov '09, 01:58) The Traveller

Thank you The Traveller for God and Jesus are always the strongest force against the powers and principalities forming against the people of this world.

(02 Dec '09, 21:19) flowingwater
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Hi Traveller,

Since you mentioned me by name, I guess I ought to throw in an answer to this one...Speak of the devil and he doth appear, and all that stuff ;)

Firstly, as I mentioned to someone else on this forum recently, don't apologize! Every question leads to an answer, and every answer probably leads to another question. This forum appears to exist for the purpose of us asking questions and us providing answers, so there cannot be anything wrong in doing either of those (if they are on-topic!)

I've been fascinated for many years by the topics you've brought up. My personal inner source has no problem with exploring these subjects.

Is there any truth in any of these topics? Probably there is.

But does it matter?

Here, I feel like I want to mention something that my favorite reality-creation comedian - the late, great Bill Hicks - once said.

He said:

I have four questions for you...


What I mean by quoting this is that while all of the things you mentioned may (or may not) be happening, none of it need affect us in any way whatsoever.

Abraham, in one of their extremely rare comments on this kind of thing, once described this world-domination bunch as being (and I'm paraphrasing this from memory) like a small party on a ship in a vast ocean having an overblown sense of their own self-importance but not mattering at all in the greater scheme of things.

I follow this stuff as a hobby only - never seriously. In the same way that some people collect stamps, and others enjoy building airplanes out of matchsticks (or whatever), I enjoy watching the world-domination bunch attempting to control the uncontrollable. And I equally enjoy watching those fighting the world-domination bunch attempting to free those who don't need freeing.

Humanity, as a whole, is quite capable of taking care of itself and we need have no fear about this party on a ship that tries to grab our global attention from time to time.

Our individual lives are a reflection of our predominant thought patterns and the great focusing safety-valve that exists within each of us is that we are generally more concerned about what's for dinner tonight than trauma-based mind-control.

I think if you enjoy looking into these subjects with that light what's for dinner? attitude, you'll probably find it all quite interesting, fascinating and educational without finding yourself drawn into all the nonsense itself.

But, as you said in your question, if you don't feel ready for these subjects, don't go there. It's not that there is anything to fear (because there is never anything to fear), it's that you'll find this particular party to be full of sad, boring people with nothing better to do.

Now onto more important things...what's for dinner tonight? ;)


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Nice post, Stingray. Now I have something I can show my conspiracy-theory friends. :)

(28 Nov '09, 19:38) Vesuvius

Gee thanks, Vesuvius. Now I'm going to have the "Good Guys" and the "Bad Guys" chasing after me ;)

(28 Nov '09, 20:36) Stingray

Guys I loved this , my beloved daughter is into all this stuff and for a short time managed to capture mummys attention , then i had a , he he , reality check and thought do I really wanna give my attention to this stuff , nah . Now what's for dinner ;-)

(17 Jul '12, 01:51) Starlight

@Stingray I felt I had to check this out today and I'm glad I did - good answer. To be honest, I must admit the mind control thing always did strike me as a bit of a stretch - if you have kids you'll know how hard it is to get them to do what you want and I find they all want something different for dinner.

(06 Sep '12, 02:30) Catherine
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If you look hard enough, you will find what you are looking for.

If you subscribe to the Law of Attraction, then you must believe that you create your own world (or at least your experience of it, which in the end is all there is for you). That means that your quality of life will depend on what you choose to focus on. Given this, you must decide for yourself: is this stuff improving my quality of life?

If it isn't, then stop worrying about it.

What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to live a life of suspicion and doubt, where there is always something lurking around every corner, or do you want to life a life of excitement and gratitude, where you know that the universe is basically a friendly place?

If you feel like you are constantly attracted to these fringe ideas, maybe you should examine some of your fundamental assumptions about life, and see whether they are serving you well or not.


answered 28 Nov '09, 19:10

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The bible tells you that you are not fighting against flesh and blood but power and principalities. The bible tells you yes their is an God, Jesus, the holy spirit and angels. It also tell you their are devil, demons, other beings, and celestial beings.

There has been an spiritual war and still is going on for the protection of our souls for the evil wants to corrupt and destroy the humans whom God loves. Their is an physical war going on at different times that the evil uses to malipulate to get more money and control of many different things world banks, media,oil, gas, drugs both legal and illegal or what ever is valuable at the time.

But your is not to worry for what each human is suppose to do is get fully gounded in the word of God and his love an protection for us. God is real and his love is real for us. Yes there is so much evil going on in the world and evil is trying to block out the fact to all it is placing it in the minds of media of all kinds internet, books, tv, or what ever that evil does not exist and making everyone wonder is this reality even real. Yes this reality is real this is our physical world that God placed us in and created for us call earth. Evil is playing an mind game on you.

Don't focus on what the evil is doing let Jesus Christ fight the powers and principalities of this world and we focus our thoughts and hearts on God and our love for him and his great power and he will use it to protect us from all evil.

Focus your thoughts on postive,happy things and know that in the background God/Jesus is protecting you from all harm, danger and evil. The bible tells you to watch and pray all we are suppose to do is stay prayed up (which prayer is simply talking to God) within the shield or circle of protection of God.

God made us co-creators and Jesus said we can do things as great as he does and greater so start thinking postive thougths and speaking postive things to counter act all of the negative thoughts and virbarations out there. God said if we ask he would heal the land so pray and ask for God to heal the hearts and minds of people, heal the land, and heal our spiritual souls and he will. God said have faith if you have as much faith as an mustard seed you can move mountains so get to moving.

Jesus said he came so that we have life and life more abundantly so get to holding on to God/Jesus to some is universal consciouness an living an life of abundance amongst the ideology of being bombbarded with doom, gloom, and the end coming 2012. Don't buy into that reality your reality is continous living in abundance, of love, peace, transquility,good health, wealth, and prosparity.

If we are truly co-creators than we need to focus on the good we can create in this world and continue on our spiritual journey until when ever the end is for us or this world to come. For God gave us an new day take it and enjoy it and do an be the best you can be for that day and help others along the way showing Jesus love along the way to others through you to others whom you may or maynot come into physical contact with send them healing, postive energy, prayer, love, and what other ways you may be able to help. Always remember love is so precious it hides an multitude of faults the bible says. So if you are able show more love to others along your path you are traveling on.


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Well said! Yes we live in a world of good, and evil, but we do have choices. And we should all seek the good things in life. Although, some may think that they can get away with doing evil, they need to be weary, for good will always over come evil, and like the Bile teaches "the word of God will prevail to the end. Amen! So be not be worried of the evil doers, for God is not asleep. He will take care of his love ones in the time of need. Keep praying for world peace, and safety.

(02 Dec '09, 09:20) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank Elsa for your kind words and yes we do have choices and God will take care of his love ones in the time of need. You are right we must continue to pray for world peace and safety.

(02 Dec '09, 21:11) flowingwater

Beloved, I see you are trying to break free from your bondage. We are all born into this bondage, remember Plato's Cave? The only way out of it is not chafing against your chains but rather closing your eyes turning within and being all you were meant to be..........

Let the rulers of this planet, no one represented in any media, do their job, and you do yours. This beautiful planet, this beautiful life is your theater, your play-area where you get to experience yourself and realize who you truly are....... Fear is your only enemy.....beware of him.

Good Luck on this amazing journey, (don't forget to have fun!) namaste


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well i can say that some of those things exist! but for the part about the crossing of dark art on your spiritual path eventually you will experiance it and make your choice to go one way or the other! and once this is done something will be given to you! that is as far as i will tell on that subject!


answered 04 Jun '11, 04:24

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white tiger

Thanks for your answer and you left us hanging with a little bit of curiosity. What is that something? Something Spiritual or something Evil? But then again they are both the same thing for all is of the spirit. But how can you tell that to someone? Fortunately, I'm OK with not knowing what is not meant for me to know.

(04 Jun '11, 13:21) The Traveller

lets say that you have free will to do one or the other! both path are given to you to be experiance so you can make the choice! you make your choice then you receive something! is this better for you to understand?

(04 Jun '11, 16:52) white tiger
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