I've heard Bashar say that sometimes we experience drastic "bad" things because we are getting them out of our system.

Well, did you go through this in your enlightenment paths?

The last thing, I just come from the ER, dropped a bottle of beer and it exploded and cut my face, not much, just enough to make a mess of blood everywhere. Had to pay a plastic surgeon to avoid having an ugly scar, so that's another issue..

And that was just the last, Thursday and Friday were full of surprises as well.


I was not completely honest at first. I was, and am, still confused and overwhelmed a bit. When I arrived at the hospital (passing 3 at least hospitals in my way, passing a city as well) I was surprised to find the receptionist was a girl I like to sexually fantasize about. I don't know her well, she doesn't know me well, all I knew about her is that she was the daughter of a lady that works in a restaurant 1 block away from the family business. She's pretty, is a nice girl, but overall is not someone (at least I think) that I would want to go out with, I only sexually fantasized with her. On many occasions.

The reason I was overwhelmed is because I was looking for meaning into this. I felt very calmed after I saw her, because I had just driven 40mi, and in a city of 1 million, I found her to be the receptionist.

Since this happened, little by little I've been feeling more anxious about my responsibility on creation. If I attracted myself to her for my focusing, what's next? And I know it's not good, judging myself and feeling the anxiety and resistance to the idea of responsibility. I need to let go, surrender, and focus more in what I do want.

New comments are welcome !

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And when a meteor smashes this planet and kills every living organism on it...I wonder, what system is getting rid of what.

(13 May '13, 04:52) CalonLan

@CalonLan it's the cosmos system getting rid of this annoying little blue planet

(13 May '13, 06:47) ru bis

@ru bis, terrifying! Especially should it happen on Friday. I mean, it's FRIDAY for gods sake.

(13 May '13, 07:31) CalonLan

Did you ask that all your karma come due at the same time?

Reminds me of a quote from The Joker in a Batman movie. "This town needs an enema!"

(13 May '13, 07:37) No Brainer

@CalonLan - That would be ok, I didn't have any plans for Saturday night!

(13 May '13, 07:38) No Brainer

@CaroLan. I don't get your point. Are you saying No or Yes? Or is it just a joke?

(13 May '13, 22:04) Notgonnatellyou

@No Brainer, not necessarily, or at least I'm not aware of it. I've heard Bashar said multiple times that we are experience some drastic (bad) things in this world in this era of expansion because we're getting them out of our system. I was wondering if the same could apply in a personal basis. I'm not a believer in Karma though, and I've payed special attention to what channeled entities have to say about it, and they say Karma exists only if you believe in it, its not essential part of reality

(13 May '13, 22:10) Notgonnatellyou

"we experience drastic good things because we are getting them out of our system." - now my point should be clear.

(14 May '13, 04:31) CalonLan

@CalonLan, sorry, I still don't get it, this is the third time in a row I don't get one of your comments :(

(15 May '13, 00:26) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou, good! That is good! Nothing wrong with you, I'm just getting better at this. haha. I used to hate being misunderstood, now I appreciate it.

(15 May '13, 02:34) CalonLan
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The idea of things getting worse before they get better is an often-observed one and does seem fundamental to a 3D (linear time) view of things.

SIDENOTE: If you choose to "step out" of 3D, you could possibly also step out of this cause-and-effect relationship though I don't have much experience with doing that


Physically, you can see this "purging of bad things" clearly happening, for example, in:

  • Body Fasts: Where there is a period of discomfort as toxins are eliminated from the body and a new balanced state remains
  • Relationships: Where as one partner in a relationship built on neediness/desperation stabilizes to a better-feeling place, it can cause the other partner to "get worse" (See Clattering)
  • Shadows: When you turn up the brightness on an area which contains shadows, the shadows appear to get darker as the light gets brighter

Abraham have referred to this as the phenomenon of "All Hell Breaking Loose" as you begin deliberately feeling better about your life.

alt text


...and probably many more questions/answers on IQ. Try this Google search for more.

I like to explain the "hell breaking loose" in terms of someone pulling through themselves more vibrational energy now than they could previously allow. So it's not that something has gone "wrong", it's just that you are moving to a new (vibrational) level and the discomfort comes about from that natural adjustment.

You could say that it's like moving to a new home. There's a period of discomfort until you have moved all your belongings into the new house (even if it is better than the old one) and have got used to the new location of it.

For more on these ideas, see:

Do drastic things happen because we're getting them out of our system?

So, in a sense, you could say your statement is accurate however I would say that just having the drastic things happen would not be enough to "get them out of your system", you would need to "integrate" the experiences after they happen.

For information on "integration", check out the idea of Bashar's test

"Integration" of an experience, in simple language, means that you are just going to find a way to feel better about what has just happened so that it decreases the likelihood of anything similar happening again.

Using Abraham-speak, it means that the next time you are "out of the Vortex", you are less likely to rendezvous with a similar-feeling experience again. (You can't rendezvous with them while in the Vortex but no-one in physical form can stay there forever).

For me, "integrating" comes down to use of Abraham's "Focus Wheels" method regarding anything "drastic" that has just appeared. My systematic (and slightly modified) usage of that approach is what I call Focus Blocks.

Hope there's something useful for you in that huge mass of links :)


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@Stingray- Legendary. Use more links next time, like, real bad :P

(14 May '13, 06:23) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I know a site that is full of links. You will be very happy there, I'm sure... http://www.google.com :)

(14 May '13, 06:27) Stingray

@Stingray- No. I don't want you to give me a link. I want you to use more links next time. Like, real bad.

(14 May '13, 06:44) Nikulas

@Stingray Yes, Nikulas is right. Why all this writing and linking all day? Just give me the damn red car!

(14 May '13, 06:53) releaser99

@Stingray "pulling through themselves more vibrational energy now than they could previously allow" Yes, I think that this is accurate. A dramatic example of this is kundalini yoga. You can make a huge leap vibrationally by doing kundalini. But you can also experience a dramatic "all hell breaks loose" scenario. Some people say it can last up to 3 years. Abraham say about Kundalini that it is summoning more energy than you are vibrationally ready for. They don't recommend it. http://goo.gl/XdMEx

(14 May '13, 07:06) releaser99

@Stingray, excellent answer. I was drafting a question to ask on IQ about integration and here is your answer!! woohoo!! I wanted it like real real bad and here I have it!

(14 May '13, 10:43) dreamersmiles

@Stingray - I too had a question brewing; more than one actually, and you wiped them out in one go. :) This thread is a favorite, for certain. It's here just now, covering just what I needed, for just where I am, just at this moment. Lovely feeling. Thank you.

(14 May '13, 18:02) Grace

@Stingray, Excellent answer thank you! As it happened and I had blood all over my clothes and face, I somehow knew inside me I could give a positive meaning to all this, and I felt particularly calm the whole time.. it was a different me from how I would've reacted a few months ago. Thanks for the time and effort, as always your answers are first class.

(15 May '13, 00:20) Notgonnatellyou

You're welcome, all. I'm glad you found it useful. Like, real useful :)

(15 May '13, 05:35) Stingray
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Things like this used to happen to me quite regularly especially when I started using the Abraham processes. I found that after a day or two of successfully raising my vibration and feeling great, I would suddenly be hit with a "negative" circumstance or a severe mood swing. I also found that the more specific I got in feel-good focus the the more severe the mood-swing.

This became a regular occurrence. A few days of feeling great and then suddenly feeling terrible again either through emotion or circumstance. What was happening here? How could I be attracting this when I was feeling great? Abraham didn't mention this would happen in their book? After a healthy dose of ingesting answers by Stingray and some other spiritual teachers I started to work out why this was happening.

When you start to raise your vibration and get yourself in the Vortex regularly, those old emotions / beliefs no longer receive their regular dose of attention through your negative thought patterns. They then start to react to get your attention either by creating uncomfortable circumstances / emotions. As Stingray says this is actually a great opportunity to integrate these emotions / beliefs that don't serve you any longer. There are many ways to integrate. Here's one way that contains a few valuable insights.



Whenever we become emotionally upset, the first step is to acknowledge that the person or event setting us up has nothing to do with what’s happening. They are “the messenger” (mess-ender). The messenger reflects a memory that’s currently “currently surfacing from within our unintegrated past. “Shooting the messenger” is futile because Presence has an unlimited supply of such messengers! The first step in the emotional integration procedure is therefore to dismiss the messenger. Internally, we may thank them for their service and let them be on their way. Instead of reacting to and venting at them, we might say, “I could use a little time alone right now.” In the beginning, this step of gracefully sidestepping our urge to react takes courage because it requires dismantling our lifelong habit of knee-jerking into drama.


The second step is to get the message. To accomplish this, we turn our attention inward and, through wielding felt-perception, encounter the underlying energetic resonance of the emotional reaction we experienced through the setup. We know we are succeeding when our body resonates. When we engage the felt-aspect of our upset, our face may flush, our hands may buzz, or we may feel a downward movement in our solar plexus. Whatever we feel as a consequence of our intent to feel is valid.


Instead of externalizing our discomfort by resorting “resorting to blame, we now consciously contain and digest the uncomfortable resonance of the upsetting experience. We feel it as it is, without agenda, without manipulating it, and without trying to fix, heal, or understand it. Through this particular step, we trade projection for integration, which we accomplish through unconditional containment. Containment isn’t to be confused with suppression. Suppression is the act of “pretending “it didn’t happen” or doing whatever it takes to wipe our awareness clean of the experience. Containment is a declaration that “this is happening,” and that what was initially perceived as happening “out there” finds its cause within our energy field. Containment is a responsive mode through which we accept complete responsibility for the quality of our experience. It’s an active realization that the emotionally triggered discomfort we “feel as adults is a cry for help from our child self. Containment is our way of answering this call. It’s our response to our child self – a response in which, through our unconditional felt-perception, we declare: “I know you’re hurting. I know you’re feeling fear, anger, and grief. I’m now choosing to acknowledge this."

The Presence Process


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Thank you @Satori. Me too. Somehow, I went from that's how it was, to that's how it is. But I'm on my way back.

(14 May '13, 18:04) Grace

@Grace- Have you tried QE? http://db.tt/Zm7uhVUH

This is an easier process to use on those days when you can't appreciate. Hope it helps :)

(14 May '13, 19:28) Satori

@Satori, Thanks for sharing, reassures me in my path. And about integration: I've also been having dreams about different fears, but somehow, the dream is like a total exposure to the thing and at the same time I don't feel as badly as I'd thought I'd feel, and upon waking upon I remember and feel as I've moved on. This has happened with at least 5 fears. Question: From where is the quoted text?

(15 May '13, 00:26) Notgonnatellyou
(15 May '13, 04:58) Satori

Thank you @Satori. I tried listening to the link, but the speaker is referring to some things I'm not familiar with. I think QE is one on the books I've been meaning to buy for a long time. I'm sure reading it will solve the mystery. ;)

(20 May '13, 11:41) Grace
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@notgonnatellyou - Relax on @CalonLan, he has an unusual sense of humor, so do I. Please disregard my "karma" remark. In our (me and CalonLan) are just trying to distract you.

There are many clearing techniques here that you can try. The "catch 22" conundrum is that it may be difficult to focus on them when you are really feeling bad. Any of these techniques, books, links, will probably help you, but FIRST you need to get to as clear a space in your mind as possible, and that ma be all you need to do.

Please understand that focussiong on the problems, the symptoms, the set of symptoms, will perpetuate the symptoms! So what can you do? I also believe that most over the counter medicines (read the bottles) say, "To alleviate the symptoms of ------" The medicines don't cure the problem, but they stop you from feeling them while the body cures itself.

So, let's alleviate your symptoms. Take it in why-not-give-this-a-try faith for a moment. Find something you like to do. Not related to the "problem". Do it. If you find your mind coming back to your problem, gently focus on your breathing, or something else. Play a video game.

Do SOMETHING to distract your conscious mind. The answer is within you. You are never given a problem w/o having the answer. You (your conscious mind) is making such noise that you can't allow the answer into your life. The answer will come. It may or may not be a conscious answer. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter!

So take your conscious mind on holiday! Play, breath. Your subconscious mind, Big Self, Source, God, is trying to fix your problem and if you will stop trying to fix it, your conscious self, the answer will come into your life. You have my double-your-money-back-guarantee.

Another thing. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM! I won't say this again. @CalonLan and I will be watching! And my next remarks may not be so kind. (smile)

**Relax and let the answers come. You will know when the things you have been worrying about have no effect on you.

It IS just that simple.**


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No Brainer

Thanks No Brainer, that's a really helpful reminder. And that's probably why I don't get CalonLan, I was trying to read something profound in his comments, I did not get the joke probably because english is not my first language.

(16 May '13, 20:44) Notgonnatellyou

LOL :-D...I already said it, but I have to say it again....

Look at all my trials and tribulations, sinking in a gentle pool of wine! Don't disturb me now, I can see the answers....till this evening is this morning, life is fine... And boy does that wine tastes good <3

(20 May '13, 17:41) CalonLan
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