I'm not really sure exactly when/why/how it happened, but I know at some point I stopped caring/taking care (I guess loving myself really). What would cause this? Why, After realizing this, am I not doing ANYTHING at all about it?? It sort of feels like I am cemented to the ground I'm standing on and cannot/will not move forward!!!!

My life is going nowhere....FAST!!! I am at a real low. I do not enjoy it and would love to start living and loving myself again. Problem is I have no idea where to begin or how to get myself unstuck.

I have no (real) friends at this point in my life, so I am alone for the moment. No support, no one to talk to. I would love for a helping hand here with ANY advice on how to start this change. Please help if possible, not getting any younger and this trip in life is a short one.!!!

I guess it would help to give some details.... 12 years ago I made a BIG life mistake...I had a heroin addiction...this was the starting point of my downhill spiral. ( all my doing) I quit my job, lost my car, savings, looks, trust from those closest to me and alienated myself from my friends.

At the lowest point, I found myself living in an abandoned apartment with no hea/ electric / $ / or food. I wasn't doing ANYTHING to better myself or my situation. I still am .....stuck.

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I can tell you been through a lot, believe you me... I am at the lowest point in my life too, I navily made a permanent change based on a temporary feeling and things will never been the same again. I know how you're feeling but please know regardless of what you been through you can and will pick yourself back up and make an effort to get in touch with the big wide world and make your mark. You have a purpose in this life that no one but yourself can fulfill. You need to look for a job, start eating well join a gym work on yourself and start building a social life, one thing will lead to the next, one step at a time and you won't even remember your tough times it will be of the past. Life may be short but that's a good thing, it means you're having fun. Go out there and live again.... Sending love and wishes


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Help others. Volunteer, be nice to strangers, do this for yourself. Look in the mirror and smile at that person who has overcome all those situations. Love that person. Be grateful for what you have.


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perhaps fear has taken an
upper hand of your free will,
then it would be up to you
to get it back


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