It is said that there is a will, there is a way.When it comes to manifesting something we know that The things eagerly desired can be manifested very easily.the main point is to manifest some thing we must have burning desire for that thing.

I personally have very little and weak desires for material things.I generally feel no much attraction toward material things.Even money gets my attantion only when i face hand to mouth situatioin.

Here i feel that i must make my desires strong to get a materially satisfactory life.

Is there any way or technique to make our desire much strong so that things could be manifested easily?

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Hi @Zee desires are created spontaneously from every experience, from moment to moment, if you're not choosing to follow those desires this is evidence of limiting beliefs in operation. From your text it's clear there's a mindset of material lack. So the quest is "how to overcome a lack mindset?"

(27 Oct '15, 03:55) jaz
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You seem to be under the impression that it is strength of desire that manifests what you want.

When you brush your teeth in the morning, do you spend a lot of time building up your desire to do so first in order to manifest that activity?

When you desire a cup of tea, do you think of ways first to strengthen that desire enough that the cup of tea comes into your reality? (probably through you filling up the kettle with water and turning it on).

There are actually two distinct approaches to physically manifesting what you want easily.

Method 1: Build up an enormous amount of desire for something you want and then allow stretching an elastic band to breaking point and then releasing it. This is what you are alluding to with your question. You can think of this approach as a masculine, brute-force kind of approach.

Method 2: Just live your life keeping yourself in a generally good-feeling place, and then allow whatever desires naturally bubble up (through you living your everyday life) to manifest themselves automatically simply through your habit of allowing. It's a much gentler approach to life, more feminine in approach you could say, but just as effective for getting what you want.

So which do you choose?

Well, there's no right or wrong way. It depends how much drama you like in your life. :)

Driven and forceful people (probably myself included) seem to enjoy a bit of life drama from time to time so tend naturally towards Method 1, but there are many folks who like an easier, smoother, gentler lifestyle and so would probably resonate more with Method 2.

Whatever works for you is right for you - and you'll probably switch from one to the other for different subjects and different phases of your life.

So don't think for a moment that you must have huge desires to get what you want.


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Just focus on it.

In whatever way you can, whenever, wherever...

Take out a piece of paper and write out what you could do with whatever it creative.

If you focus on something long enough, an interest will develop. When an interest develops you will naturally want to think about it more and a desire develops. Then your thoughts will go to it again and again - and it will continue to increase.


answered 13 Oct '10, 22:51

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People don't really want money, and they don't really want material things either. What people really want is how they think those things will make them feel. They don't want the thing; they want to feel good.

The paradox, of course, is that it is already within your power to feel good, just by deciding to do so. Since you are here, you have proven that you can handle the hand-to-mouth situations, so those aren't really a problem.

Maybe you just don't want money that much. There's nothing wrong with that. But maybe you do like the idea of having better long-term financial security, or having more choices about what you would like to do, where you want to live, and so forth. Money can help you achieve that, but so can other things.

Money is just a vehicle, a means to achieving goals. The pursuit of money itself is an empty endeavor; who wants a bunch of little paper notes with dead white guys on them?

But what if you found a way to solve a problem or produce a product that nobody else has bothered to solve or produce? Would that make you happy? Would it make others happy? If it makes others happy, they will be willing to give you some of their little paper notes to "manifest" your product into their lives, and your financial situation (as measured by numbers in a computer somewhere) will improve as a result.

So my advice, to improve your desire, is to write down some of the things that you would like to have in your life, and think about how it would make you feel to have those things, without concerning yourself about how much it costs.

Money is a measure of the value you provide to other people. If you have a talent or innovative idea that jazzes you, pursue it with vigor, and share it with others. The financial prosperity will come as a side-effect of that.


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good reply....thanks Vesuvius

(13 Oct '10, 18:11) Zee

I'm not sure that we can increase the density of our desires. I think our desires come naturally depending on where we are at on our journey.

Why would you need to manifest to get a "materially satifactory life"? If your desire for material things is not that strong,why would you need to manifest more material things in your life? Are you sure that there maybe isn't an underlying desire for those material things which maybe motivated you to ask this question? - I could be way off the mark asking that but just thought it might be something for you to consider.

If I am wrong then I would say kudos to you - most people are looking to become unattached to things because it is only when we are attached to something and then lose it (which we will eventually because everything physical is impermanent) that we suffer. Hence being unattached to those material things will cause a lot less suffering.

And I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with having or being attached to those material things but that one should realize that they will have to come to terms with the loss of those eventually, so it is easier not tie your identity to them by becoming too attached.


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One way I have noticed that makes desires stronger for me (for better or worse) is competition with others.

For example, you want to work as a manager in prominent business but you notice your desire is not really strong enough, you just like the idea of it and it would be nice. Right here is where I would surround myself with people who are trying to get into the same or similar position. You will then feel a sense of competition and want it more.

It's all about making the "cost" go up. When someone has something you want, the cost goes up, so the desire will follow, if pursued.

Again, probably an ego perspective but I trully feel it in my energy and perspective towads the goal.

If there is a more spiritual way to create the same desire I would love to try it!

Good luck.


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right back2basics....i have witnessed many ppl who have manifested many things to up lift their live using same strategy.

(13 Oct '10, 19:47) Zee

awesome, then you can up vite my answer! haha yes, I have personally had success with it. but it is just a game, to help out...

(13 Oct '10, 21:50) Back2Basics

Do you know what it is that you want to manifest easily? If so, what are some of things that you can do to create, and manifest your desire easily?

For example: do you want to own a car, and do have the money to pay for the car, or do you need a loan to purchase the car, or do you have wealthy parents, who would purchase the car for you? Do you have a talent that you can use to create something from scratch to sell, or do you have any great ideas that you can use to turn into instant cash flow.

The bigger question is: what can you do now to generate fast and easy cash for your self? What service can you provide that would attract people to purchase from you, and once you have established you’re self, you in turn would be manifesting the money you desire to improve your life style. But you have to take action and do the legs work, so that the LOA would manifest your desire easily!

You can also use Stingray Manifesting 2 Focus Block to help you to get focused on what to do?


answered 16 Oct '10, 06:03

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