I'm such a firm believer in the continuous active avoidance of negativity. I've decides years ago to only use positive wording and do my best to give as little energy to "darkness" or the opposite polarity as I could. I just choose another way of getting my point across. At first, I would even censor my thoughts to keep from radiating unhealthy energy. I quickly saw no place for me in any of the mainstream organized religions or not the one I grew up with.

I limit my exposure to the news media to a bare minimum. TV is mostly out of my life except for a few sports programs. Spirituality has new meaning nowadays. I avoid judgement of others. Compelling or even trying to convince others to adopt this way of life is out of the question. In this manner I've become somewhat invisible to it. I have to limit my associations with some people.

I now have enough time alone and by myself to find out the good that can come from quiet times alone with the lights turned down. All in all I've found it easy to limit my exposure but it is mostly impossible to quickly censor my own negativity fully.

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It's possible and stupid.

(14 Oct '13, 01:41) CalonLan

Enlightened masters maintain equanimity under all circumstances.. i am not sure what you mean keeping -vity out of your life. To me it means no matter whats going on the outside which seemilngly is -ve you are always centered and calm and peaceful etc...

(15 Oct '13, 20:16) abrahamloa

To answer your question if you look at masters like Dalai Lama , paramahsansa yogananda.. faced difficulties in life. There were among times when there is wars etc but they remained centered and had a bliss about themselves being in tune with the Source energy.

(15 Oct '13, 20:16) abrahamloa

when you achieve greater degree of calmness and being in the now-ness and being in tune most of the time, then you will find that the surroundings will not affect you even if you are exposed to it at times... Its good to be in good company and environments but we should not get too scared to be in the rest of the world out there. Nothing will affect you if you make up your mind.

(15 Oct '13, 20:21) abrahamloa
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Personally, I believe No Man Is an Island & we are all connected.

I'm going to recycle a couple quotes I posted earlier. They seem applicable.

I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together ~ John Lennon

"If everything in my world is in me, then everything in your world is in you & if I am in your world, then I am in you." ~ Neville Goddard

I watch news. I want to know what is happening locally, in my state in my country & around the world.

All the negativity in the world cannot bring you down unless you allow it. Bad news can only get you down if you let it. You can't change anyone else, but you can certainly change yourself. You get to make the decision on how you feel. You are in charge. No one controls your feelings, but YOU. If your perceptions & beliefs do not make you feel good, it's up to you to change your view.

If you view people as negative you are judging. In fact nearly every sentence in your question is a judgment, isn't it?

Change Your View, Change Your World

Your understanding of polarity differs than mine.

Polarity is a philosophy. Yin & Yang. Positive and negative don't have to do with good or bad; they are just opposites like night and day or left & right. It's also the basis of Eastern medicine as well as Western holistic healing. It combines ancient wisdom & the science of physics. North & South are opposites. Think of earth - the North & South poles - opposite polarities.

Think of how a battery works. Without opposite polarities, there would be no electrical current - no 'flow'. This is how our energy body works also. Just as electric current moves between the negative and positive terminals of a battery, energy moves through out our body.

For example, you can think of your head as North (positive) & your feet South (negative). Polarities allow currents of energy (chi) to "flow" though our energy bodies. If there was no difference, there would be no "flow". Chakras act as transformers for currents both within and surrounding our bodies (auras).

The goal is to balance our energy body (body,mind & spirit). We want chi to flow unobstructed & be harmony.

Energy transmission is NOT possible without both negative and positive.

I agree, like attracts like - positive attracts more positivity and negativity attracts more negativity.

As to how to balance the polarities ...

Balance starts on the inside...knowing who you really are, loving yourself unconditionally, awakening your happiness, connectedness, creativity and joy. This is our natural way of being: living in balance from the heart. ~ Kay Cordell Whitaker


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@ele,.. thanks for providing an extended version of what I just said. =D

(14 Oct '13, 03:02) CalonLan

Anytime @Cal You've given me too much credit - I had to go & didn't have a chance to explain in any more detail how "silly" this would be. (balance) Be my guest - you can do it in less words than me. Provide an example only you can give.

(15 Oct '13, 01:10) ele

@ele, it was a reference to my comment above haha. I indeed thought of the very same stuff, balance etc. Also the fact that he tries to be positive, yet he's negative towards negativity. But it's hidden/ignored negativity or in his eyes justified enough it doesn't appear as negativity anymore, which is even worse. When hatred becomes blunt, love does too.

But I didn't explain anything, either you get it already, or it's no point explaining. I much prefer to let everyone evaluate their...

(15 Oct '13, 01:45) CalonLan

...situation by themselves and see their own lessons, rather than suggest any. Everyone has their own situation and everyone knows what they want to do about it and/or take from it. Regardless of hordes of teachers everywhere, one doesn't learn unless he wants to.

I'm just enjoying myself by commenting. Life's easy when you got place to sleep, food to eat and some money to buy stuff =D

(15 Oct '13, 01:54) CalonLan

@Cal "it was a reference to my comment above" I know this & said that. I get you & your very astute insights. You are one of the wisest members here & unfortunately, one of the most misunderstood. Absolutely, having fun is MOST important & life is easy if you allow it & get out of your own way. You're in charge of your own life. No one else is. Thank you, appreciate the acknowledgement. I hope your additional comments help him find 'clarity'.

(15 Oct '13, 02:02) ele

@ele, you giving me too much credit. I'm just a bum, that lived to have fun.

And when i don't drink, I don't have much fun. Haha, this life's awesome, but need some booze, not to escape bad stuff, but multiply the effect of the good one =D....

I drink and dream of the movies they won't make of me when im dead. =)))


(15 Oct '13, 16:45) CalonLan

@ele, great points. keep it coming!

(15 Oct '13, 20:18) abrahamloa

...anything which helps you with your inhibitions @Cal I'm all for. You have to stop being so modest & let your light shine through.

"Beer he drank - seven goblets. His spirit was loosened. He became hilarious. His heart was glad and his face shown." - from the Epic of Gilgamesh, 3000 B.C.

.... All the really great philosophers, writers & artists drank @Cal ~ from Aristotle to Shakespeare . Recall Monty Python's 'The Philosopher's Drinking Song'? (A)

(16 Oct '13, 06:07) ele

(B) @Cal


... and the more intelligent you are,the more likely it is you will drink. You're a very intelligent man @Cal & it seems you're destined to drink & there will be more than poetry coursing through your veins.


(16 Oct '13, 06:12) ele

(C) lol Love the song @Cal Thank You.

So many nights I'd sit by my window ~ Waiting for someone to sing me his song ~ So many dreams I kept deep inside me ~ Alone in the dark but now you've come along ... You fill my nights with song...

It can't be wrong ~ When it feels so right

When you close your eyes ~ Know I'll be thinking of You. lol

(16 Oct '13, 06:18) ele
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Thank you for sharing your view that it is possible to be spiritual and positive. I too have experienced that it is very much possible to be spiritual, and always to be positive, if ONLY we remember that we are the children of God, spirits in these costumes called bodies. Hence we have infinite potential, as we are the exact representation of His very being!--Mathew 23:9. We only drain our energy on brooding over the past. Hence "Always say yes to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane than to create inner resistance to something that already is?" (Ekkart Tolle)

You can have enormous power if you link to the Almighty through meditation. On the path of meditation, you are a traveler, on a magnificent journey. You have to make some firm choices about what you will take with you on this journey. To pack up means to learn the lessons of the present, then to move on, letting the past be past. It means - not carrying the baggage of the past into my present and future, but traveling lightly from one day to the next, keeping only what is most useful to you. That way, You'll enjoy the journey more, and move faster in the direction of your choice.

You'll also be lighter in you relationships. The power to pack up enables you to fill each exchange you have with others with freshness and newness, instead of allowing influences from past encounters with them to affect your present attitude and behaviour. When you carry emotional or intellectual baggage from the past into your present dealings with an individual, you don't give that person the opportunity to express himself freely: your attitude colors him with the paint of your previous experience. It is important to process the past, and learn from experience, but then finish it, so it does not block your view of how things are today.

Meditation helps you to acquire that discipline of finishing negative and wasteful thoughts i.e. inculcate the power to pack up. As the habit of self-observation develops, it doesn't take long to understand how negative thoughts and feelings literally negate your central aim, of re-emerging your true nature. Negativity drains the battery of the soul faster than anything else does. As you progress on your spiritual journey, even thoughts that waste the precious resources of the mind come to be seen as a barrier. Turning a scene over in your mind repeatedly is an example of waste, that will rob you of the mental concentration and emotional stability you need to keep moving forward. Sometimes we do get stuck, like a broken record, in such mental grooves, without realizing what we are doing.

The power of pack up means you recognize the damage caused by such waste, and put an end to it. As you renew the awareness of myself as a soul, in relationship with the Supreme Soul, the needle of your attention is lifted above the groove, letting you come fully into the present.

You also learn to be selective in what you choose to remember or forget from the past. This is not dishonest; in fact, it is being honest to your task. Human beings in any case have highly selective memories. We not only see and understand differently, according to our individual interests and agendas, but our attitudes and perception also determine the memories we choose to store.

Meditation enables you to exercise this option quite deliberately, picking up those scenes from the past that nourish me and help you move forward, and rejecting memories that pollute your mind and slow you down.


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T D Joseph

Love the Tolle quote.

(15 Oct '13, 01:14) ele

loved ur answer.., spclly all abt meditation. thank you..God bless...

(15 Oct '13, 03:23) supergirl

life is a panorama
of the cycle of breathing,
unless one learns to exit

the limitations of space
and time one will be exposed
to the polarities of

material form, you do
well with your limited
acceptance of baseness


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