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It is clearly stated in the bible, the source of the christian religion, that God is beyond what we can grasp, that God is beyond being contained in a physical form, so to cla im that God is jesus the son of mary is a pagan belief.

This belief is instilled in "christianity" by "religious leaders" for mind control, because to consider a phsical form, it be a human, animal, or an inanimate being, as God who is unlimited, uncontainable, beyond what our physical /materialistic mindset can encompass, is a very narrow way of puting it together.

However, these so-called religious leaders and self proclaimed mediators, want to control the minds of their audience/followers, through instilling this sick and blind belief in the minds of their followers so that they may manipulate and influence them, because when you have people believing that a human being ressembles God, then they start to exagguarate their worth and elevate the human above their real position( simply a creature that is helpless without God and subordinated by God, even if a human denies that fact), this allows them to intervene in people lives as if they were God, the creator of all beings and the One that gave exisistence), why?

Because, many of these seemingly unworldly religious leaders, are, sadly, money seeking individuals who manipulate religion to gain them what they most desire, (worldly things) a luxury residence, loafty cars, prestige, honor, buisiness, gold, diamonds, silk.

As a matter of fact, it would not be in their advantage if people became upright and lead a healthy faithful life, connected DIRECTLY to God, because they want to be mediators, they want clients, and the only way to get clients is to convince you that you are too sinful to directly link with God, to directly confess to God, afterall you are worshipping God so why go to them instead, they would hate if people become liberated from thinking that they are pure and holy and the link between God and humans, this will loose them clients, because otherwise whats their job?

If we think that God wanted humans to be perfect, then we forgot that He is the all-forgiving, most compassionate, most merciful? What is left for God if all our confessions, adoration, admiration goes to saints or better- HUMANS(just like us, acting sinless and better than others when they may be corrupt) , ofcourse this is not meant to condemn saints as much as the act of saintliness(acting like a noble outcast, and a self proclaimed mediator). Am sure no prophet was like that.

Please not that my question is meant to invite you and me to ponder instead of rushing to answer, thank you.

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Hello my friend @springflower there's an ingrained belief that there's only one truth meaning that if someone is right therefore all the others are wrong. What is a belief but a mental act, an opinion, a mindset, a mental acceptance of the validity of something based on limited information. A mindset is consciously choosing a particular way of functioning to perform a particular task.

Humans can consciously experience just a tiny amount of the information available to them at any one time, all the rest is automatically filtered out, that's why beliefs have to be limiting, that's what human reality is all about.

Rather than wonder if something is true I prefer to ask myself whether my actual mindsets are useful to me now, whether they're serving me in my present situation, my beliefs are only mindsets that I accepted at some other time when I was experiencing something different, I am free to discard them and choose other beliefs at will.


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There were two points in my life where I was opened to a higher understanding of my existence and relationship with the universe.

The first was the hearing of a voice say: "I am that which I am becoming. I am beyond the minds of mortal humanity."

The second was hearing: "I am ALL things. I am the sum of all things that exist in the universe. Add all the love of people that live on earth and imagine that complete love exists in me. Imagine the storms and tempests of the universe, all that energy is contained in me. How can a mortal mind ever begin to imagine what I am!"

What I obtained was, to live NOW, for now is the eternity that exists, there is no other time than now, all eternity is happening now.

Most of the people live in vortexes of mindlessness, of imagination. As a Lama once told me, "All is in the mind" after I questioned whether wisdom was a seed that existed from a source outside of our minds. I learned to do, to hear and see and accept my being. My being was not as important as I imagined yet more important than I could imagine.

I must edit to add that a leader of a spiritual organisation told me that there were three options of being a saint, for a person who had a saint complex, and that was as a spiritual disciple, as a married person or as a single person.


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