As the days go back, it seems that I am getting more and more aware of the negative energy that is emitted by people. I used to not notice them at all, which is little wonder I ended up being influenced by their negativity and being quite a negative person myself.

So now that I am becoming aware of the negativity that is emitting from other people, it sometimes makes me a little uncomfortable, because I know that it would be difficult (or close to impossible) to rid the negativity from them.

What I would like to do though is to prevent myself from being affected or influenced by their negativity, is there any possible way to do that?

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this may be helpful:

(02 Dec '10, 17:16) Back2Basics

Imagine yourself affecting them with your positivity.

(31 Dec '10, 15:22) The Traveller
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Remember that the things you pay most attention to are the things that get reflected back to you in the Universal mirror of life. It doesn't really matter whether the negativity begins as a result of your paying attention to another's negative thoughts and actions or negativity from within your own mind or both.

The bottom line is that negativity attracts more of itself, so noticing negativity brings more of the same to you. While it may be difficult to do in the beginning, you owe it to yourself to generate and maintain a positive attitude and hence a positive vibration.

If your goal is to be happy and feel good, by necessity you need to cultivate a predominately positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people. If this means consciously removing people from your life or being real through loving yourself and caring about your vibration and thus no longer attracting those negative people, so be it!

Here are a few things that helped me with this work:

  • Realize that it's not your job to change another.

  • Comment and point out their negativity if you feel like it, but don't expect their thanks.

  • It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it only matters how you're vibrating.

  • You cannot raise your vibration by focusing on another's pain.

  • The residual negativity within you attracts negativity from within another.

  • The other is a facet of you, so when you change the facet must change.

While I have compassion for those living in negativity and pain, I don't care about what they're vibrating, I only care about how I'm vibrating. We can't help anyone from a within a vibration of pain and suffering. Here's a shortcut I use to remind me of this:

I don't care - I don't mind - whatever you plant - whatever you find

Through the example of being a light, happy, feel-good person, those who're ready to step-up their vibrational frequency will be attracted to you and those who are not will fade out of your life. Either way, there are no mistakes! It's all good :)


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Nice answer Eddie :)

(03 Dec '10, 02:34) Michaela

Thamks Michaela and thanks to my source :)

(03 Dec '10, 12:48) Eddie

There are people that have a tendency at looking at just one side of a coin. Seeing their side or the side that feels good to them or makes them feel better,their ego being better than someone else, it could be in others misfortune or unhappiness.When a conversation starts and the tone goes to negativity about a situation or person that is one side of the coin, there are always two sides.
Negativity is a sort of darkness and darkness cannot survive light

Through the example of being a light, happy, feel-good person, those who're ready to step-up their vibrational frequency will be attracted to you and those who are not will fade out of your life

One small candle in a dark room breaks the darkness.
A positive opposite/other-side of the coin words,thoughts, or actions will break the darkness
I've seen this work on close family members that are negative. That they no longer deal with me these thoughts because they go nowhere with me. And thus our interactions are much more positive/light.
Don't get caught up in their darkness, light your light and let it burn on.


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Thanks ursixx, light on bro :)

(03 Dec '10, 12:50) Eddie

Great answer. I'm currently practicing on close family members also and I can see it's very slowly working. I have learned, over time to be such a people pleaser and felt so guilty when I made someone unhappy/angry/irritated etc but now I'm glad to say ive seen the light :-D

(03 Dec '10, 14:04) Vibrationsrus

Start noticing POSITIVE people and you will begin to notice that those are the people you will be surrounded by.

The more you think about or recognize negative folks the more they will appear. Also look at so called negative people not as negative but as "just fine" people that you do not prefer. See they are not bad, it's just that you do not "prefer" them. Smile and move on.

You will always find what you look for. It is guaranteed

Be well.


Edit: AN exercise I do often in public is when I see someone or feel a person with a negative vibe, I imagine myself as their Mother and give them an imaginary hug. A mothers love is always true so at that moment it is easy to love them.


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jim 10

Hi thanks for your answer..but there are some instances where negative folks will appear whether I think of them a not- for example, I have a friend who teaches people how to make a living online and I help him to a certain extent, but his clients are often very desperate and negative

(02 Dec '10, 16:34) kakaboo

I worry about negative people sucking me away from my happy place. It just so happens that today I came across the very answer you are looking for on youtube care of our friends Abraham. Hope it helps :-)

Compassion for a friends grief


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I love these answers. I thought I was being sensitive. I never noticed before the negativity that I have been feeling from others. Its been overwhelming the last 5 years. I felt alone like I was losing my mind but reading this I know I'm ok and I need to focus on being love and being happy and when I feel the negativity remember a mothers love. Love and compassion. Thank you. I love the answers I'm so happy I'm not crazy!


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Donetta Johnson

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As a married person: my spouse for 7 years with two daughter is very negative, sometime I point it out for her to see what she said. What should I do. I like the answers giving to previous question. I still need a helping-hand since I don't want a divorce.


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@liye welcome to IQ, but you might want to consider asking your question as a separate new question on this site so that you can get more views and opinions regarding what to do about your situation.

(01 Feb '15, 04:23) kakaboo
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