I tend to fear so many things. Mostly I fear doing wrong. I just heard about the law of attraction recently, and want to start living my life this way, but I am so scared of so many things.

Right now I'm in a situation where my house may foreclose (I am already living somewhere else) and that scares me. The bank scares me. The law scares me.

Sometimes the doctors scare me. Anyone who can tell me something I don't want to hear basically scares me. I have been in therapy for more than a year and yet the fear is still there. Does anyone have any techniques to combat fear that worked for you?

Also, any references I can use about the law itself would be welcome. i have really just started to research this and want to make sure I'm learning in a positive way, not in an "I have to do this right" kind of way. Not being right or doing something right is definitely one of my biggest fears, being "bad" or "wrong" dictates my life.

I don't want to hate who i am and be fearful anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Hi Shellie fighting against emotion strengthens that emotion, the key to delivering yourself from any emotion, and that includes the emotion of fear, is to allow yourself to feel it deeply without rendering it more powerful. By feeling and experiencing your fear you open up the pathway and allow the message that your fear contains to be clear to you.

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I am not claiming to have been as scared as you but life it self can be so dornting but meditation helped me after a few months I had lost all fears , so form me I would say to balance yourself it will bring peace and clarity hope this help for you

(22 Dec '15, 05:20) Gurutony55
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I deal with fears, too. I do Ho'oponopono a lot and that helps. The basis of Ho'oponopono is that the things we experience as problems are memories replaying in the subconscious. They are not just ours, but shared with the collective. So when you fear foreclosure (for example), you are participating in that collective fear. Our Divinity "cleans" on the memories in response to the mantra, and makes way for inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqrssdH6ET4

Another technique I use on occasion is something I learned from one of Sanaya Roman's books, I think Spiritual Awareness. You write out repeatedly: "The universe is working in perfect harmony. Everything happens for my higher good. I now see a universe of beauty and perfection."

Yet another. Repeat 20X: "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better." This affirmation has a long and illustrious history. It works! See: http://presentoutlook.com/day-by-day-in-every-way-im-getting-better-and-better/

Take care of your person. Do the things you know will help you keep your energy high and feel your best. Go for long walks in nature.

Well, there's more I could share, but I don't want to write a book :) Just remember, all is well in all of creation, and that includes you!


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If you are new to discovering the law of attraction, a good place to start with the help of releasing the fear could be E.F.T. [emotional freedom technique] and the reason I recommend this technique is because it has worked for me in the past when I was new to the law of attraction myself. Normally I wouldn't recommend techniques to ''combat'' any form of resistance, [fear being one of them] this is because what you judge and fight against, will only gain more momentum and remain in your physical reality, creating a negative loop. If you can find a way to ''ease'' the fear and reach for the feeling of relief you'd be off to a great start, and quite possibly E.F.T. can help you with this. Another suggestion would be to state an ''intent'' to Universal intelligence, an example would be this, ''Universe/higher self, I want to be free of all fear'' and make this intention your top priority above everything else as fear is a major energy block to manifest all your desired realities. Once your intent has been stated the Universe will immediately begin assisting you in releasing/dissolving the fear. Depending on how long you've harbored your fear, there may be some layers to get through and the dissolving may get very uncomfortable at times, this will be due to the releasing of negative energies so it could get intense and you'll be quick to judge that things are getting worse, try not to worry about this and try not to fight it, as you will sometimes be purging those negative energies, just know that Universe has your back during the release/letting go phase. Here's the light at the end of the tunnel, you WILL release/dissolve your fear, how long it takes I cannot tell you because that will depend on how long you've harbored these fears and how deep seated they are, as well as how much momentum they've built up over time. Back to that light at the end of the tunnel though, as your fears begin to weaken in momentum your focus will begin to shift more towards what is preferred, by fearing/knowing what you don't want, you'll develop the ability to ''pivot'' your focus on what you do want instead, and as you progress even further you will discover the ability to let go and allow, meaning that any residual fears that try to resurface, you'd allow them to be as they are [non-resistant] without judgment, and those resistant energies would lose their hold and gradually dissolve on their own. In my own experience E.F.T. has helped me immensely in my early stages of letting go, I hope it works for you as well, you've got this!


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not as a combat but an
untanglement of what is
being perceived, see how to
the knot can be untied


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